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Nissan Quest 2004+



  • gessgess Posts: 90
    sure is Mickey Mouse. It looks like Nissan just copied what Toyota did. Honda will squash them both next year. I really think that Nissan actually believes it has the best van out there now, hence the high pricing. They are sorely mistaken. I predict that Quests will be heavily discounted by the fall.

    Anybody find Canadian pricing yet?
  • st_pust_pu Posts: 74
    Good luck guys!
    As I told before, I'm out of waiting.
    Just bought default cloth Odyssey EX for 25,477 with destination (dual power doors, power driver seat, security, climate control, immobilaiser, alloy wheels).
    I didn't like Sienna 2004 during test drive(my personal opinion), and decided to go with well known Odyssey, which had years of testing by customers.
    I am sure Quest will be great minivan, but didn't want to spend much more for new, unknown model.
  • mbeskindmbeskind Posts: 22
    If you use the link to the new Quest pricing, hit the Download icon. There you'll see a slightly more sensible $1500 for the single screen DVD (all models) and $1900 for the dual screen (SE only).
    I have to believe the $700 for single DVD and $5500 for dual on the HTML page is a mistake.
    Same for Navi - correct pricing seems to be $2000 on SE and $2300 on FL (includes 6 cd changer) versus $2700 and $6400 on the HTML page.
    Leather - $1500 on download page, $3550 on HTML.


    Man I hope these folks build a better van than they do a web site!
  • dbcafyqx4dbcafyqx4 Posts: 8
    Did I hear right? The 3 row in the new Quest is a bench seat - not a split fold down. If this is the case, I can even look at the Quest!

  • Yes, the 3rd row bench does not fold 60/40 unfortunately, however, the 2nd row folds down as the Sienna does not.

    Also, the quest has the incredible moon roofs which is why I put it in the running.

    And sonar back up feature.
  • acedriveracedriver Posts: 131
    Note that the 2nd row seats do NOT fold down "completely" flat like the 3rd row. They remain at least 6" above the floor level. And those incredible moonroofs are available ONLY with the SE trim, making you cough up $32K+ for them !! Now, if you are averse to leather (too cold in winter, too hot in summer), tough luck. SE comes standard with leather. Also, please check into the availability of shades on those moonroofs when you do not want the overhead sun shining directly into your children's eyes ...
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    The pricing you guys saw was totally incorrect. The se with everything will list for 37525. An sl with leather, sonar, Single DVD will be 31380. I think that is cheaper than Toyota a little more than honda.
  • ajacat1ajacat1 Posts: 87
    We *were* almost completely sold on the new Quest SE (we like the 5 speed, from what we've read, although we'll test both) until we read the EPA estimates.

    Is there any way anyone knows to up the mpg even a bit on these things? The 4-speed gets 1 mpg better and is less expensive, but if the 5-speed proves as much better to drive as it seems, then the 1 mpg isn't worth the difference...but isn't there something *someone* can do about this??! Or that we can do, aftermarket?

    *sigh* another perfect car blown--I'm a college-educated (actually two advanced degrees) mom between 35 and 45, and I good driving and I WANT GOOD MPG TOO! I know it's possible. They just don't think it's a priority.

    thanks in advance
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,006
    My personal experience is that I get pretty close to the EPA estimates in my vehicles, especially in the winter months. At best, I can squeeze another mile or so out of my Quest if I go easy on the gas (averaging almost 21 around town in the summer when not using the A/C for example).

    Steve, Host

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  • ajacat1ajacat1 Posts: 87
    Thanks Steve--Yep, that's what happens to me, too, re the mpg on our '98 Camry v-6 (we need a bigger car). Dead on the numbers--without A/C I can get a bit more, just like you.

    You know, though, when we had a big ol' '90 Buick LeSabre (before the fish emulsion opened in the trunk and we donated the car), we could get, and I'm not kidding, 40mpg on the highway on a regular basis as long as we stayed bet. 70-80. Any slower and it went down drastically.

    But right now we're doing mostly city (I think I read in an earlier post you said that most of your driving is done betwen 0-30? LOL same here) except for the occasional trip out of town and I am so seriously looking for a relatively fun-to-drive (read 6 cyl, good torque) car with definitely over 20 mpg *in town*, lots of rear leg room (rules out the Forester Turbo for us), some cargo space, and good suspension, and relatively good noise blockage (the roads here are strangely loud). We could wait for the Legacy Turbo...but for us the Subaru seats have never been that great, although I've read here that there will be a general redesign for the 2005 model year, although that's longer than we wanted to wait...Any other thoughts/suggestions?
  • ajacat1ajacat1 Posts: 87
    I just read today about the Infiniti FX's, the base model of which gets 280 hp for 19/26! Why can't they do this with the Quest? (I haven't checked the weights yet).

    This is the point at which I get really ticked off at the Vast MPG Conspiracy (just kidding a bit)...I just *know* they could do it better if they wanted to.

    oh well.
  • acedriveracedriver Posts: 131
    Yupp! The website was incorrect. The downloaded document had the correct numbers. But, these guys should be more careful in posting info. One look by a prospective customer, sees the price and it is a big turnoff !! Anyways:

    To anyone who is reading my previous posts about prices, please note that those numbers were NOT correct.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,006
    My Quest seats are the best I've ever enjoyed (lived in them almost every day for 10 months on our road trip). I must fit the seat design profile exactly. My Outback seats start hurting after an hour or so and fiddling with the lumbar and seat height adjustment doesn't help much.

    The Quest is mostly a commuter car these days and it creeps out of the neighborhood while cold, then hits ~55 for about 6 miles and then creeps through mild traffic another couple of miles - a twenty minute commute. But it does get on the highway probably twice a week for meetings in the neighboring towns.

    I haven't been good about checking the mileage lately; maybe I'll get ambitious when it hits 90,000 miles in a month or two and update my spreadsheet.

    Fish emulsion huh? Whew. I spilled some grits in my Tercel back seat one time and they got damp and fermented nicely, but it cleaned up good once I finally located the problem.

    Do you need as much room as a van or wagon (MPV comes to mind for a "small" van)? I don't keep up with sedans enough to toss anything out there although I almost pulled the trigger on an Altima lease return that we knew the history on. I think it would have been peppier and more comfy, but we wanted AWD for the nearby ski hill road.

    Steve, Host

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  • ajacat1ajacat1 Posts: 87
    Re the Subaru seats--unless they change something drastically, I think we'll continue to have the same experience of them so waiting seems kind of pointless..

    I was looking at an MPV (my husband still talks fondly about his late Mazda rotary engine wagon :))--price is good but I don't know about the zoom-zoom-iness :) of it, and the mpg isn't all that fabulous. Saw on another board someone was going to do some aftermarket work on one--I'd love to followup with that person and ask what he actually did...We'll probably drive one anyway before we decide.

    We do need a small van or wagon, because it's our only car now (my husband commutes by bicycle to work) and it has to be able to do everything, including hold our stuff for car trips (not as long as yours--that must have been wonderful! And what a testimonial to Quest seats!), hold my gardening stuff, etc. And we don't like Hondas--it's just a gut thing. We will never buy an Odyssey. And we don't like SUVs (although the hybrid Lexus is a tempting possibility--like if we win the lottery LOL--and we have to wait too) here we are. Your description of the Quest seats almost outweighs the mpg, though--my husband broke his pelvis when he was hit by a van on a bicycle a year ago and he's never been comfortable driving long distances since. This might be just what he needs.

    btw that fish emulsion was something I'll never forget (I imagine they were going to part that car out--no one would really be able to buy it--we did everything we could and it just was soaked in there). Fermented grits could probably come close, though LOL
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,006
    My wife and I shared one car for about ten of the last 23 years. I commute on foot, so unless I fall down the stairs (a distinct possibility!), I don't have to worry about a broken pelvis trying to commute with the latte drinking, lipstick applying, shaving, cell phone yakking while driving crowd.

    We shared a sedan for some of those years, but it's hard to beat the versatility of a minivan for an all-round ride.

    But I'd be willing to look hard at a cross-over for pep and mpg; say a Murano (just to keep Nissan in focus here <g>). But you're just barely looking at 20/city with most of those.

    About those Quest seats - is your hubby around 5'10 or 11, 170-180 lbs? That seems to be the ideal for my Quest seats :-)

    In defense of the Soob, I don't think my last road trip would have been as comfortable in the Quest - Anchorage to Boise in April, with snow about 50% of the way.

    Steve, Host

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  • craigstlcraigstl Posts: 4
    It looks like updated the pricing on the website to match the download price sheet.

    I'm a little dissappointed in the pricing right now. Does anyone know if there will be incentives like other manufactures are offering, or will the 2004 Quest be selling at sticker?

    Our target price is around $25k, which the 3.5 S meets, but I've never been one to setting for the base package.

  • ajacat1ajacat1 Posts: 87
    Good on ya for foot-commuting! You can never be too careful, though, crossing streets near that latte-driving, cell-phone talking crowd.

    DH is 6'3", 6'4" (depending whether he's slouching or not :)), around 185. He needs long seat beds, or whatever they're called, or his legs are just hanging off and are uncomfortable. Our daughter will be tall too and anything under 35" rear leg room is already a problem. Hmmm...We'll have to try out the Quest seats...The crossovers just seem so "focus-group", iykwim...I was initially excited about the Murano but what I can make of the visibility--not good with those pillars back there (and the ads??! What's with the blank-minded yuppie ads? just a side point) I like visibility. So I don't run into cyclists or pedestrians :).

    We were going to look at the Endeavor (Editors' choice, don't you know :)) but again the mileage! 17/21 for AWD! Hey wait, that made the Quest just look better for a second...

    We'll probably look for a Quest and compare it to an MPV. If we can't decide we'll wait for a Legacy Turbo so we can be disappointed by the seats. :) (all these great trips you take! And so tiny on the ecological footprint!)

    You bring up an interesting point, though, indirectly--the Quest is *only* FWD, iirc, no AWD option, like with Sienna, or of course the Subaru AWD (or even the Murano, right?)? They missed on that one. I was hoping for AWD for extra peace of mind on the mountain ranges out here...

    Oh well. I'll keep scanning the boards. If you happen to come across anything, current or future that makes you think "Oh yeah, I remember someone who would do fine with that one", please post it here, o.k.? :)

  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    the fx is 17/23 I only get 15mpg around town trying to gun down all those pedestrians and cyclists on the way to getting my latte :P
  • ajacat1ajacat1 Posts: 87
    LOL--see that's the problem: Bad karma, bad mpg :)

    Do you have the higher-end fx?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I have the 35 (v6) with all the toys. Believe me mpg are far from your thoughts when piloting one :D
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