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Nissan Quest 2004+



  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    Also keep in mind that Nissan and Goodyear did NOT recommend any other replacement for the LS2 because no other tire offers the same ratings plus the 130+mph speed rating. The ComforTred does meet all ratings (load, etc.) except the speed rating. Good we are going to be doing over 118+mph on our way to Disney....hehehe

    The speed rating recommendation may include other characteristics of the tire, like sidewall stiffness. You've already noted that this tire, "...let the van sway more. They also seem not to track as true on the interstate, requiring minor/slight corrections that we aren't used to." A UTQC temperature rating of A corresponds to a speed of 115mph, without reference to the speed of the vehicle.

    Did you get size 235/60?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    When i che4cked with a tire dealer, he mentioned the T rating would give a softer ride. I like the current ride of the vehicle.

    Right now I have gotten it narrowed down to the Yoko Avid TRZ and BF GoodRich Traction T/A (235/60 - 16). Both get very good reviews and cost about the same. I think the Yoko has a better treadwear rating and may be quieter.

    I'd love to get other opinions on these two tires.
  • famof3kidsfamof3kids Posts: 160
    After I sent this email, I realized I failed to mention, yes, I did get the same exact tire size, 235 60 17, that came on it from factory.
    Just following this thread in regards to folks that couldn't find that tire size, etc. Thought I'd share my experience and what I decided to do.
    So far so good and we're all happy. :shades:
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I think most folks wwho are having problems are the ones with the 225/65-16.
  • vpmuttavpmutta Posts: 8
    Appreciated for your reply. Usually I maintain tire pressure at 36 PSI. I do regularly maintenance & oil change at the dealer. I use cruise for most of my long drive and maintained speed at 75 mpg. Next time I will observe verify the tire pressure.

  • They never warmed up to it because it is a POS. Though it is nice looking, mechanically the van has been a disaster. Look at the postings in the 2004+ problems. The Q has the worst relibality of any van in Consumers Reports. Recalls out the wazoo. People are crazy not to depend on those reviews. The experience of those who already own the van are worth there weight in gold. My Quest is a :lemon:
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    I'm truly sorry to hear you had a bad experience. No excuse on Nissan's part for all those problems. Fortunately ours (05) has been trouble free so far. I'd like it to remain that way. We've only received one recall notice about the seat's folding mechanism. I wish the MPG were higher though. Only getting ~20 mpg with mixed driving.
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    They never warmed up to it because it is a POS. Though it is nice looking, mechanically the van has been a disaster. Look at the postings in the 2004+ problems. The Q has the worst relibality of any van in Consumers Reports.

    They should pay you to buy another brand......
  • famof3kidsfamof3kids Posts: 160
    I finally purchased a hitch and bike carrier for our Quest SE. I purchased the 'hidden hitch' and Thule 5 bike carrier.

    I was really surprised how easy it was to mount the hitch. I only had to remove the bracket holding the rear muffler and remove the small heat shield. The hitch support beam effectively replaces the heat shield. The taps for the bolts that held the hitch were already in place from Nissan. Also noticed that the location in which the hitch mounted did not have the underbody rust proofing. I was surprised at the planning that was put into the manufacturing process to allow easy hitch installation.

    The hitch is truly hidden. The main support cross bar of the hitch is completely hidden behind the bumper cover. The only thing visible is the mount point of the hitch. It is also fairly well recessed so that the kids won't run into it.

    With 5 bikes on the rack, you can definitely tell they are back there but, I'm pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone thinking about doing the same.
  • ydchoeydchoe Posts: 7
    Any chance you can share the picture with us? Also how much was the 'hidden hitch'? Thanks.
  • nishonbarunishonbaru Posts: 39
    They are. We have sued nissan
  • nishonbarunishonbaru Posts: 39
    Has the worst reliability rating of any minivan
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524

    Well, we now have 25,000 miles on our 2005 with no problems. It's an amazing vehicle. None of the other owners I know have had any problems either.

    I don't know who you are, but I notice that ALL your recent posts are Nissan bashing posts. You don't post anything about any other vehicles.

    At a certain point one has to wonder why a very small number of completely anonymous posters post again and again and again about their problematic vehicle.

    When does the Moderator step in?
  • famof3kidsfamof3kids Posts: 160
    Sure...Here are the pictures:

    Wire harness on left and hitch mount in center. No other visible parts.

    View from above. Actually the hitch mount is recessed more than it looks as the bumper is curved out. (See bottom picture.)

    This picture is from passenger side above muffler. I had to remove the heat shield and it was replaced by the hitch. You can see one of the three bolts here.

    This picture is from the drivers side. You can see the two forward most bolts.

    Here is a side view showing just how well concealed this hitch is.

    Total cost of hidden hitch, $168. :)
    And, btw, love our van, continues to be trouble free!

    (Don't see many pictures on Edmunds forums, hope this is OK.)

  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Thanks famof. I may have to get one of those. what is its rating?
  • spoonieboy1spoonieboy1 Posts: 22
    I have noticed the same negative comments from a small group of people. Just when does the moderator stop this. As the bashing is allowed it really cheapens this site. These posters must be angry because the bought a Dodge or Chevy for more than a Quest costs. My 2005 Quest S is a fine vehicle. Very few minor problems and one hell of an engine, it's a blast to drive. nishonbrau eat your heart out!!!!!!!!!
  • vinhphucvinhphuc Posts: 44
    Hi everyone,
    I'd like to share with all of you, especially those in the market for a minivan, my good fortune story with the Quest. In May 2005, we bought a Quest O5 SE and since then, have accumulated about ~8500 miles. I, as the main driver, have used it mostly in city. For our conditions (70% city/30% freeway), the MPG is ~17, but this improves up to 26-28 MPG on the long trips we have taken. One word to describe how this van has performed for us: FLAWLESS! :) I've had a blast driving this van. In comparison one of my male friends having to drive a Toyota Sienna told me his friends at work teased him to be the most "un-sexy" dad! That's an issue for other forums, right? At least, I don't feel that way! Everybody, including my wife and 2-year old daughter, who rode in this van just LOVED it. They all loved the Quest from its styling to the spacious interior, the "stadium seating" of the 3rd row, the Skyview roof, the 2-screen DVD system, and let's not forget, the central pod. Yes, the central pod all the reviewers, including Edmunds's site, LOVE TO HATE. My one (maybe two) word to these people: GET LOST! My 2 sisters-in-law, my own sister and their kids love to call my van the "spaceship" with its pod and interior design. All, including my wife who's very critical on everything, think this is cool while retaining all the practicality. When we were shopping for a minivan, I as many other people, worried about the Quest for its assembly problems. Therefore we also looked at the Toyota Sienna XLE (w/ package #7 for comparable equipment). While Sienna is a finely built vehicle, the Quest edges it out for the following reasons. First, IMO the Quest exterior style is unique. All the other vans, including the Sienna even though just redesigned, have the same general form. Not appealing at all to me. For that reason, we didn't even bother to look at Honda Odyssey (has it even been redesigned?!!! :) ). Second, the Quest spacious interior is second to none. My head ALMOST touched the Sienna ceiling with the lowest seat setting, while I still have at least 2-3 inches in the Quest. The Quest "central aisle" allows my wife to go back and forth to tend to our daughter much easier than the Sienna. No 'stadium seating" in the Sienna either. Overall the Quest with its Skyview roof gave us an airy, comfortable feeling while we just felt claustrophobic or "being in the dark" in other vans. We have transported a few bulky items and the Quest never gave us any problem. The fold-flat 2nd row is extremely convenient because we can carry whatever big items to a destination, unload them, and with the seats back up, can now carry 7 people. The Sienna made you either roll the 2nd row seats up front (still taking some space vs the Quest fold-flat seats), or remove them completely (How do you carry people at your new destination, making them sit on the van floor?!!!). As for the "fewer" storage compartments in the Quest vs other vans (as some reviewers pointed out!), let me just say this. A few times we had 3 kids, 4 adults with all the luggages, DVDs, drinks, food, books, toys, etc. and NO ONE ever said a word about not being to store the things they want to carry along. Hum, that makes me wonder what they carried along when these reviewers test drove the Quest? Their whole house?! Move on... Finally our Quest has been ABSOLUTELY trouble-free. JUST FLAWLESS AND WE LOVE IT. We cannot ask for any better van. So my advice to the new minivan shoppers: Ask yourself this question, "Do I want to be in the same mold as everybody else or want to have something different?" If you'd rather eat vanilla ice cream ALL THE TIME, then all the other minivans are there for you, but if you like variety in your life, then you ought to give yourself a chance to look and test drive the Quest. My personal belief about the Quest failure to capture a wider audience resides in its assembly quality, and nothing else. I sincerely believe that Nissan either rushed the Quest out in the market too fast before conducting all the necessary tests to see if all the parts perform well in the longer-term tests. Or they slack up in their quality control at their assembly plants. However I also believe they corrected most of their assembly quality problems since most of the posts in these forums are related to the Quests 03 or 04, and not 05 (like mine) or 06. My final word: Quest is ABSOLUTELY a fine minivan in whatever aspect you choose to look at. As a new buyer, you make a HUGE mistake if you rule it out because of many complaints related to the 04 Quests. Remember, vanilla ice cream or something else? :)
    Good driving to everyone,
  • exploder750exploder750 Posts: 159
    Excellent write up. My wifes loves our '04 Quest S. I stay on top of the recall and other nickel-dime squeek issues, and she's very happy.
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    I agree that Quest is a great van that has spacious interior, fun to drive (as a van), fold-down 2nd row, hidden storage, TPMS, Center Gauges, sky-view, etc...
    However, it lacks some of the great features against the competitors. Hum... 2nd row up/down windows, full length side curtain, split fold 3rd row, spring assist 3rd row, head rests must be removed when fold flat (2007 has the spring assist and 2nd row fold down without removing head rests), HID or projector headlights, 4WD, 8 seats capacity, etc
    Fact: honda sold 16850 Ody and Toyota sold 13912 sienna last month. Sadly. Nissan could sold only 2489 Quest. The sales for both sienna and ody went up while quest sales went down.
    IMO, there are a few reasons behind this because of it lacks many features/contents (listed above) and many people can only peek the gauges through the steering wheel rather than move the eyes slightly down right and lastly the consumer report rated "POOR" on reliability. Hopefully, it will be redesigned on MY2009 and stay ahead on the competition.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,652
    However, it lacks some of the great features against the competitors. Hum... 2nd row up/down windows, full length side curtain, split fold 3rd row, spring assist 3rd row, head rests must be removed when fold flat (2007 has the spring assist and 2nd row fold down without removing head rests), HID or projector headlights, 4WD, 8 seats capacity, etc

    By full length side curtain do you mean extend to the third row?

    I know my 05 SE has a full curtain to the 3rd row…and believe it was the only one available with it when I purchased it. I think…not certain, that the 06’s have them standard…and in 05 you needed to get the SE.

    Most all of the other items you mention revolve around the 3rd row seat…I’ve folded mine down once and it worked and functioned perfectly. If every other day I was folding it down I may want the head restraints integrated so they move in to the floor.

    2nd row windows…don’t care for them…have trouble with the kids sticking their hands out the rear windows as it is. Either I’m on the highway…so all windows are closed…or it’s either too hot or too cold to leave the windows open.

    HID’s…not a deal breaker, would be nice.

    4WD…don’t want it.

    8 seat…ok…if they have a few engineers sitting around not doing anything they could work on this.
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