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Nissan Quest 2004+



  • Ref: "I'm in Texas too. (Viva Bush!) The info that came with my my new Quest purchased last month indicates 3/36 bumper-to-bumper warranty, 5/60 only on the powertrain. Nissan's website agrees. Haven't talked to my dealer yet, but I suspect they may only have extended it in certain states."

    Did a quick websearch and the warranty extension is mentioned on this page, although the specifics are missing: y.htm

    I think this is a good place to start. I've talked to several dealers lately and none of them seem to be informed about the 2004 warranty extension either, including the service departments.

    BTW check the VIN on the vehicle I'm interested in and the dealer validated that the Customer Service Initiative upgrades had been completed.
  • berkyberky Posts: 2
    I just bought a new 2004 Quest SE in Texas and one of the selling points by the dealership was that the bumper to bumper to warranty has been extended to 5 yr/60,000 mi. Also, if you take the VIN to the service manager he can give you a print out from Nissan regarding the service initiatives. My VIN was over 67,000, manufactured in July, and evidently by that time all issues were taken care of in the factory.
  • I would be very impressed if Nissan dealer - at this time - are not aware of the warranty extension. This is a tremendous selling point for comparison shoppers.

    There are only a limited number of reasons for ignorance:
    1) Dealer does not pay attention to Nissan initiative - doesn't really care that much about giving customers what they want / can use
    2) Dealer is incompetent - so why would you want to buy from them
    3) Dealer wants to sell you an extended warranty, but who would spend more then $1000 for a warranty that only adds 2 years

    All reasons to buy from someone else.

    Give a man a crappy fish and he has a poor meal. Give a Man the fish he wanted, and more, he will come back again and again with his friends.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,025
    There's a joke about crappie fish in there somewhere ... I like your extended warranty theory but it's probably just dealer ignorance. They probably aren't selling all that many Quests compared to Pathfinders and don't pay much attention to it.

    Steve, Host
  • I purchased a late production 04 Quest and it has had none of the problems mentioned in the service bulliten and according to Nissan these issues were fixed in the manufacturing process. I got a great deal on the car and a few weeks after purchase lucked out and Nissan handed me a 60,000 bumper to bumper warranty upgrade. This van is great... do not let anyone tell you diffrent. Drive one drive the rest and pick out what is best for you and your family.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,025
    Great engine, not enough tranny gears, and, yep, a power window problem.

    Long-Term Test: 2004 Nissan Quest

    Steve, Host
  • 6k...Thats a stretch more like 9K.The S has more features than most competitors and I like the other post could not see spending the extra $ for the SE features. I purchased a 2004 S model with the DVD player and got out for 23,400... Re-sale with the "extra stuff" I have found is good money after bad, as I am sure you have found out buying a Chrysler product. Do not think the other guy who posted had to talk himself into anything. Sometimes common sense takes over and you talk your wife down from what she considers must haves and take her on a cruise and split the difference. But hey its your money...
  • gg2k2segg2k2se Posts: 109
    We replaced our 95 Windstar in December 2003 with an SE. About 6 months ago my brother-in-law, who swore he'd never get a minivan, picked up an S. And just last week my other brother-in-law bought one with skyview, but no leather. I'm still awaiting further details but that sounds like a 05 SL. My early 04 model had a few issues, but we worked through them and are satisfied with our Quest.

    Also, here in mid-state NY, I always get 4 snow tires to keep my moving as safe as possible in slippery conditions. I would normally get a complete new set of wheels/tires, but it was a tough decision this year because of the pressure sensors. So my 3 options were; 1)getting new wheels without sensors or 2)adding the cost of 4 sensors ($400) and the twice annual cost of reprogramming the sensors to the car or 3) Mounting 4 snows on my 17" rims. I picked the remounting 17" rims which eliminates the Sensor cost but still gives me the safety factor. I only found 2 tires, Dunlop, Bridgestone in the 17" size, but they were both run-flats, I beleive meant to go on the Sienna AWD. So finally, I selected a Nokian (great tire) in a slightly smaller 225/55-17 size. This means my speedometer will read 3% too high, but otherwise no issues so far.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,025
    "Changes include three new exterior colors, standard active head restraints for the driver and front passenger and a standard 5-speed automatic transmission on the 3.5SL.

    An inexpensive 3.5 base model was added to the lineup, and price adjustments that make the four trim levels less costly could also help."

    Canton plant making 1,000 of 2005 Quests each week (Sun Herald)

    Steve, Host
  • Hello Everyone,
    I have read that there is a way to display DVD image on the main display where the road computer is. Does any of you heard this ??

  • I could be wrong, but I believe this is illegal in most states (not Alaska) as a SAfety hazard
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    It is illegal to have it in any other mode but Park. Many vehicles today LEGALLY have DVD on navigation screens when shift into Park, among them is the '05 Cadillac Deville.
  • Hi Guys,
    I was wondering any of you installed an after market power sliding door to 2004 Quest ? Or is it possible to have it installed through Nissan? If this is reasonable I wouldn't mined to have it.
    Thanks in advance ..
  • I kind of know it is illegal but still wondering the possibility? Also what would be cool to display the Navigation screen on the DVD screen as a auxiliary ? I would imagine with the pig tail video cable you can input the Navigation video to DVD screen.. Is of of you tried it ?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    After almost a year, my kids have lived up to our expectations and made a mess out of the middle seats. Is there any special method I should use to clean the seats or will any over-the-counter upholstery cleaner do?
  • Same question about the center console ... what's the best cleaner to use on it? tia
  • Well I use a liquide spray from lens crafter that you use the same thing I clean my eye glass. It works very well. Also u can use the same thing on your lap top computer screen.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I cleaned my seats this weekend with Prestone auto upholstery cleaner (sprays foam and has the plastic bruch covering the sprayer). It worked very well. Just follow the instructions on the can. I bought the Armor All wipes in the tall cylindrical shaped container (40 to a container) for the pod. It also worked well which leads me to believe any auto dashboard cleaner will work. I also used the wipes on the fabric above the grab handles in the second seats. They get grimy from adjusting the rear air button and my daughter reaching up and pullign on the grab handle every once in a while. You can scrub with these wipes and it got all of the dirt off the fabric.

    I was afraid the seats would not come clean but they look as good as new.
  • ahightowerahightower DFWPosts: 431
    Another confirmation that the bumper to bumper warranty has been extended to 5yrs/60K miles on 2004 Quest. I emailed Nissan customer service from their website. Set up your "My Nissan" account and email a question. I got a response in 2 days. I'm going to print it off and bring it with me to the dealership and demand an ammendment to my paperwork. Maybe if enough of us do it through this channel Nissan will recognize that their dealers aren't getting the word out well enough.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    Back in September I recieved a letter from Nissan regarding the 5 yr/60 k warranty extension. The letter explained the extension and had a sticker attached to it. The sticker was to be placed in the owners manual. My dealer has acknowledged the extension. In fact they were the ones who informed me, before I even recieved the letter in the mail.
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