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Chrysler Crossfire



  • All you have to do is use your other remote or take the remote off of your key ring and hit lock button on the remote.
  • I have never heard the noise you are describing when I put the top down. I have never had an automatic convertible top so I can't compare it to other cars but I hear the click when it engages or disengages the back window. The other sounds I hear are just gear type sounds.

    The first time I put up the top I banged it too so this is what I started doing - I put my left hand on the hinged section (kinda of to the upper left of where I am sitting) and my right hand on the front. I gently push up with my left hand and gently pull down with my right hand. I do it slowly so as not to get my right hand caught when that "flap" comes down. I find this works very easily for me - bear in mind that I am female and my hands might be smaller than yours but it should definitely work for your wife. Hope you can get the visual of this and that it makes sense to you. Don't you just love your car?
  • mebored,

    All Crossfire Roadster top latches are heavier and harder to close than most. Try this.......when closing the top latch pull it down so that it is about a half inch or so above the top of the windshield. Once positioned turn the latch a quarter turn and pull firmly and slowly down. In no time you will get use to it, just enjoy your top down day's.
  • There are none to be found for our cars. You would have something custom fabricated. There are not alot of aftermarket parts for the Xfire.
  • I prefer to do my own maintance on my cars, because I like tinkering with them. Does anyone know how I can reset the maintance wrenches on the dash when you turn the key to the on position.
  • There are instructions in the Owners Manual that tells you how to reset the FSS. If you do not have an Owners Manual, e-mail me and I will send you the instructions.
  • You can get them directly through any DChrysler dealer. Also there are a few on Ebay from time to time. You can also get illuminated door sill's from DChrysler at a cost of about $385.00 + labor for installation or DIY. The stock door sill's should not be that expensive, I think they are less than $50.00 for the pair from the dealer and usually about $25.00-30.00 used for the pair on Ebay.
  • Yes! I have a 2004 Crossfire LTD Coupe. It jumped so hard out of first gear I thought some one rear-ended me. They replaced the Synchronizers for first gear but this did not fix the problem. They finally replaced the Trans and put an upgraded one in. So Far all is good! Fingers crossed.
  • I am storing my Crossfire for the winter and am concerned regarding tire pressure. Should I leave the pressure at 32psi front and 33psi rear, or increase it to the max written on the sidewall of 50psi (Contintental All Season tires)? Hoping the higher pressure would reduce flat spots on tires. FYI I live in Ontario, Canada. If temp. has anything to do with storage.

    Also, does anyone have any recommendations for replacement tires other than the Michelin Pilot Sport that I have seen written here, or the Continental that came with the car. There appears to be some concern regarding tire wear and I am unsure whether this applies to the Michelin or the Continental.

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • I am considering a pre-owned roadster limited, 11000 miles.
    What is the Maintenance Schedule like for this car? It is a 6 speed.
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    Hi, crossfireman,

    You can find the maintenance schedule at

    Maintenance Schedule



  • I do not think that the one posted is very accurate...especially the projected costs...'
    What source data does Edmunds use for this?

  • I would remove the tires if possible and rest the car on jack stands. I would think that more or less air pressure will not make that much of a difference in the tires becoming "blocked".
  • Service is rated at 7000 mile intervals or when the FSS alerts you that service is approaching.
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    The maintenance schedules are from the manufacturers. The labor costs, though, do seem low... or at least lower than what I've paid :sick:



  • squat6squat6 Posts: 5
    I have a base model...anyone have any ideas on how to boost the hp output?
  • You can add a ECU performance chip, K&N Filters and change the exhaust and gain about 10-12 more ponies. Anything more will cost BIG BUCKS, and it would be cheaper to trade in your base model for an SRT6. With Renntech, Startech or Brabus you are looking at about $10,000.00-$22,000.00 to get in the 290HP 6cyl. range and at the high point 304HP 8cyl.
  • Chrysler announced yesterday that they have issued a Recall E-19 Radiator Cooling Fan Module for some Crossfires. This is for cars built between March 1 2004 and Sept. 14, 2005. Not all cars are effected in this run and they will be mailing out letters within one week. This is just a heads up for the members here. Call your Dealer and give them your VIN# and they can check it out for you.

    Check here to see if your XFIRE is included in this recall: untry=us&emailUrl=goToEmailForm%28%27R%27%29
  • fire4fire4 Posts: 2
    Same problem, have a 2004. Please let me know if there is a chip. The IHI supercharger is $3000 +++
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