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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • daytonpilotdaytonpilot Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    Dayton/Cincy market

    Paid $31,540 for 2013 EX-L 4WD.

    I had 6 other quotes ranging from $31,650 to $32,800.

    Doc fees in OH are capped at $250, so every dealer adds that $200 free profit item. I financed through dealer at .9%, so they get whatever comes to them from finance company.

    Finally, I traded my ridiculously clean Highlander (after we agreed to price on Pilot) for more than would have taken, and since dealer has Toyota lot in the family, they'll make retail instead of wholesale on that, too.

    Good day for all involved.
  • saveonsaveon Posts: 2
    I need your info. Buying a HOnda Pilot 2013 2wd EX-L

    What is really a good price? Price before taxes and tag and doc fee?

    then what did you pay for TTL drive out after all fees TTL cost?
  • Hello Brian

    Thank you for posting the information about your purchase. Could you please let me know the name of the dealer?

    More information (like a detailed breakdown) of your purchase would be extremely helpful. I'm in the market for a 2013 EX-L AWD Pilot and think this is a great deal... Congratulations...

    Thanks a lot
  • daytonpilot,
    What dealer did you purchase from?
  • daytonpilotdaytonpilot Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    I ended up buying at Joe Morgan Honda (Voss). Hidy was lowest by about $150, but didnt have color combo. I told this to JM and they said they wanted to beat my lowest quote by $100.

    I wanted to buy from Castrucci but they were all over the place with pricing, and when they finally gave me their best price, which was over $900 more than JM, salesman told me I'd never buy the Pilot for that price.
  • Car Man Help !!!
    I’m looking to lease a 2013 Pilot Touring 4wd, 3 years, 12K per year no money down everything in the payment, Long Island, NY zip is 11747. I negotiated most of the day this past Saturday going between 3 Honda dealerships on Long Island. Best price I got was $517 per month and they included the premium running boards. Is this a fair price?? How much cheaper could it really be? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks..
  • nalidcnalidc Posts: 1
    What dealer in Phoenix were you able to get that deal from? Best quote I've received has been $32,247 including destination.
  • saveonsaveon Posts: 2
    Hey, I have been dealing with dealerships for over a week and the lowest price I have received is 30,339 including the destination fee. That is before 599.00 doc and taxes....I have one dealer willing to beat that by 450.00 so we will see...

    I'm still negotiating....and this is a 2013 Ex-L 2wd honda pilot.

    I'm in Georgia..
  • aljuneidaljuneid Posts: 1
    Hi guys,
    I am really in dilemma now and I am looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. I am in love with Honda pilot but the issue is whether to go for it now i.e 2013 or wait until the new 2014 comes out. I am in no hurry to buy but there is this urge within me. Really don't know what to to expect for 2014 as there is no reliable news yet. Any advise please esp with the new buyers/users of 2013 Honda Pilot
  • I am in the same boat as you with the urge to get it. The one thing i am confuse with is the ranking Honda pilot have onthe edmunds midsize SUV category, where Pilot rank 12th against the 2nd rank Highlander. How can that be?
  • emdyemdy Posts: 3
    Thank you to everyone who contributed to this forum. You have been very helpful in my car buying experience.

    If you are buying, please post your cost, including breakdown, after your purchase so future buyers can benefit from your experience.

    I got what I think is competitive pricing on 04/29/2013 and 04/30/2013 (last days of the month of April). I just wanted to pass on the information that I got. I thought it would be useful to those of you who are shopping, preferably at the end of whatever month you buy. ;)

    Good Luck!

    Prices for 2013 Honda Pilot EX-L 4WD base (no Nav, no RES):

    Price with Destination $32,474.35 (13.3% off MSRP)
    6.25% sales tax $2,029.65
    Doc Fees, Title & License $418.00
    Total $34,922.00

    Price with Destination $31,803.00 (15.1% off MSRP)
    6.25% sales tax $1,987.69
    Doc Fees, Title & License $453.00
    Total $34,243.69

    Price with Destination $31,800.00 (15.1% off MSRP)
    6.25% sales tax $1,987.50
    Doc Fees, Title & License $420.00
    Total $34,207.50

    Price with Destination $31,600.00 (15.6% off MSRP)
    6.25% sales tax $1,975.00
    Doc Fees, Title & License $474.00
    Total $34,049.00
  • motwonmotwon Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info. Do you mind sharing where you are? I'm in Dallas and the lowest offer I've been able to get on the 2013 EX-L 4WD is $32,300 + TTL.

    I've also been shopping for a used EX-L 4WD with less than 30k miles to see if that's a better deal. Best offer I can get is $28,100 for a 2011 w/ 26k miles and is Honda Certified. I'm not a great negotiator but have really been patient in trying to work dealers down but have had little success. If I can't get the car for lower than $28k I figure I might as well just buy a new one. Anyone have any recent experience with low mileage used EX-L 4WD Pilot pricing?

  • localpcguylocalpcguy Posts: 4
    Just trying to find out from you guys how low can I push this dealer further before pulling the trigger. Any suggestion or advise is much appreciated.

    NEW 2013 PILOT EX 2WD 3.5L
    Price: $27,373
    Doc fee: $ 395
    Plates: $ 544
    Tax: $ 2,545
    Total OTD: $ 30,857
  • clarence10clarence10 Posts: 55
    Motwon, FYI, I just traded in a 2010 Pilot Touring w Nav (No Res)in NY Area and it had close to 50k miles. We got $24k for the trade.

    Also, picked up a new 2013 Pilot Touring for $37,137 including destination but plus tax.
  • motichormotichor Posts: 31
    Last year I traded my 2009 EXL-4WD-with RES for $22,500. It had 25,000 miles on it. But, then it also had $7000 of Hail Damage (assessment per my Insurance company) and so essentially I was able to get $29,500 for a car that I used for 2 yrs and paid $32,000 two years earlier.
    The new car I got was a 2012 Touring 2WD for $36,200 + Tax, Title, Registration.
    Ended up costing me 9000$ out of pocket.
  • tommy126tommy126 Posts: 5
    Hi there. Wife and I are in market for 2013 Pilot and trying to figure out what would be a good price for EXL 4WD (no Nav no Res), and Touring 4WD in NYC.

    I've tried internet quote at numerous dealership but non of them are willing to commit to an internet quote. All of them asked to be in their showroom in order to provide "best pricing".

    So before I actually do visit them over the weekend, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,127

    You said you are looking for either a Pilot EX-L (no NAV, no res) or a Touring which has both NAV & RES. this weekend is most definitely one if THE weekends to buy a car. I bought my Pilot (2011 EXL w/ NAV) 2 years ago. At the time, Honda offered 2.9% financing (up from 1.9% the month before in the wake of the tsunami). I didn't wait until Memorial Day weekend. Honda dropped the rate from 2.9% to 0.9%. I could have either saved a lot of money paying for my EXL w/ NAV or afforded a Touring (with power lift gate at the time) for what I paid for my truck.

    Anyway, 2 years later we are really happy with our Pilot and plan on keeping it did many years to come.

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • clarence10clarence10 Posts: 55
    Try You will get 3 quotes which usually seem to be in the same range. If you go to the dealership without knowing what a good price is, you will lose for sure.

    I went with Huntington Honda on Long Island. They are honest and reliable. However, YOU need to know what a good deal is before you go in.

    .9% Honda Financing right now which is pretty close to 0 :)
  • tommy126tommy126 Posts: 5
    Thank you both for the helpful tips.

    I just hope the dealer won't think I am too crazy with starting pricing of 31K for EXL and 35K for the touring.

    Regardless of agreed pricing at the dealership this weekend, I will post my outcomes and hope it will benefit next buyers.

    One quick question.... the 2014 model should be out in few months, how much more can I talk down the price??? 500-1000? Thanks!
  • usdanchanusdanchan Posts: 7
    I am also in the market (DC/NOVA) to get a 2013 EX-L 4WD without the DVD and Nav.

    So Far I got the lowest OTD price is

    Vehicle Price $ 31,127.00
    Freight $ 830.00
    Accessories $ -
    Sales Tax $ 1,028.01
    Registration & Tags $ 83.50
    Processing Fee $ 499.00
    OTD Total $ 33,567.51

    Is that a good price?
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