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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Ask your dealer what it includes, otherwise, I has no idea.
  • geah70geah70 Posts: 14
    Good luck! when completed can you share you location and the dealership you used? Thanks.
  • jeffrey28jeffrey28 Posts: 9
    which dealer do you get your vehicle? that seems a great deal. Do you have a quote?
  • jeffrey28jeffrey28 Posts: 9
    The lowest price dealers gave to me is $30760. Two dealers said they will sell for that price. I don't understand why they gave two quite different out of the door prices. One said the out of the door price will be $33136.88, and the other said $33542.3. Are they trying to cheat?
  • I will share it tomorrow if my strategy actually work :D
  • It depends. Some dealers have different MSRP on the same exact car without accessories add on. Some may sell u a low selling price but then add a bunch of accessories and charge premium price for it, so the low sale price just to get u in the door. There is no standard on how they suppose to charge for the cars, that why we have to shop around. I used to work in retail and MSRP is a bogus number, really, I mean it. The 2 OTD prices u have will have varies dealer processing fees, and different charges on other things. We cant call them cheaters, but only know that they dont voluntarily give you every pricing information they know. Business is about maximize profits, cant blame them for that. Our advantage is that we can shop around and ask for base sale price, OTD price, and ask for list of charges, then of course we can use those prices to our advantage without telling the other dealers what are included into those prices :)
  • The 33.500 I told you is OTD price from the first dealer and the one I wanna deal with most. They quoted 31,100 selling price.
  • jeffrey28jeffrey28 Posts: 9
    Thanks for clarifying the situation.
  • dovergeekdovergeek Posts: 1
    Thinking about leasing a 2013 EX-L 4WD and wanted some feedback on the dealer offer. Here is the info they gave me:

    Selling Price: 33999.00
    Trade Allowance: 14100 - 12100 payoff = $2000
    Additional Cash: $750
    Final price: $31249
    W/ Fees + Tax/Tags: 32974.00

    Term: 36 months
    Rate: .0005500
    Residual %: 55% of MSRP (37450.00)
    Purchase amount: 20597.50

    Monthly payment is
    $380.76 for 12k/year
    $401 for 15k/year

    Is this a fair deal? Can I do any better? I also asked the dealer to throw in all season mats and rear cargo tray, awaiting their answer.
  • 8 hours more till appointment time, I getting so thrilled at the opportunity at negotiating with them XD
  • jeffrey, if your OTD price is about 33100, you prob can negotiate down a little more since they offer that already. I think at most you can push down 300~400. Try it, else you can try again at end of month. if you can get OTD price around 32.5~32.6, that a great deal at this moment. I speaking from experience of reading 60+ pages on piloteers forum and more from edmunds.
  • jeffrey28jeffrey28 Posts: 9
    Thank you for your advice. When you bought your vehicle, please share the dealer and salesman information.
  • rozenkristalrozenkristal Posts: 31
    edited June 2013
    So I got OTD 32,600 with these accessories included:
    door edge guard, fender trim, cargo tray, pin strip, moon roof visor, cargo cover, floor mat.
    The initially 32,600 OTD offer came from Hendrick Honda in Woodbridge, but I used that price on Joyce Koons Honda in Manassas. Negotiation time: actual talk time with him is about 15 mins, and the other 15 mins he used to talk to his manager. He said he wanna do 32,839, but I decided to leave and got the offer I want. Good luck hunting folks. Sorry but I not picking up the car now so I can't really share the sale price but only OTD.

    Edit: Sorry for confusion. In the silver I want had cargo cover, floor mat and visor but the seat somehow be exposed with the material inside, I mean bad fit and finish on the 2nd row seat. So we decided to get a gray, this one does not have the cover, floormat, and moonroof visor. Cant get it add in for free.
  • We backed off from the deal. Here the story why:
    The first saleman we met in the morning was nice. We left after not agree on the price, then he told me he agree with my price and the vehicle. Then I come back in the evening to seal the deal, but my saleman went home. The second sale man comes out and we ask to see the vehicle. The car came out, we checked and found the body damage that we didnt see in the morning. Pft, we ask to switch for another car. He brought out the second car, SAME SPECS, SAME EVERYTHING, without the damage of course. Then the second saleman told me, alright, the first guy agree with you guys the price of $32,600 but the one I just brought out can't give the accessories for free, so he bumped the price up $700, now it $33,300. I was like wat the fuk, same specs and every dam thing, and he bumped up the price? I figured he want some $$ cuz he doesn't wanna work for free. Cool, I walked away while he said he could get the car fix. I was like, no, it not my fault that the car got damage, I dont buy a new car and it has to go into the shop first before I can drive it off the lot. Screw him. So, if you want to deal with Joyce Koons Honda of Manassas, be cautious. For now I will stop looking for the Pilot.
  • However, the first sale man I deal with was a pleasant to do business with. If you guys want his name, please reply to my post and share the email. If you could be firm, he would ready to lower the price :)
  • What is the best price I can expect for an EX-L right now? I've got a quote at 32.5 OTD, but I'm wondering if I can get lower based on other posts. What would you say a EX-L with RES should add to that price? I'm seeing a $1600 increase but that seems like a lot for a DVD player IMO.
  • rozenkristalrozenkristal Posts: 31
    edited June 2013
    You can try around end of month, it would be easier to deal. DVD... I rather put that money into an ipad...

    Ipad is about 400? with this:
    link title">link title
  • Do you think that's a fair price for the EX-L? Or should I be pushing it lower? The pre-tax/ttl was $30.2K.

    I'm leaning towards skipping the DVD. We already have alternatives - IPad, touch, etc.
  • After dealing with about 10 different dealers recently, I figure that the sale price is kinda useless. They will add this and that in and somehow reach about the same price on average. So, the way I look at is checking reported priced on edmunds and piloteers, and I found that the majority paid 33,5K+ one or 2 accessories. I got load stuffs of accessories with OTD 32,6K. Mind I ask what accessories included in your OTD price? How about the price of 32.5K u telling me, is it an internet quote from the dealer, or that is ur negotiated price so far? To be honest, 32.5K is an awesome deal already if you get to keep floormat, cargo cover, fender trim, or door edge, stuffs like that. I agree on skipping the DVD. U should realize that we are turning into digital data and DVD prob get obsolete soon, so, an iPad is better.
  • jenniferhtjenniferht Posts: 4
    edited June 2013
    One of our local dealers already has multiple EX-Ls listed on autotrader for $30.2K ($32.4 OTD) so I was able to get a different dealer to beat the price. I send a bunch of local dealers emails to see what they'd offer to meet/beat - most said they'd match but a few said they'd try to beat it. I ended up getting it for $29,950 ($31.9 OTD). I didn't try to negotiate on accessories, but it has regular floormats, pinstripe, door edge, and I think it has the cargo cover (I didn't even bother to look b/c I don't need it).
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