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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jc9394jc9394 Posts: 39
    Glad my info helped you, did you get it from Herb? Love the Pilot, gives me 18.8mpg for the first 3 tanks.
  • jc9394jc9394 Posts: 39
    That is a very good price, as far as the $2000 incentive, I did not see it anywhere on the web other than here.
  • jc9394jc9394 Posts: 39
    Try here on the accessories. I got the cross bar, advanced cargo net and the cargo divider from them. Their listed price on the web included shipping. :) P
  • mlt007mlt007 Posts: 16
    Thanks , Fred. I will keep lurking and posting. Your information has been very helpful. I do not need a new car right now- I just want the new Pilot. I have learned a great deal of information here- will keep you posted. Michelle
  • jc9394jc9394 Posts: 39
    I disagree on the warranty, unless you are getting a Pilot without NAV and RES. For a 8/120k extended warranty that covers mechanical and electrical parts for 1200, it is worth it. A bad NAV or RES after basic manufacture warranty need to replace will cost you more than 1200.
  • Confusedman1, That seems like quite a good price to me. I have been researching and talking with local dealers too, and your sale price is ~$300 lower than the best price I have been offered. for an 09 pilot EXL AWD.

    Good luck!
  • mlt007mlt007 Posts: 16
    I am looking at the EXL without NAV and RES- I simply do not need either one. What about the extended warranty on this model??? I had that warranty on the last 3 Accords I had and needless to say- I never used it and it did not do me much good at the dealership. it never paid for anything other than an occasional oil change.
  • jc9394jc9394 Posts: 39
    It all depends, I only got the extended warranty because I have the Touring with RES. My friend's S2000's extended warranty pay for way more than itself. With more electronics in the car these day, I rather buy the warranty for peace of mind. BTW - the parts are getting more expensive on newer cars than older one.
  • pemdocpemdoc Posts: 4
    First quote from Mahwah Honda, Mahwah NJ
    EX-L AWD RES 30295 +dest
    Touring Nav + DVD 34560 + Dest

    Dealer states $2000 incentive from Honda Included. Edmunds does not have it (2k incentive) listed nor does Honda's Website (too early?). Some on this board have said it's sort of a reality check and basically a "gimme" as the Pilots aren't selling much and have been selling $300-1000 over invoice. I will try to see if they will do the $2k off invoice.

    Has anyone seen any service i.e. Costco/BJS/Sam's/AAA cost sheet? It's usually a few hundred to 1k over invoice. Just wanting to know if anyone has.

  • tex18tex18 Posts: 82
    A 09 FWD Touring normally stickers for $38K. Some here have gotten this same vehicle for $35K. With the new $2K rebate would $36K be out of the question?
  • jc9394jc9394 Posts: 39
    Not at all with the $2000 market support from Honda, you should target for at least $34K.
  • p1cfl01p1cfl01 Posts: 14
    Hi bakstge1,

    What a deal!!!! I too am looking at the samething in Long Island NY,2009 Pilot EX-L RES, well the same color black/gray. Can you tell me where and who you got it from, the salesman, if you don't mind? My email


  • fred25fred25 Posts: 81

    You are very welcomed - that's the power of this important web site - and I am glad to help - I too am in the market for a new 2009 EXL: Pilot. Currently I have a 2005 EXL Pilot and its time to upgrade.

  • fred25fred25 Posts: 81
    Thanks for the information - however, it is important to read the find print of the warranty - many DO NOT COVER RES and/or NAV. Before you sign on the dotted line you should know what is covered in addition understanding the fine print of WHAT'S NOT COVERED. Ask for a full copy of the warranty and read it slowly and carefully. Do not take anyone's word of what is or is not covered. If it is not written is not covered.

    Just make sure you know what your paying for and keep in mind the term "BUYER BEWARE".

  • jc9394jc9394 Posts: 39
    You are correct on the third party extended warranty...on the Honda extended warranty does said it will cover factory NAV and RES.

    Examples of Systems covered:

    * ENGINE: including the Timing Belt, if due to MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN.
    * FLUIDS/OILS as required for the repair of a covered part.
    * TRANSMISSION: including the Shift Cable.
    * COMPUTERS/ELECTRONICS: including Switches, Sensors, SRS Control Unit.
    * CHASIS: Suspension, steering, and Brake Systems
    * AMERICAN HONDA AUTHORIZED ELECTRONIC/AUDIO ACCESSORIES: including cellular telephones, rear entertainment and DVD systems that are factory installed, or DEALER installed according to AMERICAN HONDA factory specifications.
  • navooshnavoosh Posts: 2
    2008 Honda Pilot VP AWD - MSRP-$28,995.00
    Internet Price*-$24,523.48
    After a phone conversation, they got back to me with a price of $22,000 not including sales tax.
    Additional fees would be $250 (documentation), $25.50 Title. Not sure if they would charge the $670 destination fee. They said that this was their lat '08 model left.
    I have no experience with the dealership located in Northeastern Ohio.
    Any feedback would be appreciated.
    Thank you !
  • fred25fred25 Posts: 81
    JC 9394:

    Thank you for the clarification.

  • :mad: they just don't want people to keep playing games with them
  • p1cfl01p1cfl01 Posts: 14
    hi pemdoc,

    would it be ok for you to let me know who in Mahwah Honda, Mahwah NJ
    gave you that price EX-L AWD RES 30295 +dest
    , i too is looking to buy this, plz let me know

  • Does the $2k incentive apply to leases as well? I'm looking at a Boch ad for 288 a month, 36 months, 12k a yr no money down aside of the normal fees. The only way I can get anywhere near that number using the payment calculator is them selling the car well below invoice.

    I'm glad I found the forum...if the 2k is available on leases we'll probably move up to the touring.

    The Pilots are just sitting on the lots up here, they're not moving them even with the new lease rates.
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