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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • btpd327btpd327 Posts: 9
    Have a quote on a New 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L Navi 4wd for $33,855 is that a good price.....thanks in advance.

  • This forum is very helpful. I trolled it for several days and it gave me a good deal of ammo to use when negotiating on my Pilot.

    Because of the help and knowledge I gained from this forum, I was able to purchase a Dark Cherry with Black interior 2011 Pilot, EX-L 4x4 (no NAV or RES) for $32,200 before tt&l from Flow Honda in Winston-Salem. They made the process simple. I dealt with the sales manager and after the second trip to see them I was able to do the deal. The 0.9% financing also made it very attractive.

    This is my second Pilot and I am very pleased. Thanks to everyone for their help!
  • bigrinbigrin Posts: 14
    Nice job Mseen, you pretty much low ticked it.
  • bigrinbigrin Posts: 14
    If it's out the door it's a great price.
  • I'm in Philly and have been shopping for that same trim level. Sounds like a great price for Navi. Mind posting name of dealer and salesman? I havent had great success w/local dealer. THanks.
  • I brought my New 2011 Pilot EX-L Navi 4WD for $33,855 Plus Taxes and Tags at Solane Honda......they have one left with after Market DVD for $35,000 even. Still a much better deal that I got any where else. Ask for Manager Al Cramer or Al Thompson.....tell them Mr. Lam sent you to get that price.

    Navi is hard to get.....Burns Honda have one in white but wouldn't get go under $35,900 and Hamilton Honda have one too.

    Good luck
  • Thanks. Blue tooth and USB port for an IPOD are included in the NAVI version?
  • Thanks. I actually had a slightly lower price, but it was 50 miles away. One week in and I am loving the Pilot!
  • Please help on this quote. honda pilot EX-L , 12K mi/ yr, no nav, no res......list is 36,680 and they quoted me adjusted cap cost of 33K. All in (inc sales tax ) they say $507 / month. I think this is way high

    I am paying 490/mnth for a 2008 Ex-L lease with 20k mi per yr and expected to pay lower just by going to 12k miles per yr.

    What price range would constitute a good deal ?
  • I just purchased the car (MSRP 41,630) for 500 under invoice, which resulted in an out the door price of $40,000. Did I pay too much?
  • What is your state sale tax ?? That seems high, as I just brought a new 2011 Honda Pilot EXL Navi 4x4 for $33855 plus tax and tags.....Res is only another $1000. Either way you have a great truck.
  • which Houston dealership quoted you price on EX model .
  • Has anyone purchase the 2012 Touring yet? If so, how much did you pay before taxes? I am looking to purchase within the next few weeks and want a feel for the market. link title has insignificant recent sales to give a true cost in my area (NYC). Please help!
  • Check out weymouth honda. They list the sales price for all models.
  • Thank You pghatty! This is an awesome resource that I have never seen or used before.
  • brwndoggybrwndoggy Posts: 39
    edited September 2011
    drove a new Ex-L Nav in Austin this past weekend and wanted to share some initial impressions.

    Dealer offers no haggle pricing. 37.3 msrp, 36.2 plus tax/fee's. Not that special but pricing is higher to keep 2011's moving and they only have one 2012....

    Here's some feedback since we don't have a 2012 category yet.

    1. Grill - looks much better, losing the transformer grill is nice. This is personal opinion for sure
    2. Sound proofing - they've added wheel well materials and I read better windshield. Driving, it's still louder than our 2004 mdx.
    3. Inside - Dash is improved and radio/nav is much better (caught up)
    4. Driving - drove like a suv, brakes felt better than mdx which makes me think they improved braking distance but this could be difference between 8 year old mdx and new pilot... Would love a review/test on this part.
    5. Mileage. trip computer claims I was getting 18mpg driving the truck fairly hard. MDX shows less than 10 when driving in city so ...
    6. Seats - Son driving in the 2nd row said the seats were more comfortable than our MDX.

    1. Tires - not sure about the Low resistance tires. Not a real con, just concern that this will impact stopping distance.
    2. Look - while better, would like more refreshing look for this boxy truck.
    3. Not much else to report.

    So, going to wait for more to arrive and costs come down as there are only 1-2 at dealers right now.
  • ct44ct44 Posts: 8
    I traded in my 2003 Honda Pilot EX-L Nav, with 225,000 miles on it, and purchased a 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L Nav, which I picked up yesterday. The dealership I went with gave me the best trade in, $4,300 (the transmission/4WD was failing and the catalytic converter needed work/replacement to pass emissions). The sales price was 34,200, before two options I added - remote start and chrome/wood trim package - along with the Simoniz Glasscoat application. They did not have the color I wanted but were able to get it for me which was nice, as most dealerships around here have a lot of 2012's but very limited 2011's.

    The first time I saw the actual car I was buying was when I went to pick it up - there were 2 scratches and an overall mediocre detail job, so they spent 20 minutes to touch it up and clean it before I would sign for it. I was a bit disappointed that they used the valet key for the remote start instead of making another key for it, but I can buy another - I find it handy to keep in the car so I can move/use it anytime. My first impression was that the satellite radio reception was less that what I was getting with my magnetic roof top attenna I had on my old Pilot, and that was the hissing noise I would hear while driving. Other than that, I have my fingers crossed that I can get the same mileage I got from my last Pilot.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,101
    Wow! 225,000 miles! That's impressive. Hopefully I'll be able to get that many out of my 2011 EX-L w/ NAV Pilot. I picked it up 5/19/11 & 4 months later have over 6100 miles. Time for my 1st oil change.

    Any tips you could share for having that Pilot go for so long?

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • Who else is seeing mostly 2012's? We're seeing very few 2012's in TX (Austin at least) and I checked the MA dealer offering great prices but had zero in stock...
  • Check out Weymouth Honda,s site. They show the lease prices on every model Honda . They also show the price they will sell a car for.
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