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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • motichormotichor Posts: 31
    Can you tell me what all things did the dealer installed on your car?
    Today I just brought a 2009 Honda Pilot AWD EX-L with RES for 32200$
    The dealer has put some sealant coatings on the outside and inside to the leather and also the wheel locks and cargo mat and tint and pin stripes.
    How did I do?

    Also, I just noticed while going thru the Pre-Inspection list that this Car was on the lot for 6 months (Pre-Delivery Inspection completed on 23rd Oct 2008). Is there anything I should be worried abt? It had only 49 miles on the Odometer when I brought it home.
  • exwsoexwso Posts: 1
    New to this--was told by a internet sales manager that these forums and edmunds are misleading--fake post by toyota dealers, prices posted are demo's, etc and all it will do is cause me to have a bad buying experience....

    Anyways, does anyone in the DFW area (north side towards Denton) have quotes from dealers on the above (msrp of 35,965 or 35,865)--all I have been able to get is invoice minus 500 for around 32,300. From what I have been following in this forum it seems 2,000 too high. Am I missing something here???? HELP needed....
  • shileishilei Posts: 11
    Which dealer and an what is there phone number? I am in South Florida but I will go anywhere to get a good price.
  • aln1aln1 Posts: 23
    Hmm... maybe it is the other way around in that the Internet Sales Mgr is trying to sell you at a higher price.

  • motichormotichor Posts: 31
    In DFW area, I got my Car from Honda Cars of Mckinney yesterday.
    I paid 32200 + TTL (could have negotiated further, but it was late in night and wanted to get home) for a 2009 EX-L with RES (4WD). I wanted to claim the Section 179 for Business purposes and hence was keen on the 4WD and only this dealer had it.
    Email me at and I will give you the salesman details etc.
    In my estimate, you should be able to get this car for no more than 30200 + TTL for 2WD.2009 EX-L + RES and may be 29000 for one without DVD.

    Most important things I learnt and this may help you.
    1. Go in the morning or during the day. In the night, its more hectic for you and you just want to get the deal done.
    2. Check how long the car has been on the lot. If it is over 3 months, he will have to give a bigger discount.
    3. Don't budge from your price above. You should be able to get that. If not, tell him that you will come back later as you are not in a hurry.
    4. EX-Ls are plenty at each dealer and they have the 2010s in stock so they would want to sell these asap.
  • eka1eka1 Posts: 28
    I wasn't talking about the DFW area,(plus who cares about that area),I'm talking about the tri state area there are no more Pilot left
  • akplnjpeakplnjpe Posts: 6
    I am looking for a good deal on 09 EX AWD in NJ. Any Idea of what is a fair price to pay? Any NJ dealer recommendations?
  • sonup2000sonup2000 Posts: 14
    try paramus honda internet dep.
  • motichormotichor Posts: 31
    Any why do u think I will care abt your Tri-State area?
    I am stating my figures here on actual facts and not just generic tri-state area or whatever.
    I have no idea what is your problem ... chill man.
  • eka1eka1 Posts: 28
    First of all your are stating that Honda is going to offer $3000 incentives to move the remaining 2009 Pilot...I'm just wondering where are you geeting this information? Then when September or October roll around I want you to come back to this forum and tell everybody that you were wrong....Chillllll Man
  • py09py09 Posts: 1
    I bought a 4WD EXL at 30,000 (without DVD) plus TTL by using your price as reference. I hope it is a good deal. Anyway I also had a good experience with the dealer Reza at Larry Hopkins Honda, Sunnyvale California.
  • franklwfranklw Posts: 42
    I am not sure if $3000 or $4000 incentives will be for 09 or 10 but the ways gas price has been moving up, it's not entirely impossible. It could be different amounts different regions as I remember Toyota last year offered $5000 incentive for its Highlander in the South/North East vs. $2000 on the West coast. Happy car shopping everyone.
  • indigo123indigo123 Posts: 3
    Paid 30250+ 298 doc fee out the door. I am in NH so no taxes, paid registration extra in NH. Great deal!. Cherry with Black interior.
  • blkpilotblkpilot Posts: 2
    I wouldn't trust what the Internet Manager told you. Thousands if not more use sites such as this to educate themselves so they don't get ripped off. You should print off some of the postings and say "here, is what other people got it for, I want you to meet this price". If not, walk away. I would probably trust what other Pilot owners posted more than I would trust the lines many sales reps dish out.
  • travelguytravelguy Posts: 12
    Just picked up my New Honda Pilot 4 WD Touring with DVD in Chicago area for $33,500 plus TTL.
    Great deal - great car.
  • gsidgsid Posts: 7
    Hi ,
    Can someone share recent buying experience in Seattle area. I am looking for 09 AWD EXL with no RES. Min quote in this area I am getting is 30,400 +TTL.
    I am thinking given new 2010 models that are arriving soon and gas prices going up, I should wait for a good deal. Any advice? Shall I broaden my search to Oregon, California ? :confuse:
  • chi7chi7 Posts: 1
    Care to share the dealer's info?
  • That looks to be a pretty good quote. For a 2009 4x4 EXL (No Res) Cars Direct is quoting $31628. I am looking at 09 EXL w/Res They are showing $33074. What dealer did you talk to? My last time out in Dec '06 Capitol Honda in Olympia gave me the best deal on my Pilot lease. Good luck...My current lease runs out at the end of the month.
  • gsidgsid Posts: 7
    It was Discovery Honda in Moses Lake,WA.
    Selling Price 30,595.00
    Cargo Tray 65.00
    WA Sales Tax (8.2%) 2,514.12
    License/ Title 86.25
    Document Fee 50.00
    Total $33,310.37 Out-the-Door

    I have gotten similar price from a dealer in Seattle as well. I have to look up the dealer name as it is in my e-mail somewhere. I will still wait for price to come down further or further incentives to kick in. They should as 2010 are coming in and dealers would try to clean their lot of 09s.
  • metalprofmetalprof Posts: 7
    Hey all,

    I'm looking to pick up a 2WD EXL with no res in the Kentucky area. My first quote was at 31,700, which seems absurdly high, since I've heard others talking about getting a 4WD for 30,000. I've looked over inventories, and it looks like all the EXLs in this area are AWD (not sure why -- it doesn't even snow here). All of the 2WDs I'm interested in are in FL or TX. What would be a reasonable price to shoot for, and how much might be reasonable to expect that the dealers will jack up the price in order to ship what I want in from a different part of the country? I'm looking to buy in the next month or so.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks much -- J
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