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Honda Extended Warranties Pricing and Info



  • pb95pb95 Posts: 2
    Is there any advantage to buying extended warranty when you get a new car?
    Could you buy just before the standard warranty expires?
  • artproartpro Posts: 3
    Why not ask a dealer? As far as I know, it will cost more if you wait. We paid $1640 for our new insight extended warranty for 10yr or 100,000 miles. We trust Honda, but now there is so much technology, it's a small price to pay for any tech problems that could arise later. It's insurance.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Is there any advantage to buying extended warranty when you get a new car?
    Could you buy just before the standard warranty expires?

    You can get the same price until the car hits 6,000 miles. After 6,000 miles the whole pricing structure changes. As the car approaches the end of the standard warranty, the options offered become less and less.

    You can go to, type in several different mileages, and see the different terms for your vehicle.

    Another advantage of getting the extended care early on is you receive free roadside assistance from the beginning.
  • gmeepergmeeper Posts: 1
    Saccucci Honda ( & Bernardi Honda ( have the best extended warranty prices going right least for our 2009 Odyssey with only 300 miles. The below is for the $0 deductible plans.

    5yrs/ 60k (D56) - $435.00
    5yrs/ 80k (D58) - $600.00
    5yrs/ 100k (D50) - $715.00
    6yrs/ 80k (D68) - $660.00
    6yrs/ 100k (D60) - $860.00
    6yrs/ 120k (D62) - $965.00
    7yrs/ 80k (D78) - $750.00
    7yrs/ 100k (D70) - $1,055.00
    7yrs/ 120k (D72) - $1,160.00
    8yrs/ 100k (D80) - $1,135.00
    8yrs/ 120k (D82) - $1,235.00

    Compare that to what our dealer offered us:
    7yrs/ 100k (D70) - $1780 ($725 more)
    8yrs/120k (D82) - $1905 ($670 more)
  • franklwfranklw Posts: 42
    True, curryhonda did not mention restriction to CA residents. You also might want to check out ( Jay Honda) as it gives me much better deal than Curry, it only mentioned FL resident as ineligible. I tried to contact Jay but could not reach anyone.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 853
    (in terms of EW pricing for cost conscious buyers) ..........

    Altho i bought my Honda Care EW online from Ray Laks Honda in upstate NY (580 for 6 year/80,000)...............i wish i'd purchased from the gutsy family dealership in Rhode Island...........Saccucci (spelling today; may be different tomorrow).

    Anyone have any information about the pending legal action?

    all the best from a west coast dude driving a manual shift Accord V-6 coupe that is both fast as hell AND extremely fuel efficient (calc'd over 40 a coupe of times in the flat Arizona desert at 2150 RPM on 87 octane).
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    I've had several extended warranties on unreliable vehicles. 88 chev astro, 02 chrys. concorde, 03 jeep liberty. These aren't hondas with spectacular reliability across the line. I used a couple of times on the astro --never came close to breaking even. 75k miles on the concorde - zero use-- jeep still in effect-zero use.
    Fact is if it doesn't break in the original warranty, the odds are way way in honda's favor. Has anyone actually used the ext warranty? The new hondas are more bullet proof than the older ones. Save your money. I'm through with extended warranties. Plus they have exclusions not in the original warranty.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    These aren't hondas with spectacular reliability across the line. IHas anyone actually used the ext warranty? The new hondas are more bullet proof than the older ones.

    I wish that were the case. Please see some of the repair threads on the Hondas on this forum and many long term Honda owners aren't saying what you are about the newer ones being more bullet proof. I have used Honda Care before and it works great. When you buy online currently, you get a low price. Plus when I get 8 years of free roadside assistance, that covers a big part of the cost.
  • honda2009honda2009 Posts: 28
    Does anyone know if a dealer will match the Saccucci or Bernardi extended warranty prices?
  • gardinerrgardinerr Posts: 39
    Why go through the hastle? Just buy from Saccucci or Bernardi.

    Also the following states charge sales tax on the price of the warranty. We do not.

    New Jersey
    New York
    South Dakota
    Washington, D.C.
    West Virginia

    What is actually keeping you from purchasing Honda Care online? I am curious.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    We visit the northeast from time to time and would follow your advice. Take a driving vacation. Turn in my murano at lease end and buy a new honda. That would be the plan -if I bought a honda [possible] and if I wanted an extended warranty[unlikely.] I believe people are afraid of all the "legal" stuff posted on line. Considering all the emotional aspects of car buying -- no surprise.
  • sillylungsillylung Posts: 1
    I got mine on my new accord coupe for 998.00 he showed me book price it was like half off I was like sure. He said it was the end of the month and wanted to get more sales. It was for unlimited warranty coverage like you get in your first year of a new honda but for 8 years. This was at Klein Honda in Washington state.
  • mkielmmkielm Posts: 33
    I think buying the EW online actually removes a bit of the "emotional" component of the car purchase. I offered to buy the EW from my dealer here in VA, but he wouldn't match the Saccucci Honda price (his actual response was "I thought they (Honda) had stopped them (Saccucci Honda) from selling online" - something smells). Another person made a common sense comment earlier, something to the effect "just make them sell the EW to you for cost if they want to sell you a car at all." I guess I wasn't ready to pull the trigger on the EW when I bought my Odyssey, but I hadn't thought of doing that anyway (and no dealer near me would come close to the deal I got anyway).

    I ended up purchasing an EW from Saccucci Honda and it was a snap. They answered my questions online and over the phone, and Honda sent me the paperwork - no glitch, no problem, no back room pressure or inflated price.

    Thanks Saccucci Honda, for the EW and for putting up the fight. A good American story for this Independence Day season.
  • Just curious which VA dealer said that about Saccucci (or if you'd rather not give a name, you can give me a county)? I may be in the market soon and wonder if it was our local dealer so I am forewarned...

  • mkielmmkielm Posts: 33
    West Broad Honda in Henrico Co. (Richmond) - they didn't say it about Saccucci, just about buying online (though I may have then brought up the lawsuit). Hendrick Honda in DC area beat their price on my '08 Odyssey, but only by a hundred or so bucks - wasn't worth the drive for me.
  • carpiedcarpied Posts: 6
    I printed out the prices from Saccucci and one other online seller (they were the same) before we were to sit down and "speak" with the business mgr when we picked up the car ('09 Civic Hybrid) I had the prices to use in "negotiations." He tried to sell me a 60/60000 EW for $1656, telling me that I would get my money back (minus $50) if I never had to use it. I told him that, despite Honda's excellent reputation, I expected to have some sort of post-original warranty work needed during my expected ownership. I told him that I was willing to pay the price I had from the 2 online dealers if they would sell it to me locally. There was very little discussion and he honored the price: $860 for a 72/12000 HondaCare EW. I'm happy, they're happy. Done deal. It just goes to show that most (if not all) dealers probably pay the same to American Honda for the warranties in the first place.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    If the online sellers make money at those prices then your local dealer is making money on a match. Congrats to you and your dealer.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 853 it really true that you get your money back (minus $50) if the HC EW remains unused for the life of the warranty (In my case 80k; cost was $584 - - - which will buy a LOT of Crown Royal..................

    thanks, ez.....
  • carpiedcarpied Posts: 6
    Hold on a minute...

    the EW the dealer originally offered ME was HC, but underwritten by a THIRD PARTY who would pay back the premium ONLY if it wasn't used. NOT the HondaAmerica-backed HC EW. Sorry if it confused you.
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 612
    Some dealers will sell a rider to your HC service contract that pays you back if you never make a claim against it. This is separate from the HC contract and you pay extra for it. It's a good scheme. They get your money for 5 (or 6 or 7) years-you might forget to collect when the time comes-if you trade in before that, you can submit for a prorated amount. Sneaky.
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