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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • yazyazooyazyazoo Posts: 20
    Is Weymouth able to ship to California or other states for a fee? Even if they charged $500 more I would be coming out cheaper than any dealer.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,093
    Of my 2011 Pilot EXL w/ NAV 4WD on Thursday & am very happy with it thus far. Greenwich Honda was very easy to deal with & they gave me what I think is a fair price - $35,577 ($750 over invoice) + 6% tax, DMV fee & $179 doc fee.

    We're now officially a 3 car household. All 3 cars are Hondas.

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • ruisijruisij Posts: 8
    I spoke to Justin at Weymouth and he said they are not in charge of any of the shipping. If you can find a reasonably priced shipper than I would say probably.
    Good Luck!
  • BMATTBMATT Posts: 8
    I just got quoted $26793 for a Honda Pilot LX 4WD (Base Model) in Pennsylvania. What do you guys think, is it a good offer?
  • dclivedclive Posts: 35
    What's Weymouth Honda's price on that?
  • jmcclenahanjmcclenahan Posts: 14
    I'm also talking to Westport Honda about an EX-L w RSE....did you end up getting your Touring w Weymouth? I also contacted them and their prices seem hard to believe...also got the 32,714 quote that someone else here got.
  • ruisijruisij Posts: 8
    jmcclenahan, here is the deal. I decided not to purchase from Weymouth, MA only because I didn't want to deal w/ the out of state process and because they couldn't gaurentee me a value on my trade prior to my trip up there. I asked them to match the price I got from carmax (from a certified appraiser) and they wouldn't. So my husband took my car down to Westport monday night and they gave me $500 more than carmax, plus took an extra $500 off the price. The origional best price they would do was $37,373 (for a touring AWD) and w/ the $500 off it came down to 36,873. So I was scheduled to pick up the car tonight, HOWEVER I heard from another honda dealership tonight that from 5/27 to 5/31 they are offering 0.9% financing for 60 months on all honda's. So I called Westport and they said that i'd have to pick up the car tomorrow, but that I could get the 0.9% instead of the 2.9% financing. That saves me another $1500. All in all this was a great deal. If you're gonna get the honda in CT, stick w/ Westport. No one in CT was able to match the price from Weymouth, but this deal was as good as I was going to get and saved me a trip to MA. But make sure you bring all the facts from Weymouth, and keep pushing for the best price. BTW, If you can, this weekend sounds like a great time to purchase. Good luck!
  • I had the same information on finance rates as well today from a dealer in PA. 0.9% today through Tuesday (5/31).

    Also just as info for the board, i had the following recent quotes, again from PA area:

    2011Pilot EX-L, Nav, 4WD: $34,377
    2011Pilot Touring, 4WD: $36,907

    I am buying my new 2011 Touring over the weekend!
  • scurvemondscurvemond Posts: 1
    Saw your post. Congratulations on the deal! Can I ask in what state you purchased this? Also, how difficult was it to get them down to this price? We're just getting started. Hope to purchase the same vehicle/trim level as you in the next 30 - 90 days, depending on what deals are out there.

  • njguy63njguy63 Posts: 11
    I just bought a new 11 Pilot Touring from Main Line Honda in PA for $36,400 include destination but tax, title, registration are extra.
  • ash33ash33 Posts: 6
    I would like to know what price you paid for a new Honda Pilot AWD EX-L 2011. I am considering buying one and dont need navigation.
  • ash33ash33 Posts: 6
    At what price did you buy a Honda Pilot 2011 EX-L AWD recently in the Redmond/Seattle, WA area? I am looking for one without navigation.
  • geneatalsgeneatals Posts: 3
    So I'm no stranger to leasing, just leasing Honda's. My wife and I have a second child on the way and we are looking to get into a Honda Pilot for some extra room. Here's the price quote I got from one dealer for a Taffeta White 2011 Pilot EX-L w/ Rear entertainment pkg

    Cap Cost -$34,442 (including running boards + $595 acquisition fee)
    Residual -56% of MSRP - $36,375 = $20,370
    Money Factor - .00142 (assuming tier one credit)
    Drive off cost – $1,161.62 ($577.87 + $45 doc fee + $530 DMV and $8.75 tire fee)

    Payment -$533.49 incl tax (Los Angeles County)

    Now to me, that cap cost/selling price is high. I'm not a fan of working MSRP down but rather invoice up. From what I've seen and found on the internet, invoice is about 32K. So am I right in thinking this dealer is trying to take advantage of me. Thanx in advance.
  • wallstreet1234wallstreet1234 Posts: 41
    edited June 2011
    Is this a good price for a lease 2011 Pilot EX-L 4wd, what else should I be asking the sales person (this is being done over the internet)

    MSRP $36,680.00
    Sale Price $31,362.08
    Residual $20,907.60 (57% of MSRP1)
    Financing 3.41% APR (0.00142 money factor)
    Incentive $1,000.00

    Sale Price $31,362.08
    Lease Acquisition Fee +$595.00
    Capitalized Cost $31,957.08
    Capitalized Cost Reduction
    (Down Payment) -$0.00
    Adjusted Cap Cost $31,957.08
    Residual Value -$20,907.60
    Depreciation $11,049.48
    Finance Charge
    Adjusted Cap Cost $31,957.08
    Residual Value $20,907.60
    Average Financed2 $26,432.34
    Financed at 36 mo @ 0.00142 money factor3
    Finance Charge $2,702.52
    Fees Due at Signing
    Down Payment $0.00
    Documentation Fee +$239.00
    Fees Due at Signing $239.00
    First Month's Payment $382.00
    Total Due at Signing $621.00
  • geneatalsgeneatals Posts: 3
    funny, both are telling me the price is at invoice..

    Lease rate .00142 on approved credit
    Residual 56% 12,000 miles
    MSRP $36,375
    Sell Price $33,342.25
    Net Cap $34,727.23
    Running baords $591.23 installed price
    $1000 down... payment is $523.55 including tax assuming la county taxes

    Questions give me a ring programs are good thru end of month or until supplies last...Prices subject to change or vehicles are subject to prior sale..
  • packerjohnpackerjohn Posts: 10
    I got a quote on a Pilot that included $139 for splash guards. Looking at the Honda website I don't find them listed as an accessory (plus all the pictures show the guards). Do these come standard with the vehicle and the dealer is trying to hose me?
  • civictorycivictory Posts: 73
    I had a salesman tell me all Pilots come with splash guards. However, I also received quotes that listed them as add-ons. So... I'm not sure!

    I can tell you that my Pilot came with splash guards and I did not pay extra for them.
  • bostonloubostonlou Posts: 11
    has anyone actually bought a pilot/honda from weymouth, ma???

    i'm not far from them so I may make the trip... but wanted to know if their prices are real

    thanks :confuse:
  • ruisijruisij Posts: 8
    They seemed legit after much research, but we finally got a CT dealer down to a difference of a $1000. So we decided to stay in state and buy. However I will say this, I have had nothing but problems w/ my new honda pilot touring since I bought it home 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. It's going back to the dealer for the third time to be repaired. I couldn't help but think about what would have happened if I had purchased from Weymouth, which is 3 hours away. Just my opinion, but purchase from somewhere you can deal w/ should something go wrong. The first trip to the dealer for repairs came 3 days after purchase as the back seat wouldn't come up as it was getting jammed, there was a nick in the leather and in the paint on the tail gate. I had just gotten the car back home when we noticed there was a piece completely missing on the roof rack (second trip to the dealer) and now it's on the way in again because the piece on the roof rack, that they said they fixed, came loose again, and when I opened my sunroof a large peice of weather stripping fell into my car. Needless to say I am very very angry w/ this purchase. Make sure you look EVERYTHING over when you purchase. Good luck!
  • packerjohnpackerjohn Posts: 10
    I'm getting prices of around invoice ($33,298 including shipping) less $1,000 if I finance with Honda on a 2011 4 wheel drive EX-L (no DVD or navi)+ taxes and registration. This is from several dealers in central Illinois, and +/- a couple hundred bucks of each other. Is this what others are seeing?
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