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Honda Pilot Owners Meet the Members



  • rina1rina1 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same braking problem on my 2004 Pilot. The dealer can't find the problem and so won't fix it. Have you had any luck?? :(
  • trantran Posts: 12

    I lived in NJ and did give my pilot (05 EX-L)an ultimate challenge when driving on beach sand. Although, I flat my tire to around 20 psi, it still got stuck when I stop, The wheel keep spinning!!! I put on the VTM-4 Lock and gear 2. It spinned little bit and started moving again. I noticed a yellow light showing that my trans is over heated. However, it disappeared after the car back on normal paved road and regular gear. I hope I didn't blow my trans and I never want to give it another try! I just wonder if anyone try driving the Pilot on sand like mine! The vehicle did awesome job on snow though. With around 2 feet of snow, the car still handle great without spinning. Just get a feel if anyone has any driving experience on snow or sand .

    Tran :)
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,150
    I have experience with both ... just not with the Pilot. Like you, I found out the Pilot does great in the snow.

    I'm not surprised to hear it was not so great in the sand. I would never have tried it, personally. Sand is a whole different beast and vehicles much more off-roadable than the Pilot have a tough time with it. I AM surprised you got out at all. I didn't think the Pilot could do even that, frankly. I'm not dissing it, of course, I'm just reiterating my point that sand has defeated much tougher vehicles on my watch. ;)

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '14 Town&Country

  • homeykathomeykat Posts: 11

    I just got my first Honda, a 2006 Pilot EX-L, W/RES and AWD two days ago. My wonderful hubby bought it for me as a graduation from nursing school gift. What planet have I been on to have never bought a Honda before? :blush: I never knew a vehicle could make me so happy! I love my Pilot, really really love it. I am trying to decipher all the vehicle washing/detailing tips, if anyone can help please email me.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,013
    Congrats (on the Pilot and graduation!).

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  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,078
    Hello all;
    I'm now a proud owner of a 2006 Honda Pilot EX 4WD in Amazon Green. The vehicle has already been proudly named (Yes, I name all my vehicles) 'The Beast'. Got it with 7 miles on it and by this evening after work, has already gotten 175 miles. Yes, I have been doing some driving by the end of this coming week will more than likely be at 1000 miles. All in all I can say I'm liking the Pilot. I have a running bet with my wife how long it's going to take to reach 5000 miles. :shades:

    Odie's Carspace
  • kalbo607kalbo607 Posts: 12
    Odie...any special precautions you are taking for breaking the vehicle in, I am correct to assume that some of those 1,000 miles will be on the highway do you plan on keeping it under a certain speed since it is a new engine. I guess I am asking is there any special caution needed to break-in the engine?
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,078
    As of this afternoon (monday) I hit 255 miles. I travel 60% highway, 20% Rural (country roads), 10% City, 10% dirt/gravel/trail roads. Mostly the roads around Hershey,Pa are highway roads (55-65mph), but you come across some nice out of the way backroads that don't have much traffic (35-45mph), and some that are twisty(25-35mph). So the break-in period for me is with-in the 1st 5000 miles. I try to stay on the highways during that time more-so. But PA has a max speed limit of 65, but during the break in, unless it's a major highway with 65, I'll stay about 55-60 mph, unitl 5000 miles.

    Odie's Carspace
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    Just bought a 2007 AWD EX-L with RES. I did a lot of research and this is by far the best value for money SUV out there. I used to own a 2002 Landcruiser. The only improvements I can think of is the option to have full-time 4 Wheel drive (All wheel drive) rather than the on-demand 4-wheel drive and more towing capacity. The Mercedez GL 320 CDI can tow 7500 lbs and it is unibody construction like the Pilot.
  • muzmuz Posts: 2
    I have a question about those of you who purchased a Pilot and also had children. I have three children, only one still in a car seat. How many children do you owners have? Do any of you have three children, one in a car seat? How often do you use the third row seats? Do you use this car to travel/where do you put your luggage? Thanks. Any help would be great!
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,078
    Well, I may not have 3 kids, but my wife would say I count as one. I have a 10 month old still in carrier (rear facing) and a (almost) 4 yr old. I keep the 4 yr old behind me (driver seat) and the carrier behind the passenger seat. If I even need to utilize the cargo area for something longer, I drop both double seat sections and move the 4 yr old back to the single seat in 3rd row. As for going on a trip, we have driven down to Knoxville,TN from Hershey,Pa with both kids, wife, myself, and full amount of gear and still had plenty of room. I did learn when packing up the luggage, do not lay them flat, stand them up you will use less space and have a harder surface when stacking.

    Odie's Carspace
  • Yep, me too. Another year and no more car seat for the youngest. We have used the third seat but typically we load the back with lots of stuff and put the three in the second row. I also stand the luggage on their edge and have a soft-type luggage carrier for the roof for the longer road trips.
  • vncoffmanvncoffman Posts: 18
    Just bought a 2007 2WD EX-L, no nav, no dvd. Love it. It reminds me of my beloved 1981 Honda wagon (larger, of course, and with more fancy-poos). I also wish it towed a bit more, but I can deal with it. I love it!
  • Hi, I just got interested in the Pilot and liked the 0.9% (36 month) or 3.9% (60 month) financing. I also liked the $2000 dealer incentive (I'd like to get them to cough some of it up). However, all of these deals are supposed to end April 30th (i.e., tomorrow). Does anyone know if they will extend it?
    Thanks for any quick answers/guesses!
  • pablo9pablo9 Posts: 29
    This thread is aging a bit...thought I would throw in a post and meet more of the current folks around.

    Living just south of Houston, our 2008 Black Pilot SE is the newest designated family truckster for our family of 5. With kids at ages, 1,2, and 6, we have lots of potential to to explore in just how versatile this vehicle can and will be. So far, excellent experience in first three months...this is our 5th Honda so we certaionly have expectations on board, too.

    First road trip last weekend: 1100 miles averaging 65-75 mph with resulting 22 mpg. DVD/RES well broken in with the young set of eyes in back. We're coming out of an 01 Trooper and before that a 94 Grand Cherokee. Loving the additional space and of course the Honda experience.

    Pics will follow if there's anyone still active here...well, links to some pics I guess.
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,078
    I'm still here, but with the summer months running strong, I have the Honey Do List's from you-know-where.

    Odie's Carspace
  • I need to use a soft sided luggage bag & I am about to order cross bars - does anyone have any advice for me. Thanks!
  • The Honda Pilot will NOT disappoint! It is a comfortable, smooth ride, great for interstate driving. Lots of room & beverage holders. Most important, it is very reliable. Great on snow & ice. Gas mileage is great for this size SUV, has great features and the interior is very well made. I plan to drive a Pilot forever.
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,078
    Well to let you all know how things are going. "The Beast" is now just shy of 99k at 6.5 years old. Still running strong and has been through alot of stuff. No major problems have surfaced and only had to take care of little things (lights, tires, ext.).

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