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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rob_v6rob_v6 Posts: 20
    i suggest that we wait until we see the Mr. Opportunity commercial...this will be a good time to can get up to 6k below the sticker price.......

    ......but if you are really itchy and want to pull the trigger...then go ahead...

    The Sticker Price should be the OTD price if you are in the State of California... don't be afraid to walk away....there is a lot of dealership, I'm sure they will chase you once you're about to leave. I used to sell cars....the desk is the Devil in the dealerships.
  • ash33ash33 Posts: 6
    If you bought a Honda Pilot EX-L 2011 AWD recently in Seattle, WA area, what was your Out the Door Price inclusive of taxes and all charges?

    I am planning to buy a Honda Pilot EX-L AWD with Nav. Most dealers are quoting invoice of $35000 plus $500 add ons plus $500 additional. Costco pricing is mostly $500 over invoice. So net Out the Door price is turning out to be around $39K.

    This seems to be high. Given holdback is about $700. And I think Honda is giving dealers $1000 cash back for every card sold.

    Is $39k reasonable or is $37K more reasonable for the Out the Door price inclusive of taxes and all charges?
  • ash33ash33 Posts: 6
    I am considering buying the demo car from a dealer. It is 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L AWD with a couple thousand miles on it.

    What are the risks of buying a demo car from the dealer? And what things one should watch out for while evaluating purchase of such a car?
  • packerjohnpackerjohn Posts: 10
    I've had several dealers tell me there is $1,000 in cash to the dealer if you finance through Honda Financial. They were willing ot pass the whole $1,000 along.
  • tmstewar2tmstewar2 Posts: 2
    edited June 2011
    Purchase price $35201.00
    Steve Bailey Honda, Oklahoma City
    Excellent to work with.

    I went in at the end of May they only had 2 Touring editions on the lot. 1 2wd Silver (asking $35912.) and 1 4wd Black. I knew I wanted Bali Blue. They had been hunting a 2wd Bali Blue down for me over the last few weeks. Called last week saying they could get it for me.

    Went in with documentation and everything in writing of what I was willing to pay for the vehicle and what I wanted for my trade in. After 1 round of me telling this is what it will take for me to purchase the vehicle they agreed.

    Round 1 Offer:
    Sales Price $35201 (agreed immediately)
    Trade - in $11,000 (2008 Honda Cr-v LX high miles)

    Round 2:
    Sales Price: $35201
    Trade-in $13,500 (what I wanted)

    I am very happy with the deal I received plus 1.9% financial through Honda.

    This forum was a HUGE help in information on what I should pay and resources.
  • ash33ash33 Posts: 6
    Any idea when Honda Pilot 2012 will arrive in dealerships? Civic 2012 is already available. I am debating whether to buy 2011 or wait for Pilot 2012.
  • ash33ash33 Posts: 6

    When is 2012 Honda Pilot expected to be in dealerships? Couldnt find any info on the web
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    I paid $33,480 for the above vehicle, MSRP'ed at $38,375. That prices includes freight, but not taxes, fees, etc, because where you live, these cost items are probably different. I thought it was a pretty good deal. If you want to know the name of the dealership, or who I dealt with, email me. Happy Hunting!
  • bostonloubostonlou Posts: 11
    picked up a bali EX-L for $31,342.90 incl destination

    got 11k on my 06 ex-l which needed brakes and the check engine and vtm4 light was on

    added on honda care 5yr 100k for 1100...

    but then saw a quote online for 940 and 900

    anyone know if i can cancel and then signup again?
  • explorer1explorer1 Posts: 6
    Did you lease for the sale price?
  • packerjohnpackerjohn Posts: 10
    edited June 2011
    Dealers will generally give invoice less the $1,000 dealer cash if you finace with Honda Financial Services (plus taxes, etc). Bought a black 4WD EX-L at this price. Dealer also threw in set of all weather floor mats.
  • fi5033fi5033 Posts: 1
    I went to Joyce Koons Honda Manassas Va on June 24 2011 to get a new Honda Pilot Touring model. There was a nice looking Pilot in the showroom with 47K sticker price tag on it and they offer me the car for 46K. I explained that I don't want Pilot with a body kit but the manager was saying their cost of Touring is all above 40K and walked away telling me our difference is too much and refused to negotiate. Not to mention, I was never offered to test driver any Pilot.
    My target price for a new Pilot was around 37~38K and the final offer I've got is 46K. There is no way that I pay 46K for Honda. What's reasonable price in northern Va area for a Touring?
  • Where were you able to get the Honda Care for that price?

    Please share.
  • Honda Pilot touring selling price before taxes and ect. $36,600 (NY area). Do yourself a favor and join consumer reports. You can use there site to receive legitimate low price offers from 3 different car dealers in your area. Take the print out and head to dealer to start negotiating. Good luck...
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    I had a similar experience with Koons Honda, although I was looking for a different Pilot. Koons would NOT deal at all, and then they had that silly 499 processing fee and some ungodly accessory mark up that i wasn't falling for. I'm not sure why Koons is this way, but it may have some real or perceived problem with getting inventory out of Japan after the earthquake. With all the research I did, there is NO DOUBT in mind mind that some dealers are playing that card and trying to twist things to their favor. At any rate, I wound up at Honda of Bowie and got what I thought was a really, really good deal, WAY better than Koons', and no BS at any point in the process. I never pursued Koons after my initial inquiry, nor did they call me back more than once. Too bad for them, they lost a chance to sell a car. Oh well.
  • austexaustex Posts: 62
    so !21k + TTL after the trade-in?
  • bostonloubostonlou Posts: 11
    bernardi was one ... i forget the other saccucci or curry?
  • austexaustex Posts: 62
    Read the unflattering review of the Pilot by edmunds reviewers. Wondering how the owners feel about it? Thoughts/feedback are much appreciated. Want to buy one soon. Either this one or a Highlander .. but the 2nd and 3rd seating on Highlander wasnt inviting.
  • civictorycivictory Posts: 73
    We've owned our Pilot for two months (EX-L, 2WD, no RES or NAV). Like you, I was concerned about the negative reviews and low rankings that are out there. Consequently, we kind of forced ourselves to look at other options; but we came back to the Pilot.

    Many of the negative reviews I read focused on appearance, both inside and out. (Apparently a lot of people don’t like the grill and front end. Some seem to think portions of the interior look “cheap.”) But I like the Pilot’s appearance. It looks more truck-like to me than many other SUV’s, and that appeals to me.

    After two months of ownership, here are some thoughts:

    (1) Gas mileage – We’re averaging just over 18 mpg, so far. Some owners have reported improved mileage after the break-in period.
    (2) Variable Cylinder Management – This might be my biggest complaint, although it’s not a big deal. I can often “feel” the cylinders kicking in and out. It’s very subtle and doesn’t bother my wife at all; but it bugs me a little.
    (3) Buttons on dash – There are a LOT of buttons to control the radio, A/C, etc. It’s a little overwhelming and I haven’t adjusted to it yet. I find myself having to “look around” for the right button much of the time.
    (4) Odometer toggle – I like to toggle between the various odometer displays to check gas mileage, etc. The placement of the button makes this awkward. (I’d prefer a button with placement similar to our Civic.)
    (5) Wheels – 17 inches seems too small for this vehicle. I’d prefer at least 18.
    (6) Towing wiring harness – I wish this was standard. (It might be on the Touring.)
    (7) Glove compartment – There is a “shelf” (for lack of a better word) above the glove compartment. I would prefer no shelf and a bigger glove compartment.

    As far as positives, there are a lot! I love the way it drives… Road noise is not bad… Love the exterior… Love the interior… Lots of storage… Useful seating/cargo configurations that are easy to use… And, it’s a Honda!

    This is my wife’s primary vehicle, and she loves it. We have three young children. There is plenty of room and plenty of latches for car seats. We’re able to put all three car seats in the 2nd row, when needed.

    Hope this helps a little. If you have specific questions, let me know. You might also take a look at I haven’t gone as far as signing up yet, but I’ve found lots of useful information there.
  • tt jack at joyce, straight forward and no fooling around
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