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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tam_htam_h Posts: 3
    I was quoted the following price for a Pilot LX (No haggle dealership)
    $25,527 that includes the $1500 dealer incentive.
    There is not a lot of conversation here about the LX but I am guessing from what little I have seen that this is a good price.
    My dealer tells me they are hard to find (currently trying to locate one for me now) and I haven't make any calls to any other dealers.

    I guess I am just looking for confirmation that this is the best deal I will most likely find.

  • tam_htam_h Posts: 3
    I guess I should add that it is an LX 4WD.
  • We started on the LX but moved to the EX when we sat down and compared options. My no-deal place had given $2000 off MSRP when we started vs $2666 off the EX (this was before the $1500 dealer cash was announced), your number sounds like a good deal as long as they're not adding junk back in like exorbitant doc fees.

    Keep in mind, on the EX I bought, my no-deal place was $1000 over what I paid...
  • Got Internet quote from several dealers - all seemed eager to win my business. Best price was $32,629 which is well below invoice, plus they threw in free life time oil changes.

    Picked up all weather mats and running boards at a honda accessory site on the web which has prices about 30% what the dealer quoted.
  • Wow, FREE LIFE-TIME oil changes! Where and what are the limitations of that? Every 3,000 or 5,000 miles?

    What was your drive-out price?
  • no bueno.
    i got a 4wd touring model quote for $1k more

    exact quote from dealer- email

    Pilot Touring 4WD with no RES will be 32,995 plus tax, lic, and destination

    keep shopping
  • lxpaddylxpaddy Posts: 16
    just get quote for EX 4wd, 27200 for car and about29500 out of door. MA tax is 5%. is that good deal?
  • When a dealership tells you up front that they are taking you for a $500 ride...don't roll over and let them scratch your belly. away...Negotiate a fair selling price and take it from there. If you walk out of any dealership after buying or leasing a new vehicle and the salesman loudly says "good bye"..he means "GOOD BUY" just got screwed and....... your salesman wins the money in pot that day...
  • Pilot $27200
    Tax $1360
    Total $28560

    If you're $29500 out the door, where's the other $1000 from? Tags?
  • What dealer and what are the costs associated with the 29500 price??
  • lxpaddylxpaddy Posts: 16
    Lia honda. they did no metion the cost. I think the rest 1000 is the desitination plus fee. that is 670+330. fair price?
  • Ah, they backed the destination out and then tack it back on. Sounds like a good deal on an EX AWD to me!
  • dcfakdcfak Posts: 22
    Is 24,370 sales price good for an 09 lx 2wd pilot? MSRP was 28265. Can I do better?
  • After dealer cash, that's a $200 over invoice deal. Where do you live, are 2WD popular?

    I think you might be able to do a few hundred better, depending on market conditions on that kind of vehicle in your area.
  • dcfakdcfak Posts: 22
    I live in southeastern NC. We don't get any snow, so I don't feel like I need 4wd. They also said the gas mileage is better on the 2wd.
  • Gas mileage is 1MPG better both Highway and City on the 2WD. Depending on how sales have been for dealers near you, I'd think you might get them to come down to bare invoice or a few hundred below (after dealer cash). We bought ours in Maryland last week and it was the 5th sale of the month...

    From past experience with Toyota and Lexus shopping, they rarely offer 2WD up by us, so any dealer 'stuck' with one might be more willing to cut a deal, especially when it's 10 degrees out.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Current Marketing Support (Manufacturer to Dealer cash) is $1,500 (Jan-6 to Feb-2)
    You can easily make a deal by minus this $1500 from invoice.

    Example ...
    09 EX-FWD invoice (excl dest charge) is $27,541 less $1,500 incentive = $26,041

    Dealer still can make profit from Dealer holdback, trade-in, buy-out lease and other volume discount, plus some source that we never know of.
  • thats a very good price, we are looking now for a EX-L or a Touring 4x4, my dealer says he won't be beat so I need prices like these to go back to him with, where was this bought?
  • lxpaddylxpaddy Posts: 16
    Hey, what kind of interest rate your guys get now. one dealer offered 6.5% for 60 month. is that good enough?
  • lufacalufaca Posts: 31
    You could do better in the financing. Some credit unions have it as low as 4.35% @ 60 months. i e Alliant credit union (link below or type the name in google). The caviar is you must have excellent credit rating.

    BTW: I am also in the market for a honda but I will not budge until I see the price drop to the level I want to pay in the So Cal area.
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