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Honda Pilot Maintenance and Repair



  • This is a very interesting, and obviously important subject for you. I've thought of the same thing before. I was also wondering if turning it off would have an affects on my fuel economy. I know it does show a glowing exclamation point when it is off though. Maybe pull the fuse for that specific light, although it probably controls the whole panel.

    I agree that people need to learn to actually maneuver an automobile, not just "drive" it. I am in constant amazement at how some people drive on ice. I live in MidWest and we get hit pretty hard some times. I can understand southern states that occasionally get hit with snow storms, but people in the North that have lived with this for their entire life? Give me a break.

    Thanks for your insightful comments. I for one really appreciate it. :D
  • Hello,

    It's chilly and windy morning and the door locks won't open with the remote key. After trying this for about 10-15 minutes, I tried the manual lock and that worked. Is this normal to happen in winter? Never happened with any of my previous cars in weather worse than this. Has anyone seen anything like this before? Is something wrong with my pilot? It's a 2008, EX-L with Navi, looks like Honda quality is going down, since I also have another creaking noise problem coming from the steering wheel.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    Haven't had any problems with the door locks but steering wheel will "creek" on a cold day until it gets fairly warm inside the car.

    Has anyone had a problem with the "Side airbag Off" light coming on, even though there is absolutely nothing in the seat? Every few days, mine will come on for no apparent reason. It may stay on for a few seconds or a few minutes. Doesn't seem to matter if the car is cold or warm or how long it has been on the road. It may come on and off several times during a trip or it may not come on at all.

    A Honda service writer said it was nothing to worry about and they would not be able to find the problem until it stayed on all the time.

    Any Ideas??
  • We have an '08 Pilot and have not had any issues w/locks freezing. It was between -20 and -25 overnight here in Minnesota last night. And it's been below zero for most of the last week or so. During this last week my wife had the Pilot washed w/a standard dryer blower - no frozen locks. Granted, we park it in our garage (not heated, but it's probably 20 degrees in there when it's -20 outside) but it's outside plenty - running the kids around, grocery store, sometimes sitting at my work parking lot for 10 hours, etc.

    I'd still love to hear from anyone who has figured out how to get the transmission into the lower gears. I appreciate the comments from one person, but the idea that I need to "wiggle" it around after we spent $30k+ on the thing wouldn't sit well w/me. :-) If there's a magic solution, cool. If not, then it looks like I'll just have to take it into the shop.

    Overall though, I love the Pilot. If it didn't look silly to have two of them in our garage I'd probably buy one for myself.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    After I read your post re can't move the gear shift stick from D to D3, 2 or 1; I tried it today and mine (08 VP AWD) is same as yours, can't shift to D3 from D (leave alone 2 or 1) either from stop with brake pressed or during driving. The temperature here is cold 7 degree F, and I will mention to dealer when I have my next oil change, now 20% oil life left.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207

    Below is the manual page 207 for 08 Pilot re whether have the lever pull toward you before doing up/down or just shift up/down.

  • Hmmmm, well this is interesting. I don't have my manual in front of me but I recall it stating to have car stopped (which I would assume would mean the brake should be on...right?; otherwise the car is "rolling") and then change gears.

    So are you saying I should be trying to shift into D3 *without* the brakes applied?

    I'm already pulling the shift lever towards me, so I have that part figured out. :-)
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    The only one need to apply brake is shifting out from Park to Reverse.
    The rest can be done while the car is moving. I tried from D to D3 and it is just push down the lever, without pulling the lever toward your. If bringing the D3 back to D, it requires to pull the lever toward you first then lift up to D. A little confusing of when to pull the lever or not to.
  • jmac8jmac8 Posts: 12
    Okay now I am really frustrated. Our 06 Pilot will not go into the lower gears when the car is in motion or out of motion for that fact. What is going on????

    We were on a snow hill in MA and I tried to put the car in D3 to slow the engine and
    car down without breaking, it would not go into lower gears at all. Even when I stopped
    and then tried to put it into the lower gears, it would not go past D.

    Anyone, Anyone, Bueller?????
  • My Pilot; 2008 EX-L 4WD

    The lever will move with the proper massaging, although I'd like to think the folks that designed this thing were fired.
    As far as the lever itself goes, it was such an annoyance to owners, Honda dumped it for '09.

    I use this vehicle for weekend winter commutes over an 11,000 ft. pass in winter. I was able to downshift the first time I tried it going down that pass on the snow slicked road.

    Here is the sad part: There is zero appreciable compression braking provided, no matter how low I shifted. And I shifted ALL the way down.
    Engine RPMs went up, and I continued to accelerate. Brakes were the ONLY way to slow the Pilot down.

    My 6800 lb. F250 with a V10 and auto tranny, definitely slows when I use the engine for braking on this drive.

    The Honda? Not at all.

    Don't get me started on the retarded "skid control" computer, either. It's solution to skid control? Stop the vehicle. :confuse:
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207

    It is weird that the lower gears can't provide the car slowing down as D3 will locked to 1st to max 3rd gear, 2 will locked to 1st to max 2nd gear and 1 to the 1st or so. RPM should go up as the engine was in lower gears. This helps and supplement to the braking but won't stop the car if use alone, though.
  • mitch65mitch65 Posts: 26
    Are you "laughing" or wishing me "luck"? Do you know if this would work on the newer combined key/remote? That manual was for a stand alone remote. I would hate to ruin my one good remote left.
  • normhnormh Posts: 30

    I was wishing you luck. I have no personal experience with the combined key/remote. I have only reprogrammed Honda's, Toyota, and Nissan's with the separated components. I would think that radio waves are radio waves but cannot testify to any successes with your exact remote key. Is there nothing in the owners manual for the '05 keyless system?

    The worst case would be to have to go to the daeler and have them do it.

  • I called local Honda dealer and they said I was doing everything right. Looks like I'll have to schedule an appt to bring it in. Stay tuned.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    Does anyone have an issue with their battery dying? I have an 06 and if I don't drive it for a week the battery dies. I replace the battery and the same problem. I've never had a car kill the battery so fast!

  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Honda should give its OEM battery 3 yrs warranty ... check the manual.
    You can get a loaner battery from dealer, after started, drive the car there get the new battery under warranty.
  • Someone rear-ended :mad: and broke the rear bumper skid on my '08 Pilot EX-L-Navi. I'm wondering if replacing it can be a DIY project. Is there any instructions out there on how it can be done? Thanks for the help...
  • I may have a problem like this. I'll give one thing... it is COLD here now (low -26C even -30's ... in farenheit that is LOW) But I don't see every car on the block dying out.
    Today, for the second time in the last week, the battery is DEAD. No 'green eye', no eye at all on the bat.
    We've tried turning off everything when leaving incl the cabin lights that come on when the door is opened (flip the switch to off so they don't even come on).

    Did you get any resolution or answers about this one?
  • prithisprithis Posts: 13
    I was following the messages about shifting to lower gears with some interest as my previous car was a Land Rover Discovery and it was very easy to shift down to the lower gears on that car. I now have a 08 Pilot VP 4WD, and I live in a Chicago suburb where we have snow and ice on the interior streets.

    Today I did an experiment with my 4WD Pilot. While the car was in motion, around 25mph I could shift to D3 by simply applying downward pressure on the lever. It was just a little easier if I pulled the lever slightly towards me first. While the car was in motion I could shift easily to 2 and 1 just by pulling the lever slightly and applying downward pressure. It becomes difficult (if not impossible) to shift to 2 or 1 if you pull the lever all the way back - then the lever refuses to shift down. However if you pull the lever slightly, it is very easy to shift down.

    I went through the manual and agree that the shifting procedure is accurately described there. What is not mentioned is that you should NOT pull the lever all the way back - then it becomes impossible to shift down.

    Try this folks and post if it worked for you.

  • I'm hoping someone else may have had this issue and there is a fix for it..... On 2 occasions, when pressing the hands-free link button on the steering wheel to give a voice command, the system instead emitted a loud piercing static noise through the speakers. It was louder than you can imagine where I had to literally pull over and shut the car off and my ears were ringing for about 2 hrs. Anyone else have this happen?
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