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Acura TSX



  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,756
    The leasee would have to buy the car at the residual and then resell it to his friend. Not sure, but I think in this situation, each has to pay sales tax so the state is the big winner!
  • To avoid the double tax have a dealer do the transaction for you. Most will do it for a small fee $200-$250. Some will do it free if the leasee is buying a car from them at the same time.
  • I'm want to purchase a new automatic 2006 tsx within the next few months. Can any new TSX owners tell me what's a good price to pay for one? (Navigation isn't important) I'm a female and most car salesman try to take advantage of women.
  • tawneycattawneycat Posts: 114
    I ran into this situation when I bought a TSX from a guy who just came to States from HI. A 2004 manual with 17k mi.
    Two years old--hard short trips I would recon but nice overall. Anyway a lease and each state is different. In HI, owners name is registered owner adn title shows lien holder as Honda. So when he paid it off, Honda sent title, with lien removed and he as able to sign to me. HI does not tax sales but you pay hefty reg fee based on weight each year. I believe in many states you would have to use a dealer to avoid the double tax. Leasing is always bad. Honda's leadership purchase gives all same benefits with now lease hang ups.
    I would pay for a nice TSX 20,000 for manual with 20k miles or 20,500 for an automatic assuming no problems--and those are real high prices. Wonder what a residual value was three years ago. 3 yr leases will be up soon and market price will go down.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi brownsugar, welcome! Let me give you links to a few of our resources that should help you out.

    First, you should have a look at the posts in the Acura TSX: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion. There's a search box just above the first post and just below the last one that should help you.

    Also, we have numerous helpful consumer discussions ocurring over on our Smart Shopper board. And there are lots of good articles and tips here: Tips & Advice.

    Enjoy! Good luck and keep us posted on how it goes.
  • tcwattcwat Posts: 10
    Don't forget that the prices are higher during the first month the new model is on sale. By waiting a few months, you should pay less. And try to negotiate online or with a female salesman, that should help avoid the "mere woman buyer" syndrome.
  • dc_davedc_dave Posts: 51
    Anyone use their iPod on the new 2006 TSX yet? I'm wondering how it works and what equipment is needed??

    Dave in VA
  • crissmancrissman Posts: 145
    Just get a stereo patch cord (WalMart, Target, etc., about $5) and run it from the headphone jack of iPod (or anything else) to the radio's auxillary jack. Hit the AUX button on the radio. At least this is how it works on my new Civic.
  • bz2bz2 Posts: 15
    I sat in a new 2006 TSX but couldn't find the aux connector. where is it?
  • crissmancrissman Posts: 145
    Sorry, but I don't know, since I don't actually have the car (almost got one for my wife). On the Civic it's behind a little door under the radio. Just looks like a headphone jack. I think there's one there somewhere.
  • crissmancrissman Posts: 145
    Just checked Acura website. Says it's inside front center console. Picture looks like a little grey door marked AUX.
  • Hey guys,

    I got my TSX serviced at my local dealership today. I thought there were problems, but apparently there weren't any. I was just wondering, if there is no charge but they inspect your car, do you usually tip the guy? The mechanic who inspected my car wasn't there though, but the "service advisor" was. Just wanted to know if tipping service advisors and mechanics are customary?

  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 853
    I do not have any advise on tipping but I just wondered how you like your TSX? How long have you had it? Is it an auto or MT? MPG? The TSX is one of the vehicles that I am considering.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    I've never tipped anyone at a car dealer or auto-repair facility before. And I don't think they expect it, either (unlike a restaurant server or taxi driver).

    However, one time, I was so pleased with work done (some of it free) by my dealer's service dept. I went and bought $20 of gift certificates at a nearby In 'N Out Burger and gave it to the service advisor to share with the mechanics who worked on my vehicle.

    Bottom line- I think tipping in this case is just that- a tip, not an obligation.

    Enjoy your TSX!
  • lutwaklutwak Posts: 7
    The "aux" input must be a 2006 feature. My 2005 TSX doesn't have one.
  • is anyone else wondering if the 240hp/260 lb/tq(SAE) 2.3 turbo debuting in the RDX will make it to the next TSX? i am! I feel it would keep the theme of the TSX without upstaging the TL and wouldn't do more than give it a 0-60 time of the mid 6s roughly; which is dramatically faster than the 2004-2006s we know today. any thoughts? i for one am excited acura is leveling the playing field without playing cylinder count.
  • johnny420johnny420 Posts: 473
    The speculation about such a possibility is rampant at TSX sites around the web. SH-AWD has also been mentioned as a possibility. It would address one of the biggest beefs some have about present-gen TSX's: the perceived lack of power and torque.

    Of course, there's been zero firm evidence to support such speculation, but it's mighty fun to dream :shades:

    One thing is for sure. Come model year 2008 some big changes are in the offing for the TSX.
  • johnny420johnny420 Posts: 473
    Aux input wasn't available 'til this model year.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Come model year 2008 some big changes are in the offing for the TSX.

    Time for a "2008 TSX" thread?
  • halpalhalpal Posts: 2
    I want to thank Edmunds and those commenting in the Forum for their help in my car-buying process.

    After ruling out a lot of cars, I have narrowed my choice to an Acura TSX or a BMW 325xi. On a bad day I can't get out of my neighborhood or around town with RWD, so I need FWD or AWD. I have also concluded, with some sadness, that automatic transmission makes more sense for me. I currently plan to buy and not to lease.

    I realize that I am comparing FWD and AWD. I also realize that even with a fairly bare-bones 325xi (e.g. no premium package or Bluetooth), the TSX is still several thousand dollars less. The TSX is a great value and a fun car. The BMW is a very solid car and somewhat more fun. (My opinions.) The Acura is perceived by many to have greater reliability and a lower cost of ownership. However, the 325xi's warranty is a counter-balance, at least for the duration of the warranty period, after which some suggest getting rid of the car.

    Why pay more for the 325xi? Why pay less for the TSX? Thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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