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Nissan Quest 2004+



  • Since I was the original poster of the post, I figured I would throw my hat back in the ring. Everyone at Nissan outside of the first guy I spoke to is denying any rebate at all. Also, even the first guy never gave me a date, he just said to wait another month or so. This could mean December too. I think he offered the info becuase he understood my position and wanted to be honest with me. I am 25, have 2 kids, expecting twins, and I could really use a break in any form. I think he understood what I was getting at and that is why he told me. But... Everyone else is denying it with all their might. One dealer even promised me that there is nothing in November, making me think that if there was a rebate, December is more likely. The twins are not due for a few more months, so I may wait till December to try to buy end of year anyway. He did indeed offer me advice to wait a bit though. Anyway, if you want a Nissan now, go buy one... They are great and I cannot wait to get mine. I am just gonna wait... Good luck to all!
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    i sold hondas for 2 years up until this past march. the reason hondas have such great resale value is because of 2 major factors:

    1) they dont play the incentive game

    2) they dont sell to fleet buyers.

    nissan is trying to emulate honda this way. nissans quality and reliability are arguably equal to honda and toyotas. until the last 12 months, their lineup has been limited, and they played the incentive game with the domestics. other than resale value right now, i see very little difference in the 3 brands. as a matter of fact, honda is now the one with the limited product lineup. nissan introducing the armada, titan, and murano, and with the pathfinder, xterra, and frontier due a redesign for 2005, they will have the most extensive and fresh product lineup on the market. each redesigned or all new vehicle will sell with no incentives, and cease to be sold on the fleet/rental market. the vehicles that have already adopted this are:

    2004 maxima
    2003 murano
    2003 350Z
    2003 350Z roadster
    2004 quest
    2004 armada
    2004 titan

    the ones that will adopt this policy soon:

    2005 pathfinder
    2005 xterra
    2005 frontier
    2006 sentra
    2006 or 2007 altima

    there are also a few vehicles with no name due out in the next year or so:

    2005: mini-ute
    2005: compact coupe
    2006 or 2007: mid-size coupe

    within the next 3 years, a rental company that wants nissans on their lot will have to go to the local dealer just like they would if they wanted a civic.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    Wow, it must be nice to live on a trust fund! About to have 4 kids at the age of 25 AND you are looking to buy a $30k+ vehicle? My hat's off to you! Seriously, I have 3 kids and they're killing me. Since you have time to kill ("a few months") then no need to rush. Nissan just might come out with a rebate after all. You may be able to get a mean year-end closeout deal on another van or something. Good luck to you!
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    Again, you may be right. However, Toyota is just as varied now as Nissan will be in a few years and they sell with rebates. I just think Honda has everyone fooled that if you buy one of their products you will be able to drive it for 300,000 miles without doing more than changing the oil every now and then. That's why folks line up to buy them. As of right now, Nissan doesn't have that reputation. In the next few years, if I were Honda, I would be looking out for Hyundai instead of Nissan. But, that's a topic for another thread. I wish Nissan nothing but the best for the new Quest--and the Titan as well.
  • So you are saying that Chrysler is releasing a redesign three months into the model year? While I would be interested in a GC with a folding flat third row, don't you think the PRESS would know about this new design.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Rouge leather interior looks and feels like some cheap furniture you could get at KMart.
         Kia Sedona leather feels and looks more luxurious.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,624
    The press does know about DC's fold-flat rear seat coming in early '04. The reports I've seen have pointed towards a spring release rather than right after the first of the year. I first saw it reported in USA Today a few months ago. It's also been mentioned in the 2004 new car previews in the auto mags, e.g. C/D. So it's no big secret anymore, it's just that the DC dealers understandably won't be volunteering that information to buyers.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Aren't they usually the product of a need to stimulate demand and move cars?

    It seems to me it's one thing to have a strategy of not offering rebates and another thing to meet sufficient sales targets so that rebates are not necessary.
  • Thanks for the update on the Chrysler/Dodge minivan redesign. Our family has just started the search for a minivan and have gathered all the info from the Edmunds site. There was nothing about the change in the future vehicles site.

    Still I wonder why they would change in midyear and especially since this is their 2oth anniversary and the special edition with the removable 3rd row are in the showrooms.

    I also wonder if they are going to change anything else with the vans. Of all the vans, the Chrysler vans seats have a perfect fit for me. I hate to see them design like the Toyota's with the huge seats.
  • raul4raul4 Posts: 95
    I am celebrating the one-month anniversary of my beautiful 2004 Quest today. I have driven it 636 miles and the mpg is up to 16.8 - so says the computer.
         I enjoy taking it for a drive each day and the more I drive it, the more I like it. The design of it is truly revolutionary (just as the ad says) both inside and out. I hope that I like it as much a year or two or three from now as I like it today.
         Yep, it is the greatest minivan that I have owned thus far.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,624
    DC has to add the folding third-row seat to be competitive with the '04 Quest and all the other vans that have this popular feature. DC and Kia make the only vans that lack the fold-down rear seats. It must be a big deal for buyers, or DC would not go to the cost of refitting their vans in between generational changes. If DC can get this into their vans by next May, I might look at them when my GCS is off lease. Right now vans like the Quest, Sienna, and MPV are more attractive to me, along with the Prius as an intriguing alternative. I wonder too if DC will make other changes early next year (like the Quest's folding center seats perhaps), and if they will be labeled 2004.5 or 2005 models.
  • I've seen a silver with gray cloth interior and a golden color with beige leather at the dealer. They haven't had any other quest vehicles in stock and no large real samples of the exterior and interior color choices. Looking at a 2"x 2" photo or leather or color in the brochure is not helpful. Since our 96 Windstar is still drivable, were not in a huge hurry so I have time for the dealer to locate what I want. Meantime, we are selling our 2dr very loaded Explorer because with 2 young kids and newborn twins on the way, my husband would not be able to pick up/transport all 4 kids in the car. I have been spoiled by the leather in the explorer--so much that I chose leather for my family room couches. I like how spills run off and gooeys wipe up easily compared to our cloth Windstar. But I've heard mixed reviews about the Quest leather look/feel and wonder whether I should spend another 1,300$ (inv price.) to pamper myself when cloth works just fine. Can anyone recommend cloth vs leather or a interior/exterior color combo that looks nice and hides kid dirt? Any color to avoid? Also, do you think I should wait til Dec based on the rumor there may be a Nissan Factory rebate?
  • Okay, I almost fell out of my chair when I read your post. First off, we also have two kids (3 yrs and 11 months), we are also expecting twins (April), and we too are selling a fully loaded Explorer (4 door ltd in our case). We actually had it sold and the buyer backed out of the deal. Anyway, I found a website where I can order a rear-facing 3rd row for our Explorer, so now we are considering selling my little work car (Cavalier) instead. As far as the leather, we are tied at the hip to it too. No question we are gonna get leather because of the ease of cleanup. If not for the leather, I'd probably be redoing our seats completely. If you can wait till December, you are likely to find a better deal even if the rebate does not happen just because of dealers trying to hit end of year numbers and such. As far as color goes, the Smoke Black is just too cool. It really looks good on this minivan and it gets a lot of looks to. I saw one at Walmart a few days back and decided that is our color for sure. Good luck with the twins and good luck with the Quest!
  • We have the beige leather and I don't think it looks or feels cheap. I don't know what else to say.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    the SE quest doesnt come with cloth...if you get an SE, then leather is you mean SL?


    there is a significant difference in the goals of honda and toyota. honda doesnt care whether its #1 in sales or not. the accord is regularly right with the camry for #1. sometimes getting it, and sometimes not. wouldnt you agree that if honda offered rebates that they would blow the camry away? they also could do fleet sales and REALLY put the competition down....but they dont. their goal is to make money, regardless of how many cars they sell. if they are #1 in the process, then thats gravy. nissan is attempting the same. they have a goal to sell 100,000 titans a year. if they only sell 80,000, they will back off production instead of build more and offer money to buy unwanted vehicles. (ie. ford)

    nissan wants to make money, not feed their ego. if they end up #1 in the process, then that will be gravy.
  • Does anyone know if it is possible to get an aftermarket DVD player installed in an 04 Quest SE that has the sound go directly into the sound system instead of using a hokey FM transmitter?

    It's a long story that I won't get into now, but I'm in the middle of a "discussion" with my dealer about the way they installed my afermarket DVD player (part of the new car deal), and I'm VERY unsatisfied with the sound quality.

    bowke28, I'd like to email you about this since I'm pretty sure you know the answer, but your email hasn't been working for the last two weeks or so! If you read this, please send me email.

    Anyone else who knows what my options are, speak up!
  • I bought a New 2004 Quest. SL with DVD $540 under dealer invoice (there is no dealer's add up options) plus free etch window and paid only tax and MV Documents fee. I got 3.89%Apr/5 years car loan without any bank fee or attoney review fee.
    I feel good about it. If you like to know the dealer and sale rep.'s name. Please e-mail me.
  • Does anyone out there know anything about the Quests' windshield glare? I've noticed when the interior is rogue, it doesn't glare as badly as beige; however, I haven't test driven the vehicle at night and am not sure how distracting the windshield glare would be. Thus far, I've noticed that it's the biggest distraction for me. I am also concerned about the a/c and heat flooring problems. Otherwise, this vehicle seems very well made.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    yes you can do it, but im not sure who is able to in your area. what they would do is wire it through the 'SAT' button.
  • actdactd Posts: 12
    janwunchen, please email me the dealer and sales rep info to I'm looking to buy a silver SL with leather package within the next few weeks. I can tell the sales rep we are cousins since we have the same last name. :o)

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