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Chrysler Crossfire



  • The fastest I ever hit was 135. But since I first hit that, I've done it a few times between Orlando and Tampa and between Jacksonville and Daytona on I-95. Gotta love those long straights.
  • Have you try to push it at 150mph for a short distance. Let me know how the ride it. The fastest I try is around 130mph and it is smooth with the top down but, little windy...
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    jbjtkbw00....I thought you had to get rid of it due to baby?
  • I did, but I had it for 2 years and by chatting about it, makes me feel like I still have it. I REALLY miss it big time. :cry:
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    I had a new Vette in '78 & by '88 had to get rid of it (kids & wife didn't fit in it), but...last one graduated from college ($$$) this year.....& I retired from fed gov, now double dipping & driving new Crossfire.....hey.....consider something like a MazdaSpeed has a backseat.
  • ronaldcronaldc Posts: 50
    I also retired from the fed gov 4 years ago. Thinking of purchasing a new Crossfire for myself. My wife thinks I am crazy since I going to 63 next April. I worked in car sales for a Jeep / Chrysler dealer two years ago and drove both the SRT Coupe and Limited Convertible. Just love the car. We were selling them for around $40,000. What a sweet car. I guess you don't have to drive Buicks and Lincolns when you reach a certain age.
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    Bought my Limited 6spd Coupe 12/5/07.....have put 2,000 miles on it so far.....plan is to put 40,000 miles / year for 25 years.....=1,000,000 = age 80.......or is that 25,000 miles / years for 40 years = 1,000,000 = age 95 ???? Anyway, I got the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty. My old lady said most pickup trucks only hold 2 people what the hell!
  • What part of Houston? I live in The Woodlands and see Crossfires in that area, but haven't found a club yet. I wish I could find a local XFire club.
  • ynowakynowak Posts: 2
    hi. my husband and i bought an 05 Crossfire convertible limited. it needs new tires. has anyone out there gone to Tire Kingdom or Allied Discount tires and had all four tires replaced on their Crossfire? how much did it costs with balance and tax and Front End Alignment. Any problems with the tires or sensors after the tires were put on? what brand tire? Does the Chrysler dealership have to put the tires on because of the tire pressure sensors?? if new tires are put on and the sensors get damaged...that's an $800 repair?? any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • Do the 6 speakers include the 2 tweeters in the doors, or is it the 2 tweeters plus 6 more speakers? Also, does the standard automatic v6 coupe have the subwoofers and amp I keep seeing mentioned on different sites? Finally,where are the other speakers in the car besides the ones that are in the front doors because I cant find any pics showing them,and if I wanted to replace only 1 or 2 speakers with aftermarket brands could I do so,or would I have to replace ALL of the factory speakers?? Thanks for any help,sorry for all the questions!
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    I bought an '07 Limited recently.....there are speakers behind the seats.....I think it somewhat inhibits the sound a most people will have the seats back as far as possible. But if I crank up Led Zeplin & let the 6 speed rip.....nothing else in the world matters!
  • new to the crosfire club i have an 05 srt6 love it bought new 11 miles on it $24,000.00 at 2,000 miles it went to the dragstrip first run ran a 13.47 at 102mph secound run with two new k&n airfilters ran a flat 13 . love it its my daily driver and my race car. dose any one drive theres in the winter? defoging is a problem when its like below 20 any one have this problem.?">
  • Wow, Where and When did you buy this 05' SRT 6. You do have a very good deal. Please let me know?
  • Hell yes you got a great deal!!!! I would give up the family vehicle to get back into an SRT6 in that condition.
  • i bought it in i like 3/18/07 ya i got a great deal thanks to my uncle/boss he bought 2 new cars one is a limeted superbee number 298 and a srt8 charger for his wife.
  • i did have to give up my 70 dodge charger to get it.
  • i bought it in maple grove mn
  • Welcome to the elite status of being a SRT-6 owner.
    My SRT-6 is my daily driver/racer. I have the all-season Contis and have had absolutely no problem in the snow. Just switch to the "W" mode and you should be fine. In fact, this car has amazed me by how well it gets around in the snow because several other owners claim the car is horrible in the winter. I don't know if they have different tires or don't know how to drive, but I am impressed. I have had no issues with the windows fogging up as long as I keep the defrost on the lowest speed and adjusted to half-way on the temperature dial. I also shut all the vents on the panel as the heat in this car works too well.
    Can't wait to get it on the track this spring!
  • Hi All
    I have been reading this site for over a year. I have a 05 SRT-6 with 4000.0 on it.
    Its a second car or toy if you wish. I have all the Chrysler Acc. I could get. The lighted door sills. The rear Security Cover. and the 06 SRT side badges. I was told by Chry. in Jan. 07 they never made cars past 05. But I have found out now thats was far from true. For those wanting Security Cover it rolls like a window blind. The
    holes for holding it are THERE in each coupe. Just feel them out with your hand and
    cut hole out. The kit comes with cut-out pattern. I have replace blower motor also. The engine has a slight ticking sound like some of your car do. It does NOT move in
    the snow with the summer tires I learned the hard way. ;)
  • ilya85ilya85 Posts: 1
    I fell in love with the look of the crossfire ever since I first saw it back in '04 and now that it came time to switch cars I'm very interested in picking one up for myself. My question to you guys is, weather you guys would recomend doing so or not. Does Chrysler Crossfire break a lot or has bad history with certain things I should look out for when shopping. I'm also having trouble choosing between the 04', 05' 06', and 07' years. Wear there major changes to the model for any of the years? I haven't really decided weather I should get the coup or roadster, but I do want the automatic. Please let me know your thoughts, thank you.
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