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Honda Extended Warranties Pricing and Info



  • kenkenkenken Posts: 21
    Sarcasm or not (it needs a little work) you have been given the information 10 different ways and yet you refuse to believe the "resource". You have been given, repeatedly, "insight, support and assurance" and yet you seemingly refuse to believe it, believing instead, a dealer who is trying to gouge you. Amusingly, you found this resource and yet you can't find any of the other presented to you which is readily available on the internet or a reputable dealer.

    It's not that I don't like your questions, it's that the repetitiveness of the has become boring. It appears that you are the most cynical person I've ever seen post are playing some sort of silly game with us. The alternative thought may be that you just don't get it.
  • I was contacted by the dealer with conflicting information this weekend, I couldn't reach the Hyannis person at the time and I wanted feedback because it truly worried me and made me unsure all over again. I don't have the luxury of extra money, so I have to make certain I am doing the right thing to protect myself. I don't want to communicate with anyone being rude, judgmental and insulting or questioning my motives because they find my posts boring, stupid or annoying. For those reasons, and like I asked earlier, please stop commenting on them.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    Appears to me that KENKEN has gone out of his way to explain how you can save money. And how the dealer you purchased your car from is attempting to get deep into your pocket as well as flat out lying to you.

    I do believe your options are to continue to argue with those trying to help or call one of the "suggested" dealers and get the real scoop.

    Keep this in mind! Anytime you walk into a dealers show room, or even drive onto his lot, most of the folks you will encounter are on some type of commission. If you don't spent they don't receive. The more you spend, the better day they have.

    Your dealer's Finance man can sell you the EW just as cheap as anyone else, and still make money. But the less he sells it for, the less commission he makes. He is bluffing and you appear to be buying his bluff!

    Try this, if you truly feel you need to buy from him.
    Get a quote from one of the sources. Then go to your dealer and tell the guy this is the quote and you will purchase from them unless he is willing to match it. If he gets stubborn, thank him for his time and leave. Then talk with the Dealership's General Manager, explaining how you are trying to continue doing business with them but are hitting a wall . Then explain that you will be forced to shop all your service work, accessories and so forth if the general attitude is the same as the finance guy's. ;)

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    As others have said, as long as you are still under the full factory warranty you can buy HC from any legit Honda dealer - not just the one who sold you the vehicle. Many, many folks have save tons on money by going online (on the phone) to these dealers rather than accepting what the local dealer offers them. The discount dealers sell HC normally at or below cost and make money on the volume bonus Honda pays them for selling so many plans. So usually your local dealer can't (or won't) touch the price offered "online". Never hurts to ask, but I would not bother - just buy from one of the dealers mentioned in the forum.
  • Thank you for your response and suggestions,Kip. I appreciate them. Btw, I am not refusing to listen to others' suggestions, I was simply concerned and doubting things after my dealer contacted us this weekend and lied about the HC plan. I am also not trying to argue with those trying to help, I am not permitting others to be rude, insulting or judgmental to me. That is not necessary, it is not kind or helpful and I am certain it is not the intention of these forums. Again, thank you for your suggestions.
  • Thanks very much for the added assurance, Dwynne. After arguing with our lying dealer finance person about our options over the weekend, I appreciate it!
  • Shelby, I would not buy a Honda Care plan from the local lying dealer even if they matched an online price. They probably would not match it anyway.
    I would , however, show the local finance guy a copy of your contract & the price you paid. I would tell him that I will be telling anyone who asks about my purchase all about the EW issues you have had with the local dealer.
  • Thank you so much JWM40517, I appreciate it and we are going to use one of the online dealers earlier posters suggested. :)
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 2,576
    edited January 2012
    Thanks for the good info on these extended warranties from Honda. Unfortunately, it won't help me. My '06 Civic has about 33k miles on it but the years I think kill me and since I live in Florida, we can't buy it. I read back in the forum to know that one can purchase from any other Honda dealer so I don't understand either why this other poster keeps asking the same question. Just read back in here and it's been answered numerous times. It's nice that you really tried to help though you got vilified. Your help is definitely appreciated! :)

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2014 Hyundai Tuscon SE/2005 Mazda 3s/2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch

  • kenkenkenken Posts: 21're wonderful and everyone else here who has tried to help you and reassure you is "rude, judgmental and insulting"...or perhaps the continual asking of the exact same question and the refusal to believe the many identical answers is "rude, judgmental and insulting" in addition to being "boring, stupid or annoying". For those reasons as implied earlier, please stop posting them...frankly, I don't care if you purchase an HC or not. I don't care if you like my responses or not! If you don't want answers, or if you don't want to believe the answers you are consistently given, please stop asking them.

    Please simply buy the HC form your dealer and get fleeced...that way we can all move on. (no sarcasm intended)
  • fastsvofastsvo Posts: 26
    Hi Folks,

    Just picked up a 2012 Honda Accord LX and the dealer wanted to sell me the 10/100k $0 deductible warranty for $850 (they claim cost is $820), BUT I had to buy it at the time of purchase only. So, I didn't buy it because I had a haunting suspicion that this item can later be purchased.

    Anyways, what is the real deal surrounding the purchase of Honda care and was I given a good price?

  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Anyways, what is the real deal surrounding the purchase of Honda care and was I given a good price?

    I'm not sure what a 10/100K is, because as far as I know, the longest term for a Honda Care is 8 years, not 10. However, you can go to a site like: and get a price to compare.

    You can buy anytime while your 3/36K standard warranty is active. However, for the longest terms, you can buy in the first 6 months or 6,000 miles whichever comes first. After that the coverage periods available change.
  • kenkenkenken Posts: 21
    Many dealers sell warranties by 3rd party warranty companies, Direct Warranty comes to mind. As far as price, they vary from model to model. My big concern is (3rd party warranty), what do they cover, what is the deductible, what is the process for work approval and payment, how long have they been in business and are they "independent" or backed by a major insurance company!

    Also, is it an "inclusionary" policy which lists everything they cover (these can be very confusing) or is it an "exclusionary" policy in which they list those things that they don't cover...these are much simpler to comprehend and less arguable at the time of repair.
  • I bought honda care for my 2011 Odyssey when I had just under 6000 miles from Saccucci Honda. Whole process was done online and they had the best price. Go to for info.
  • My 2009 Pilot EXL is coming off lease in May, and I have 35,200 miles on it. Yes, I should have thought of this sooner, and found out that I need to buy the extended warranty NOW if I am to buy the car out after the lease. The car is worth way much more than what I owe on the lease, so I am buying it out when the lease ends. Then I'll figure out what I want to do about it (keep it or sell it). In the meantime, I want to get the extended warranty. Thanks to this forum, I learned to get several online quotes that are much cheaper than what my local dealers are quoting. Saccucci Honda and Hyannis Honda are definitely the cheapest. I want to share what I received from Saccucci here in case someone wonders why we can't purchase these policies online anymore (hope I am not in trouble in posting this)
    From Saccucci:

    In 2008 Saccucci Honda sued American Honda Finance to keep online Honda Care sales alive. We were the only dealership that chose to stand up to Honda on this matter. The lawsuit ended in 2010 and brought some changes. Currently we cannot sell directly yo you over the web site like we used to. You must now call or use the live chat on the web site to complete the transaction. Thank you for supporting us, and we hope to bring online ordering back in the near future.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    I want to share what I received from Saccucci here in case someone wonders why we can't purchase these policies online anymore (hope I am not in trouble in posting this)

    You're fine in posting what you did. It's good background information for people who haven't been reading this board for a long time.
  • Hey guys,

    I didn't realise this when I bought it at the dealer, I thought I was getting the Honda Care contract but apparently he sold me something from Zurich. Should I be worried? Is the coverage provided by Zurich not as good as Honda?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    See if you can get your money back. Hondacare is the only one backed by Honda and accepted at any Honda dealership. I don't know anything about Zurich but finding a dealer that will honor it (assuming they are still around when you need them) might be tricky. I bet you paid way too much as well.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92

    You can search online for "Zurich warranty reviews" and see if you're happy with the results -- the problem with 3rd party warranties is that they have flat hourly labor rates that they pay to shops and that they may or may not cover something so theres no guarantee that they'll cover the full cost of the repair (you may have to pay for some of it out of pocket). Another thing is that the company could go bankrupt so you could lose your money (looking at Zurich's website, it seems like they've been around for a long time so I dont think they'll go belly up) and also watch out for deductibles (if you have a deductible then you have to pay that amount during each repair visit)

    I would try to cancel and get your money back from Zurich (read your paperwork) and then go for a no deductible Honda Care plan from one of the online dealers just for the extra piece of mind
  • Thanks guys. I couldn't find much about Zurich and whatever I did only made it look like a bad deal. So anyways I went back to the dealership and changed the contract by removing out the extended warranty. It actually was surprisingly a no hassle affair :)

    So now I need to buy my Honda Care warranty through the various online sites. Does it matter that I am in CA and a lot of these sites are based elsewhere?
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