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Chrysler Crossfire



  • I have an 05 Crossfire Limited Coupe, and lately when I turn on the ac for a bit and then turn it off, I get a foul smell comming from the vents... Any suggestions what it could be? I have replaced the AC filter hoping that may be the problem, but its still there.

  • The only thing I have done was added an antenna isolator and FM modjulator to my factory stereo. This was done so I could listen to my IPOD. The sound is not CD quality, but its really good. The kit usually costs around $50.00 or so from Circuit City, BestBuy or most car stereo places. I had mine installed since I didnt want to mess with doing it myself. All I have is a single wire coming out of the center console on the passangers side that is out about a foot so I can hook up my IPOD and lay it in the emergency brake slot (EKK, i know) but it fits well there and dosent move around. Another suggestion is to just put it in the map pouch on the passanger side of the console.

    Just my 2 cents worth

  • You have mold growing in your vents. All you have to do is get some bathtub cleaning solution and flush your vents. Works like a charm. Let me know how it works.
  • Does not work with the Roadster.
  • Whats the word on gas type to use?
    Premium or Regular?
    Anyone consistantly use regular?

    Picking up my 05 in 2 weeks :)
  • Can you tell us the "special" product for the rag top?
  • I put in HID kits in the SRT-6 for high and low beams. Got the 8000K color - awesome!!

    Got two kits from Ivor Fong in Hong Kong for $470 including shipping. You can view his auctions at: it_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ36476QQitemZ8025907874QQrdZ1. Shipping was three days. His kits have combined starter/ballast units and have mounting brackets for the ballasts. You can negotiate with him using the “ask seller a question” feature on the e-bay item.

    Installation was not too bad. Used the metric nuts that came with the kits to mount the brackets. Used RTV under the brackets. Passenger side ballasts were mounted under the coolant reservoir using spare studs. Driver side ballasts were mounted under the MAP sensor bracket. More installation details are available - send me an e-mail message request.

    Only problem was that the right side high beam went out after about a week due to a blown fuse. The low beams use 15A fuses whereas the high beams have only a 7.5A fuses even though they both use the H7 bulb. The right side high beam fuse also supplies the high beam indicator light. I replaced the high beam 7.5A fuses with 15A fuses, same rating as the low beams, and have had no further problems.
  • I had it too -- smelled like vinegar. Never did figure it out and now Chrysler is buying this lemon back!
  • I am seriously considering buying a new black base a quote just below $25K. Should I push further? Do you current owners love the car? Any known problems I should know about?
  • Are we all missing something here? The Crossfire has been discontinued?
  • Where did you read that?
  • At a website entitled someone posted a message ( that discussed it.

    I also know that you cannot build and order your own SRT-6 on the Chrysler website. Maybe it is only the SRT-6? On the other hand I have seen a press release by Chrysler posted on another website that talks about the Crossfire and small modifications to the windshield trim for the 2006 model.

    I just signed papers to purchase a Sapphire silver metallic blue SRT Roadster that the dealer is currently searching for and I am concerned about buying one if the car has been discontinued. I used the coupon and got $8,926 off the sticker price, which is $3,426 better than the dealer was offering. I got the car for $42,454 after rebates and the coupon.

    I also heard that with all the old Crossfires on the lot that Chrysler won't come out with the 06's until January.

    Today when I was at the dealer to make my purchase I saw a 2004 on the lot, brand new, never titled. The sales person said it has been there for over 2 years. That is unheard of...

    I just hope Chrysler keeps offering the car and that they advertise it more. Based on a lot of research I believe it is a great car with tremendous value.
  • The Crossfire line has not been discontinued as yet, the contract with Karmann runs until 2008, I believe. The 2006 models will be out very soon, no change from 2005 other than the addition of 2 new colors and a special edition "BASE" Roadster. You can build your SRT at your local dealer. There is a large supply of 2004-2005 Coupes and Roadsters & SRT's available at very good discounts. DChrysler really dropped the ball on marketing this car. It is a GREAT car for the value and hopefully it will retain some of that value. But I am in for the long haul, just fell in love with the car and plan on keeping it a very long time.
  • This is all very true. I bought my X-fire for 23K with only 3k miles. It has been a wonderful car that I have never regreted buying. :shades:
  • Was yours a roadster?
  • dobrodobro Posts: 9
    I am CRAZY about my limited roadster. At 28k, there's nothing close. With its Mercedes/Karmann build quality, it'll outlive the note. I also love the fact that people will run past Porches and Beemers to admire my car;some have assumed it was a wild exotic. Built like a tank, responsive as can be, a blast for errands or road trips. Zero problems. I kind of like the fact that it seems like there will never be zillions built.
  • dobrodobro Posts: 9
    #764 of 776 Re: Cargo tray for roadster???

    Does not work with the Roadster.

    Thanks for the info. I sure wish the Chrysler tray would work; my briefcase bounces around like a BB in a boxcar!
  • Any word on what the new incentives may be?
  • I have a base cross fire and i'm looking for the metal insert for the scuff plates which are sold with the limited models. Does anyone know where I can purchase these inserts?
  • I have a question about the top on my '05 Crossfire roadster. When I press the button for the top to go down there's a loud noise that almost sounds like glass breaking. In fact, the first time I put the top down I thought I had broken something. Then, when I put the top up and pull the handle to lock it in place it's a real tug of war. I really have to pull it and then it slams down with a loud bang. My wife who is just 100 pounds, but lifts weights wasn't able to pull it down the first time she tried. I've had the dealer check this out. The service adviser said he felt the tension was too high. The mechanic
    who checked it out agreed that the top made a loud noise when the mechanism to lower it was engaged, and that it was difficult to pull
    the handle down to lock it in place when raising the top, but checked it with another Crossfire and said that the other one did the same things and so the top was operating normally. Have others with roadsters had similar experiences with their tops?
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