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Nissan Quest 2004+



  • Did you need to take off some panels underneath? And I couldn't see where the drain plug was. Thanks!
  • Hi Bill, I hope you're still reading this. I took a look underneath. It doesn't look like I can get to the filter (let alone the drain bolt) without jacking up the van :( Oh well, I'll try it today after work.
  • Just remember:
    When they rate the best worst, we buy the best for less.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Tamu2002: Check your owner's manual. They have section showing how to do it. It looks pretty simple.
  • I did the oil change yesterday. It wasn't any harder than my other cars. I just didn't see how it could be done without jacking up the van. Once it was up on the ramps, it was a piece of cake, except it took some effort to remove the tight filter. I didn't have the right sized filter wrench--the Quest filter is TINY! I wish I hadn't been lazy and done it earlier at 1K miles.
  • shgshg Posts: 13
    Yeah, I knew you could do it. I do agree with you that the filter is surprisinly small. In fact, it is the exact same filter that is used on the Honda Civic! That surprised me.
  • The same size as the Civic? Really? Well, I hope it does its job. I was trying to avoid jacking up the van, but didn't see how it was possible. I'm getting lazy with oil changes :) I changed it at 3008 miles and the oil looked pretty black. Wish I had dones it earlier. I think I'll do the next one at 5K.
  • Have anyone see sludge at the tip of their oil dipstick? We do on our 2004 Quest. We are at 35k mi. and we change the oil every 3750 mi. We can transfer this discussion to Quest 2004+ Problems and Solutions if this thread develops.
  • Hey all - spotted a used 2004 Quest for sale and would liek to find out when it was made. Last digits after 'N' are 369071. Any way to tell when it was made? All the stuff I see on the net point me to Carfax reports and such that cost money. Any ideas?

  • Look in the drivers doorpanel
  • c2rosac2rosa Posts: 76
    Automotive News reported today that:
    DETROIT -- Nissan North America is recalling 109,437 Quest minivans because an adjustment mechanism on their second row seats may cause injuries, federal safety regulators said on Monday.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said minivans affected by the recall were from 2004-2006 model years.

    "When the operator attempts seat adjustment, a finger may be pinched in the moving seat adjustment mechanism which could cause an injury," NHTSA said in an advisory on its Web site.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,652
    Interesting...and no mention of the on going Honda tranny problem...I mention because I just hand another friend have it go out on them…80% of people I know have had it replaced (4/5)
  • majjmajj Posts: 17
    you are not the only one!!!!!!! I'mstill figthing, nissan refuse to buy it back my list sound like yours and about thebrakes it happening 30kmile, doors(4), recalls, engine, ac, vibration, sterring wheel,rattle noises, 2 and 3 row seats..........
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    Sir, a couple of days ago in the Quest problems & solutions forums you had traded in your 04 Quest for a Murano and that was the end of the story.

    Now all of the sudden you still have the van and still have horrible problems with it. What's the story?

    The Moderator cautioned you in that forum about your continuous bashing of Nissan which essentially destroys the utility of the forum for the rest of us.

    I request the moderator in this forum take a look at your posts and decide if this is the case here as well.

    We have an 05 Quest with 18,000 miles, zero problems, and it's delivering much better MPG than the 04 and 05 Honda vans owned by friends. So your experience does not apply to everyone.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    pier traded in his Quest for a Murano...not majj.
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    Very well, the same sentiment applies in each case.

    Posting the same message again and again does not help anyone.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    The moderator also requested that if anyone had any problems with the way the forum was being handled to e-mail him. And not to disrupt the discussion by correcting other members on what they should and should not be posting.

    FYI, majj has been a member for 3 days. His posts have described the multitude of problems he has had, as well as his solution of getting a lemon law lawyer. So, I don't believe he has been disruptive... or gone on and on about anything.
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    This one's intended for discussing the features, attributes, etc. of the vehicle. We have another topic, the Nissan Quest 2004+ Owners: Problems & Solutions discussion, where you can talk about problems you're having so that other members can offer solutions.

    I'm here if you need me, but what really drives these Forums is the idea of give-and-take -- you folks helping each other, sharing your knowledge. Brand-bashing and criticizing each other do nothing to further that purpose.



  • I was at the Boston Auto Show yesterday and took a look at the Honda, Toyota, and DC vans again. The Mazda MPV was not there: Mazda said they're replacing it next year. They did have the Mazda5, which has a surprising amount of room for a smaller vehicle. Also saw the Ford Fusion: roomy and seemingly well built, but that chrome grille must be part of the "Detroit Package."

    In any event, while many auto writers lamented the central location of the speedometer on the Quest, after driving one a while now the dashboards on competing vehicles seem busy and intrusive.

    They had a Honda Touring with Leather and navigation on the floor. Sticker was over $39,000.....Yikes!
  • I'm considering a left over 2005 or a new 2006 Quest. After reading many posts from Edmunds, there was certainly growing pains from the 2004 Quest. What are folk's experiences with the 2005 model? I see that Consumer Reports now shows the Quest with poor reliability. I have to think that is driven by the start up problems with the 2004 model. Any input would be appreicated.

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