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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • That is a great price. I would like to get the same deal. Would you mind telling me which dealership gave you this deal for the 4WD EX-L? I would like to get a similar deal for a 2WD. Thanks.
  • Herson's Honda in Rockville, MD. I'm not sure if they are still running the same deal, but it is worth a try. Aside from them trying to push the extended warranty on us (which we didn't take), the experience was rather painless. We also got a great quote on a 2WD from O'Donnell Honda in Ellicott City, but decided to go with a 4WD.
  • We went to a dealership in Baltimore last night and am looking for an some advice:

    We first looked at a certified 2009 Pilot with 6K miles, after a long negotiation the best price the dealer could give me was $33,672.

    We then asked about a brand new 2010 Pilot and I was told the best price I could get is $32,818.

    I couldn't believe that the 2009 was more, however the dealer is telling me that because the 2009 is certified (gives you a 4 year 48K bumper to bumper and 7 year 100K powertrain warranty) it creates extra value.

    My argument is that if I buy the 2010, as soon as I drive it off the lot it will depreciate by 10%, so how do they justify the 2009 at such a high price.

    Looking for advice, please let me know your thoughts....
  • Some really nice deals there on the 4WD EX-L. We paid $33516 on ours, have it 2 weeks now, throwing hte running boards on this afternoon myself. Love the car.

    According to, below $33674 is a great price on that car.

    So Go you!

    Seems on Long Island, the dealerships (at least the 3 I looked at ) were all frozen at 33516. I wasnt about to waste time running to NJ and PA for deals but perhaps that is a good option for others.

    Just be sure to take advantage of the 1.9 or 2.9 percent financing available right now.
    The Finance guys tried to throw me a 4.9 percent finance, playing as if they didnt know there were special finance rates right now, but I held ground and got it. I almost walked out right at that second.

    If you are getting a good deal on the top, just make sure they aren't trying to recoup on the back end.
  • Thanks for the information. What was the great quote on the 2WD from O'Donnell Honda? I think that the 4WD cost is about $1500 more than the 2WD. Was that what you found too?
  • I'm in the Atlanta area, which dealers were the best to work with? DId they try to tack on a lot of options to the MSRP. How did you negotiate below invoice price, great deal. I'm thinking I may work on-line deals and was wondering if you did and whether you were able to negotiate on-line.

  • ednemednem Posts: 7
    Settled on 2010 Pilot 4WD Touring NAV+RES at Herson Honda Rockville, Maryland. Got it for $36200 + tax(6%)+tag(274) +fees(100) that totalled about $39500.
  • wishkwishk Posts: 1
    Hi Bheem1 could you please let us know where did you get it (Dealer name and location, if possible sales personname) I am looking to get the same.

  • Best price I have received so far is:

    Price: 34190
    Destination and Handling: 710
    ttl: 286
    tax (TX); 2254.19

    OTD: 37440

    I have not seen many Touring models in the metroplex in blue and pricing is lowest I have gotten from most of the other dealers. Is this there room for improvement? any tips? thanks
  • hp10hp10 Posts: 3
    Settled on 2010 Pilot 4WD Touring NAV+RES at Herson Honda Rockville, Maryland. Got it for $36200 + tax(6%)+tag(274) +fees(100) that totalled about $39500.

    When I add those items up I get 36200+ 6%($2172)+274+100 = $38746 for a difference of $754 from 39500. Did you get some additional equipment with your Pilot?
  • I am getting a quote of $33800 OTD from a dealer in GA. Is it a good price? I have told him 32800 OTD.

  • I got the pilot for 33300 OTD. How did I do?
  • I paid $31,508 OTD for the Moca Metallic will be picking it up tonight for a trip to Ten. tommorrow. That was the best deal I could get and I did it through the internet, no haggling just show up sign and drive!
  • Had a lot of trouble finding either a black, silver, or grey Touring 4WD with Nav/ RES that was not a demo. Dealer looked in 4 states. Seems most are 2WD in the southeast. I had a lot of luck with pricing through the Edmunds internet search in Alabama and Atlanta but best prices were Atlanta. The best price I found was 36641 from Ed Voyles (Mike Dinnehy was internet manager) and Curry (I think Charles was internet manager). Team honda was over 1000 higher out the door than the others. I ended up purchasing in Birmingham at Brannon Honda (Sam Schrecengost was excellent dealer), who were very good. I paid a bit more than some of the posts here, but it seemed that I was going to have to drive to ATL to save several hundred dollars. I got the Pilot for 39599 out the door, which was around 37500 (selling price + destination charge), 499 doc fee, and 4.5% local tax (state and county) , tags/title. I had to settle for white, but worth the convenience and was not really that much of a compromise. It literally took 1 hour when I got to the dealer to drive away, which was important.
  • A few people here mentioned that they sent out emails to the local dealers in the area requesting their best price, others mentioned that they ordered it online. Is there a website you can buy it through or send the local dealers emails. Or do you just send look them up and email everyone manually.

  • ednemednem Posts: 7
    hp10 sorry for responding at this time. i forgot to add destination of $710.
    Its 2010 Pilot 4WD Touring NAV+RES at Herson Honda Rockville, Maryland. Price($36200) + tax(6%)+tag(274) +fees(100)+destination($710) that totalled about $39505.
  • hp10hp10 Posts: 3
    Okay, thanks for the clarification ;-)
  • Got the above car for $37,651 including destination. (MSRP $40,995, invoice $36,442 according to 6% PA sales tax, $200 title/tags extra. Keenan Honda in Doylestown, PA.

    Kicker was they took back my 07 CRV lease 2 months early at no net out of pocket cost ($14,945 buyout), which was about equal to the KBB value. Not sure if there would have been a few hundred more wiggle room without this, but overall still a good deal with the year-end financing and tax deduction.

    Haven't seen much better out there, esp locally, except for the poster above from Maryland.
  • crv123crv123 Posts: 30
    I hope this question is appropriate for this forum. I am starting to look at the Pilot and am reading through the forum. The information lists models with and without RES, but I can't figure out what RES is. Can someone tell me? ...and is that an option that I should be looking for? I'm in MA. Thanks!
  • rear entertainment system = dvd
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