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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rdysonrdyson Posts: 1
    Looking to purchase in Houston. I have been looking for almost 2 months. Can you send me your email? Would like to hear who you went with...
  • basamxbasamx Posts: 17
    what dealership?
  • zeh3406zeh3406 Posts: 4
    Just wanted to let y'all know that I got a 2011 EX-L with RES for 32,550 + TTL at Sterling McCall Honda in Kingwood. They were excellent to deal with and would recommend them to anyone!
  • what was your OTD?
  • zeh3406zeh3406 Posts: 4
    Roughly $34,500. I don't have the paperwork in front of me.
  • is that vehicle 4WD?
  • zeh3406zeh3406 Posts: 4
    No it is not.
  • This site was helpful for me while researching price, so I'm contributing back!

    2011 2WD EX-L w/ RES, purchased over the weekend in Atlanta metro. $31,546 + $780 destination + $587 doc fee + Taxes + Title. Added in roof cross bars, towing kit/hitch ball, cargo net, and towing wire harness installed. OTD was just under $36k.

    8yr/100k HondaCare extended warranty for $1,290. I told the dealer I didn't want any BS on the warranty cost, and he came out straight away with $1,290. Could have got it about $100 less online, but I appreciated their honest offer and took it.
  • zxedzxed Posts: 17
    Any one pick one of these up in CA? what did you pay?
    I cant seem to find another dealer that will do $500 below invoice... Riverside Honda is the only one willing to play
  • I am getting great quotes in NJ but the issue is that Touring inventory for whatever reason is VERY low right now. Can't figure out what is going on. Most dealers in NJ do not have touring in stock. I am guessing it is supply/demand thing and the variable at play is supply (not demand). Dealers were not ordering top line Touring as they did not expect much demand in the summer so only now they tell me they putting in orders. Most are expecting to get them by Nov where SUVs are typically go up in price.

    A great price for Touring 4WD is between 36100 and 36600 Including Destination. I got 4 quotes. Only issue they don't have the colors I want or cars still in transit.
  • zxedzxed Posts: 17
    Honda actually went with the way economy was moving and reduced and even halted some production. the past few weeks.... in CA they have increased delivery of new models and have increased production.

    The above info is from an inside source, not sales.

    here is what i have as far as #'s
    Dealer cost 36577
    Holdback 808
    Regional Ad fee 404
    Dest fee 780
    total dealer cost 36953

    Some would argue that dealer cost is not true cost., It would be great if I could get it for 36100, black on black... but that might not happen :)
  • sibykp4sibykp4 Posts: 2
    what is the best OTD price for this model in nj area 07052 ,Help,thanks
  • sibykp4sibykp4 Posts: 2
    what is the best OTD price for this model in nj area 07052 ,Help,thanks-( 2011 model)
  • The best way to get deal from goodson honda is get a internet price from all dealer, show the printout, they beat the deal 100%..this is my experience...pls pass email id if interested..i can send more info
  • Yeah but you not accounting for kickback based on volume sales. that cold be upto 3% of MSRP I hear. And I am sure there are other things going on that we will never know about. Even the sales guys don't know. Only the showroom manager has true cost.
  • esemesem Posts: 11
    Got 2 quotes from dealers in So. Cal for a 2011 Pilot EX-L

    1. Costco - $31881 + Dest + Taxes + Registration
    2. AMEX - $31614 + Dest + Taxes + Registration

    Based on other deals some have claimed on this message board in So. California these don't seem that great. But according to "TrueCar Price Rating" they both would be great deals.

    Waiting to hear back from what the AAA recommended dealer will quote. Not expecting anything far from what I've already received.
  • patellapatella Posts: 4
    Just closed the deal on the 2011 4wd pilot EXL with navi and here is the details

    33,800 (includes destination) + TTL

    thanks for all the other posts who helped me close this deal!
    The Dealership is Bianchi Honda in Erie PA and dealt with the sales manager directly. They are a great dealership with great people. If you are looking for the deal tell them anish sent you.
    you can email me with any questions

    good luck
    Anish :)
  • npmommynpmommy Posts: 3
    Just got back from purchasing a 2011 EX-L but with no navi or DVD. We have a child, but we don't ever even purchase DVD's anymore...heck, Blockbuster is about to go bust. We have a 200.00 Itouch and can download and rent any movie from the app store. Great screen, portable, etc. The DVD on the Pilot seems kind of rinky dink...very small screen or do they have a bigger screen than the one on the demo at the dealership ?

    We figured we will just purchase a navigation system for <300.00 and can use it in any of our vehicles. Has anyone else opted to do this?
  • was this a 2wd or 4wd?
  • esemesem Posts: 11
    I will be :-)

    Talked to a friend of mine who has 2 kids about how much he uses his DVD on his SUV. Guess what... He said when they first got it in 2005 the kids used it but now they mostly stick with their IPhone & ITouch.

    Heck even a IPad (couple of them) would be a cheaper alternative to the factory installed entertainment system.
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