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Honda Pilot Maintenance and Repair

pilotdadpilotdad Posts: 7
Was wondering if anyone has had any problems with their Pilots, especially since it's a first year vehicle. I have an EX cloth and have had no problems yet in my first 1500 miles.


  • keh99keh99 Posts: 2
    I have an EX, one of the early ones in the 1st shipment. I paid msrp and have not come across any problems yet. I have done just over 3,000 miles and I am happy with mine.

    Regarding problems with noise from the gas tanks and creaking doors, I believe the root problem is with the doors – they do not close to a tight fit and they creak. They also allow noise from the gas tank, which is under the vehicle, to come inside. The solution is to check the doorstops, the door seals and the weather-stripping and make sure that the door closes to a tight fit and do not allow any sound to get inside. (As an example: - Take a walk in a cinema corridor, you will not hear any sound from the cinema hall when the sound resistant doors are closed.)
  • Good point.
    I don't have problem with gas tank noise, no problem with creak doors either.
    I purchased my EX-L on June 2nd, had about 2k miles now.
  • lor7lor7 Posts: 1
    We noticed a oil spot after having our pilot for one week. We took it to the dealer and they had it a couple of days and said there was a small hairline leak. After a week we took it back to the dealership and they worked with the honda tecks in California and after having it this past week we picked it up today and hopefully it is fixed. We have 2000 miles on it at this time since we took a trip with it before we notice it was still leaking.
    Our service department was great, sales department was great and honda worked with them. The problem was we did talk to a rude customer service person at ther customer service line in california who should not be working for them.
  • matkins2matkins2 Posts: 11
    I'm hearing a LOT of road and tire noise on my LX with Bridgestone Dueler H/Ts mounted (all seasons)
    I live in Lake Tahoe and our roads have very little top coating left on them so they are noisier than most but I'd like to know if someone has had the same problem and what is a good fix!!
  • Some of us were evidently successful in getting NHTSA & Honda to recall a safety defect in the 2003 Pilot (timing belt tensioner pulley misaligned, which may lead to a crash). You should be getting a letter in the mail soon.

    Now we owners of the Pilot need to email NHTSA the following message, or a version thereof. Email the message below to: (alternatively, use the web form on NHTSA safety hotline site at

    Message that needs to be conveyed to NHTSA by as many Pilot owners as possible goes as follows: "The 2003 Pilot headlights are very weak and do not sufficiently illuminate the road ahead. This creates a very serious driving hazard on the freeway especially at speeds as high as 70 mph. The Pilot's headlights fail to illuminate the curves in the freeway, and consequently, Pilots can veer off the highway and get into crashes. Apparently, the Honda company is aware of this problem but has chosen not to take any action. We appeal to NHTSA to urge Honda to recall and replace the defective headlights".

    Feel free to modify the message above. Thank you.

  • I have 3500 miles on my Pilot and in the morning, the shift at 30 MPH, is rough. It smooths out somewhat as car warms up but is still noticeable.

    Dealer says this rough shifting is normal when cold. All comments are appreciated.
  • Folks,

    I am going for a new Honda Pilot EX. It comes with a 3yr/36000 miles warranty. The dealer says it is a good idea to get the Ext. Warranty by Honda Care. I understand the dealer wants to sell as much as he can. But what do you people think?
    I was going through the Honda Care brochure (Ext. Warranty sold by Honda) and it says in there that parts are not covered.

    The dealer quoted $1495 for 7yr/100K warranty.

    So what is the point in going for it?

    Any points will be appreciated.
  • rms41rms41 Posts: 80
    It's not necessary to post the same question in several Pilot forums. Pick the best one.
  • My Pilot always seems to shift fine.
    The only thing that takes some getting used to is the "grade logic" feature.
    When going down a long hill the transmission will sometimes down shift to keep the vehicle freewheeling (speeding up) down the hill.
  • The check engine light comes on. The dealer can find nothing wrong. They reset the light but as soon as the next day it comes on again, or it may go a week without coming on. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • Does anyone have a problem getting their Pilot into an eight-foot wide garage? The Pilot's width is of concern to me here and it may be a factor in whether I purchase it or not.
  • tocatoca Posts: 147
    Did they check the gas cap seal? This caused the CEL to come on in my Subaru. Not sure if this would do the same for Honda's, but worth asking.
  • << I was going through the Honda Care brochure (Ext. Warranty sold by Honda) and it says in there that parts are not covered. The dealer quoted $1495 for 7yr/100K warranty. >>

    Skarlekar, huh? You might want to re-read the coverages. Please see the URL below.

    We paid $945.00 for the 7yr/75k mi ZERO deductible warranty on the Pilot.

  • My 2003 Honda Pilot, with just over 2000 miles sits in a Honda Dealer for over a week, waiting for Honda to take action on a broken power steering pump pulley. The pulley broke while my wife was trying to make a turn into a side street. The vehicle went strait. lucky no other vehicle was in the way.
    The vehicle had just previously spent the day in the dealers shop for the timing belt pulley recall, that could have also resulted in a catastrophic outcome for the vehicle and my family. According to the dealer my timing belt had already frayed.
    American Honda has been nothing but uncooperative and unresponsive to this problem. The dealer who has my car (of which I didn't purchase the car from) has been very good, but Honda has not given them a time frame on when they will receive the part to fix the vehicle.
    My wife asked a representative of Honda customer service for a loaner car. She was told at first that they would look into it, but that they felt that she didn't quailfy. Later in the day, after threats from my wife Honda OK'd a loaner car for my wife. The loaner car beinmg a Plymouth Neon. We have had a Plymouth Neon for a week to haul my six memeber family arround as a replacement for my 32,000 dollar Honda Pilot.
    My entire extended family has had Honda's since the 70's. They have been great cars. It appears that they are so great that when Honda makes a mistake they don't nkow how to respond and correct it.
    My Pilot has had two failures that could have been catastrophic to the vehicle and my family in less than 2000 miles. A representative from Honda, whose name I can't pronounce has not gotten back to me. My only recourse is to use forums such as yours to get the message out.
    Thank you.
  • tocatoca Posts: 147
    Not sure what message your trying to convey here, but if its to let us know that the Honda Pilot has some problems, well don't know of too many cars/trucks that don't.

    If the message is to tell us they can't fix your car because they can't get the part, well it may not be Honda's problem but the West Coast Port strike that has all but halted shipments of auto parts (see link for more details)

  • Have owned a silver EX-L since July with 4000 miles. No mechanical problems at all and the family loves the all-around versatility and the smooth, quiet ride compared to the '97 Mountaineer we traded in. However.....we are very dissatisfied with the perforated (gray) leather seating surfaces, especially in the front seats. When we picked up the car, the bottom surface that you sit on was not wrinkled, but it was obviously not tight against the foam upholstery. After a few weeks of sitting on it, it had stretched and now has ugly wrinkles and buckles that make it look cheap and years older than it is.
    The demo car at the dealer had the same problem, so I was forewarned, and I also peeked into another Honda while on vacation in August..the drivers seat was in the same condition.
    I have written to Honda and to my dealer about my concerns so I can go on record in case they issue a service bulletin in the future, but at this time no none is willing to do anything about it.
  • My Pilot has 4000 miles and I noticed a slight hesitation while driving. shortly after that happened several times the engine light came on. It has been at the dealer over two weeks now and they have changed out numerous parts at the advice of the calif. techs with whom they have been on line with their computer. Unable to find the problem yet why it has the hesitation while driving. Will let you know. Anyone else have this problem? Offered a nice loaner car.
  • My Pilot died on October 7th after the cam-Shaft(not due to a bad timing belt, cause still unknown to me) stopped spinning.

    Both the dealership and Honda of America has offer exceptional customer service. They rented me a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer and have been in constant contact with me regarding the status of my vehicle.

    I'm supposed to get the car back tomorrow(October 18th) with a full explanation of what happened, what was done to fix the problem and what was done to prevent further problems.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has seen or heard of such a problem with their Pilot?
  • I am looking at a Holda Pilot EX and am being offered $1,000.00 off of MSRP. Is this a fair deal? Also what is a fair price for the extended warranty? Thanks to anyone who reads this message.
  • I am interested in learning more about the problem suffered by fester3 and about the water pump pulley problems reported by several people. Thanks for all of the advice I can get.
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