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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cb35cb35 Posts: 27
    I guess we can agree to disagree.
  • Incorrect info. Not sure where you are but in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, the dealers are begging Honda for any Pilot trim levels. Inventories for 90% of the dealers are very low and no more 09's are to be produced. Next up, 2010's. Not sure where Kellysim gets his info but in this part of the country he is dead wrong. If you want a 2009 Pilot with an incentive plus a large discount now is the time.
  • nate25nate25 Posts: 11

    Not sure what part of Ohio you are talking about but here in Cincinnati there are TONS of 2009 Pilots. Check out Preformace Honda they have 75 2009 Pilots, The small dearship right by my house has 30 and they have had 30 for the past 3-4 months. The other dealers around me all have a min of 30-50 on their lots. So if anyone lives in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky... come to Cincinnati, there are hundrerd of 2009s. Actually between the two dealers I just talked about, they have 15-20 Touring models (sorry Cali). They have just about every color and combo you can think of between the two dealers.
  • shileishilei Posts: 11
    You seem to be correct. I am looking to buy a pilot and I just went to Performance Honda's web-site. They have atleast 50 Brand new Honda Pilots 2009 on their web site. :) But only one of them is listed for less than $32,000.00 and all the rest are for $32,000.00 to $41,000.00. :cry: If they start this high there is no way I can buy this car. OTD has to be less than $25,000.00 for us to talk.
  • I have multiple quotes on 2009 Pilot EX-Ls with no Nav or RES. MSRP $35,695 - The offer is $30,638 not including TTR. Seems like time to sit and wait until July. In Philly area and willing to travel so if anyone knows of a dealer nearby willing to go lower.

    Also, dealer wants to know the residual value of my lease (1 payment left) so they can include my tax credit. Does anyone know if this is legit? Is it standard procedure or should I just turn my lease back into the original dealer?

    Thanks in advance.

    Also, for those of you wanting the Touring over the EX-L, we have a 2006 Odyssey EX-L with NAV and RES. We added Bluetooth aftermarket. Works fine and was $250 installed - Circuit City. Our NAV system is outdated and super expensive to get new disk, so we will by a TOMTOM or Garmin and use portable on our new Pilot. Also, bought the kids each a portable DVD for $125 each at Costco and they love having their own. So no need to go to the touring unless you really want the auto hatch.
  • eka1eka1 Posts: 28
    kellysim you seriously need to get a life, instead of telling people what they have in inventory across the whole county, unless you work for Honda.......I wonder????
  • kellysimkellysim Posts: 26
    Well time will tell whether I'm right or wrong. Check back in December '09/Jan '10. If you think that all these EXLs are going to be sold with a $3k or $4k dealer incentive then you are delusional, but that's ok.

    Have a nice day.
  • motichormotichor Posts: 31
    The quote that I have received for a Honda 2WD EX-L has been 28600$ + TTL
    This is in DFW area
  • motichormotichor Posts: 31
    eka1: I don't know what is your problem. kellysim is right on. I live in the DFW area and almost every dealer has more than 30 EX-Ls. There are 1 - 2 Tourings and no LX or regular EX.

    kellysim: You are right on target. Maybe for every 100 Pilots manufactured Honda had 90EXLs and 10 with the rest combined.

    I am tracking inventory for the last 1 month. The max that each dealer has sold is 1 or 2 and a couple of them have not sold anything.
  • Hoop1234Hoop1234 Posts: 18
    If you can't get the 09 AWD EX-L for less than $28,000 not including TTL, then move on. There will be large incentives for the sales reps to move these vehicles within the next 60 days. Is 2010 the last year for the Pilot and Suby Tribeca?
  • 50 Pilots for Performance is not a lot. And its never gonna be $25,000. Sorry.
  • nate25nate25 Posts: 11

    If you would check the link they don't have 50... Performance has 77. Just curious but what do you call a lot when the 2010s are out and you still have 77 2009 Pilots left and you only move a couple a month...? Do they need to have 200 Pilots on the lot to get your attention?

    I don't understand why people on here slam the guys giving out solid information... Like telling Kellysim to get a life. That is hiliarous. People on this site are looking for that type of info that Kellysim provides. Anyone calling him out is either a dealer or has some serious life issues if they are looking for a car and refuse to listen to information like that. You guys are the ones that need to get a life.

    The bottom line is... the longer you wait the better deal you are going to get. Simple as that, the deal is not going to get worse. Especially with the price of oil going up.
  • carbcarb Posts: 12
    What do you think caresalesman2 does for a living? duh? Of course he is gonna say that inventory is slim and that you should go out and buy right away. I remember last year around September during the Honda Clearance Event, they were discounting the 08 Pilots by $8k-9k off sticker. For those who can wait, I suggest patience!
  • zozahzozah Posts: 3
    just bought a Pilot Touring AWD Nav and RES for 32071.00 + 299 Doc fees + TAX
    Got it Silver with gray interior, what do you guys think.

    They tried to get me on the service contract, but called the next day and cancelled. I'll buy online later.
  • WOW... that is a great deal. If I could get that in AZ I would buy today.

  • zojirushizojirushi Posts: 10
    DITTO! 4WD Touring with NAV & RES for $32K?! Quotes I've recently received from dealers here have been for mid $36K (which doesn't interest me). I'd jump at $32K without hesitation. *Wishing I lived in Boston*
  • The best I could find in AZ for a touring with no RES is 35,339... not time to buy quite yet. The sales guy told me the 10's will be here in Sept and if I wait another month there won't be any 09's left.

  • eka1eka1 Posts: 28
    Listen there pal....Honda is NOT going to give $3-4000 incentives on these Pilots. Did you check out there sales Numbers last month? In a month or 2 the 2009's will be all gone. So first know what you are talking about then talk
  • indigo123indigo123 Posts: 3

    This is better than what i have been quoted in the area ($33450 out of the door), I am in NH so no sales tax. Did you have a trade in? Was it a demo model? Do you mind sharing the dealer name.

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