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Chrysler Crossfire



  • fire4fire4 Posts: 2
    need more power-chip-supercharger IhI $3000 plus kit . Anyone know who make3s kit?
  • ECU Chips:
    Upsolute Tuning about $498.00
    PowerChip about $375.00
    Kleeman about $1600.00
    Renntech about $1295.00

    I am currently using the PowerChip Gold 93 Chip with great results.
  • I have a srt6 ragtop and it makes the same noise you describe. To keep the top from banging on the windshield , when you close it, use your left hand to assist pulling the top down slowly to the windshield
  • Just got my 2005 Crossfire Limited Roadster, first sports car since my 64' TR-4, since those tops leaked like sieves protecting the top from the sun and rain is important to me; also have heard the black bearing surface tape (under the top) on the rear panel needs protection...any suggestions on what to use?
    Since I was just at the dealers here is the latest info I heard...taking orders for 2006, $15,000 discounts on all 2005's in stock, 2006 will not have 7/70..only 3/36. Got mine for $15K off and extended warranty beyond 7/70.
  • I just priced a 2005 Limited Roadster and was given $5000. off. Can you tell me what city and state you got the $15K deal.
  • Not sure 1st response went thru...purchased at Maroone in Coconut Creek, FL. They have only coupes, SRT left, but with 15K disc.
  • Just came back from a blast of a test drive of an SRT-6 Roadster. Fast as a car needs to be and corners well enough, at least on the curvey back roads we drove.

    The Salesman said that according to his information (he's a fleet mgr.) there won't be any 2006's sold in the USA.

    Having said that my reality check was that the Crossfire doesn't come with a spare. Made sense I guess -- there's a fix kit int e trunk that will get you to a dealership where you can buy a replacement tire.

    I guess that's a good idea - would anyone want to drive a high performance car like it should be driven on a repaired tire?

    That snapped me out of my delusion -- I'm used driving an SUV and getting a minimum of 40,000 miles on a set of tires. I guess I need a different kind of car to bridge fill the gap between an SUV & a sports conventable.


    It woke me up from my delusion that I
  • Most Salesman and Managers (Fleet or otherwise) know very little about these cars. There will /are 2006 SRT6's, as well as Limited and Base models. There is no change for the SRT's and the only change for the Limited is the addition of 2 new colors and no change for the Base models.
  • Hey there, aren't these cars (Chrysler Crossfire) only available with candy-[non-permissible content removed] automatic transmissions? Where do we get off calling them "sports" cars? When did we as Americans get so lame that Nissan 350Z's, Corvettes, and Lexus SC430's even come with automatics? Give me a clutch and at least five speeds, and THAT makes a sports car!
  • All apologies on my part to think that any of the real enthusiasts on this board would own an anachronism like an automatic sports car. I was just told by my friend the Mopar enthusiast that the Crossfire is now available with a six-speed.

    Apologies to any of you who have the six-speed.
  • I have been reading the reviews on here for about a month i finally read every article and review from everyone and want to say thank you one week ago i purchased a 2005 crossfire limited aero blue with vanilla leather it was delivered yesterday , what an amazing car i have a 2001 tahoe and my wife has an suv this is a third car for us and i was blown away , stunning the colors handles well and excellant allover plenty of power i will be turning 33 in a few months so this is a great way to celbrate thanks again for all the reviews and helpful information
    the convertible top is smooth and the price awesome i live in pensacola florida but purchased it in colorado the price here on the beaches was over 35 to 40 thousand for what i wanted i boought the car for under 25 thousand delivered thanks again
  • Yes, but did you get a real man't sports car (standard tranny) or an automatic for your wife? These fine cars should not even be sold with an automatic!
  • novanova Posts: 135
    Can you let us know what dealer sold you the convertible for $25,000 delivered I might be interested in that deal. I live in fort lauderdale FL. We are talking about a new 2005 not a used one ?
  • i purchased the the convertible in englewood colorado at longmont chrysler it has 3200 miles on it they were very friendly and helpful
  • novanova Posts: 135
    On chrysler site you need the zip code. I did a search for and it did not come up. If I could get the zip code I can find it on the Chrysler site.
  • dobrodobro Posts: 9
    In a parody of the Britney Spears baby endangerment pix, Comedy Central "Photo Shopped " two pictures of John Stewart in a Crossfire , top down, holding a baby up in a "Statue of liberty" pose, then a shot of him JUGGLING three infants from behind the wheel of a yummy black Roadster Limited. The CC website doesn't have these pix yet;I need 'em for my wallpaper!
  • Hello all, new to forum.Just took delivery of a black srt6 roadster.Wondering if anyone knows where I can find production run figures on srt6's.
  • Longmont Chrysler is out of Crossfires. Called this morning.
    Still thinking about one of these. Damn it was fun to drive.
  • look at the last 6 digits of your VIN, this your build number. This will give you a good starting point. For example my build number is 032195, my Roadster Limited wes number 32,195 to roll off the assembly line.
  • Thanks,I found an article that stated Chrysler has not released the production numbers of srt's but industry people estimate the figure on srt6 to be "below 1000 units".The dealer thought the number of srt6 was close to 5000 and was astounded at the estimate.He estimates the number of roadsters to be no more than 1/3 of the total.
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