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Chrysler Crossfire



  • riley34riley34 Posts: 12
    The pop-up cup holder will not stay down when closed. Before I bring my Crossfire to Chrysler is there any easy fix?
  • Keystone does not have a Crossfire Certified mechanic. They said they work on Crossfires, but Chrysler has no such training to certify the Crossfire mechanics. They couldn't even tell me if they used the fleece or paper oil filters - just said "whatever Mopar sends us". I bough myself an oil extractor and discovered that NAPA carries the paper fleece we need (made by a German Company for NAPA) and changed the oil myself in 15 minutes. I dread having to deal with those people if something mechanical breaks down in my SRT6.
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    God I love driving this car!!!! I run the snot out of this 6 speed & still I'm getting 26 mpg...
  • I'm seriously looking to buy a Crossfire soon--next week. Before I buy it I just want to know how reliablt this car is. Does it break down alot?...have any problamatic mechanical issues?
    Is it extremely expensive to buy parts for this car since it's discontinued?
    Where could I buy a warranty for a used 2004 with ~60,000 miles on it?
    Lastly, could i put a spare tire in the trunk if I don't really use my trunk?

    And comments would help. Right now I'm trying to decide between this and the 350Z...I like the Crossfire more
  • 1. No.
    2. Parts are available - but they are mostly going to be Mercedes parts which
    are not as cheap as Ford parts.
    4. Yes.
  • Run don't walk and buy a Crossfire. I have had zero issues with my '05 convertible other than the smile that's plastered on my face everytime I drive it. You will not be sorry. I bought an extended warranty, but so far, it's never been used. This car is a head turner and a dream to own, drive, and simply have in the driveway. Good luck!
  • henry125henry125 Posts: 18
    Wonderful car chose. However, if you are taller than 5'9" you may not want this car, it is little tight. Spend a little more and get the SRT version, The "Z and the M4" will eat your dust. I love to drive my SRT everyday, But, I do not want to have too many miles on it. So, it is gargage most of the time.
    So, as for the car that you are interested. Be very carefull with a car that has 60K miles used. May have hidden unknow mechanical problems that will cost you a bit of money to repair. Look for one that has less than 20K miles would be a good buy. If you are interested, I may want to consider to sell my SRT for $23,850 with less than 7500 mile as of today.

  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    Lee's Summit (Mo.) Chrysler has an '07 Limited with 5K miles on it, automatic-navigation, advertised for $19,995.....the original sticker had to have been about $38K. You wouldn't get the Lifetime Powertrain warranty.....but it does include the 8/80. These are screaming bargains!!!
  • ozark2ozark2 Posts: 16
    Bought one several weeks ago. More I drive it, more I like it... but at times I think I must have been crazy. Reason is, apparently not too many people want them for some reason (since they apparently sit on the lots forever and prices are cut as much as $15,000). On top of that the resale is so low.

    To me at least it seems like a quality, fast, good looking car. Is the problem that is says "Chrysler" on it?
  • Bought an 05 convertible with 3k on it a few weeks ago. As everybody says the more you drive it the more you like it. Get a lot of looks from other drivers as they don't seem to know what it is. Nav systems seems to work good. So far no complaints. :)
  • Chrysler has been notoriously lousy for resale value. I bought an SRT6 for half the sticker price with 300 miles on it and figure that will be the only $47000 car I will ever own. Even though the ameneties are sparse and the $1300 radio upgrade is a joke, I would buy another without hesitation at the price I paid. Remember - there are no updates available for the navigation system since 2005, nor will there ever be for this system.
  • God I love driving this car!
  • Bought an 04 crossfire with 40k miles put another 5k on it!
    Stopped at store when I came back out and put key in the key would not turn but part way. Called a tow truck had it towed to a Chrysler dealer they checked it out and said the keys and transmitter were bad and the parts would cost $500. to $600.for parts
    But they couldn't fix it because Chrysler would not sell to them because they were going out of business. Towed it to another dealer that is supposed to have a certified crossfire tech now waiting to hear from them.
    Looks like the trouble is just starting with this car.
    Has any one else had trouble with the ignition
  • Sounds like someone may have temper with the ignition, and ECU devices. You may want to check the battery also. Remember you brought the car used 40k miles. Did you buy the car from a reliable dealer or for sale by owner. What is the maintenance record of this car. I don't belive anyone has run into this problem yet.
  • This may help:

    This is also a good site for any tech questions you may have.
    Did you check the battery in the key?
  • When I had the other dealer check the crossfire they said it was the lock cylinder.
    and it would cost $658 to replace they have to send to the factory in Germany and it has to be lazer cut for that car.
    checked with another dealer and he said he had replaced 3 in the past week so I guess it will be coming for a lot of you guys after you get a few miles on them
  • I also have a 2004 crossfire,but have just 16, k on it. I had that problem a few times like the key is sticking, but have had no problems for 2years, do you have another set of keys? Still love this car,but I am very disappointed with chrysler,although the dealership here in michigan has giving me excellent service.I bought the car 30 month ago,at a used car lot in Ohio ,only place that i found ,because i wanted it in black,with the cinnamon red leather interior, At the time I only had one key,but theypaid the 175,do buy a new key,when I went to the chrysler dealer to pick up the key,I asked them if it was programmed and ready to go, I went outside with the parts manager to try it,pressed the button to open,and nothing happened, he said they would have to program it but would cost another $75.00,I just went to the service manager,and he said no charge.By the way,if you go on line to look for x-fires 2004 limited coupes are hard to find. Here in michigan a lot of convertibles but not as many coupes I have yet to see one with the red cinnamon interior,so I am holding on to mine,makes me smile every time I drive it,but time will tell,who is going to service these cars when chrysler goes out of business? That my crossfire friends,is now my biggest concern :)
  • I finally bought my Crossfire yesterday and I love it! It's so much fun to drive. For anyone who is considering it, go ahead and get it because you will really appreciate it. I'm sitting on my couch inside my living room right now and I can't stop looking through the window at my car in the parking lot. lol.

    I bought the extended bumper to bumper 7 yr/100,000 mile warranty, so hopefully if anything needs to be done, that warranty will cover it.

    I do have one problem that I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced. It sounds like there is a marble or something rolling around in my passenger door when I pull off from a complete stop. Has anyone else experienced that? Any thoughts are great appreciated.
  • I bought my 07 new on 12/5/07.....after 14,000 defects complaints. But then, I've already lost my marbles!
  • Came across these manuals at:

    Hope they are useful if your Crossfire is :sick: .
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