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Chrysler Crossfire



  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    One of my car rags--maybe M/T this month had stats on yearly sales of the various sportscars. I was surprised to see that the Crossfire figure was in the 2,000's. Mazda RX-8 for comparison was over 8,000. I have seen some RX-8 but not one Crossfire on the road. No wonder they have started discounting them $5K. My dealer still has the red automatic I drove last June!! Maybe it will go on Premier Night, the 22nd of April. Maybe...just maybe. lol
  • I know what you mean by that I saw the same magazine although I have seen some Crossfires not as many as RX-8, or 350Z yet though. I thought that Chrysler wanted to sell 30K unit on the Crossfire? It doesn't look like it will happen yet unless that add more rebates or that cheaper model comes out in 2005. As for the discounts Crossfire was over price to start out with so no surprise there.
  • im thinking of getting a crossfire. i am pretty much set on it as i have just sold my car. i test drove it and loved it, but the real reason i am getting it is because i got an amazing deal from my dealer here in l.a. they are giving me 17k miles a year, 39 months, and with 3 down i will be paying 299 a month. does that sound like a good deal to you guys?
  • a lease obviously
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    have you seen the nation-wide Crossfire lease ads on TV?

    they feature $299 per month with a lower downpayment. Although I am not sure about how many miles they allow per year. 17K miles is a good amount.
  • have seen those, but it is 299 a month with 12k a year and its about 3k down.
  • If you think you are going to be driving about 17K a year why not buy the car?
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    'cause it sounds like a greatn lease deal ;)
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    AND....if it turns out to be a lemon, DC OWNS it and takes the loss!

  • friends is exactly why. i dont take any lose this way, get a 35k car for the price of a 20k car and loads of miles. if it werent for the miles they are giving me i probably would not be getting it because i drive about 17k a year.
  • Sounds like a good lease deal. I got mine with $2,200 drive off and $299/month for 39 months (12K miles/year.) And mine was a demo with 5,800 miles. The $2,200 included registration, first month's payment and tax on the capital reduction. These are normally out of pocket costs, so the actual down payment was about $1,500.

    With 17K miles/year, you get 55K in total. Certainly the best part of the car at a bargain price (about $14,000)!
  • At 17K miles a year on a leasing deal for a Crossfire is a good deal. Since I drive about 18K a year I could go for that. But I am thinking of buying my next car rather than lease again.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    are a joke

    Here in Florida "around the corner" means 10 miles away. All these miles add up.
  • Here in California (the freeway capital of the country), people rack up the miles, too. However, I personally drive only 8,000 miles per year because I live close to work. My wife drives about 18,000/year.

    I actually tried to get the dealer to give me a better deal on a reduced mileage (10,000 miles), but the lease was an advertised special and they wouldn't budge. With my wife driving the Crossfire 3 days a week to work, we can get the mileage up to 12,000/year...
  • this car exciting at all to drive in the "twisties", for example, what kind of cars do you guys forsee it being able to keep up with on "drivers" roads. top gear really murdered this car with their review. i need it to be sporty or else im going to have to look elsewhere, despite the great deal.
  • The only cars I can think of that can keep up around the Crossfire for around the same price is the 350Z and RX-8.
  • well just got my black 6 speed xfire today, and i have to say i love it. it seems to be built really solidly, handles really well and seems faster than 215 horses would suggest. must say im very happy with my decision.
  • Hey Mike what kind of deal did you get with your black Crossfire buy or lease? Glad you like it so far.
  • ended up getting 15k a year for 300 a month with 2k down. i wasnt able to get the 17.5 because my sister, who also got an xfire yesterday, was way upside down on her car but needed to trade it in because of her payments. we got them to take 27.5 for it when edmunds tmv is 23k so i took a small hit in miles to help my sister out. but overall i still think it was a pretty good deal. got it at rusnak in pasadena, good people.
  • grey1988grey1988 Posts: 8
    Does the 300 include tax?
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