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Honda Extended Warranties Pricing and Info



  • polarcubzpolarcubz Posts: 5
    Just call your dealer that you bought the vehicle from, tell them you feel you paid to much for the wty but you want it. If they don't offer you a lower price tell them you will cancel it then. They have to cancel it for you. Full refund if cancelled in 30 days. Only problem, if you financed it, if goes back to the bank. Then you have to pay cash for one from another dealer. I believe you also get penalized $100 if you try to purchase another one after? Not sure though. Good luck. Remember, you should try to work with your dealer as they will service your car. And you didn't get screwed, all dealerships need to make a profit to service the cars they sell. Online prices are for penetration for a dealership only. They make $200 bonus if they sell so many warranties from Honda. All these online prices are actually true cost. I was an F&I MGR at a Honda store for 4 yrs. good luck. Be nice and I'm sure they will work with you. Be a jerk and you'll get exactly that treatment. Good luck.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    edited July 2013
    Yes, I live in Ga.

    Did the entire transaction "On-Line".

    Looked at the offerings from 3 different dealers and picked the one with the lowest price. In my case it was Hyannis. Might be different with a Pilot!

    These came from "jatan" Post 3766

    I believe "polarcubz" has a better grasp on how to get out of one deal and into another than I do!. Post 3783

    Also check out post 3779 above, from "scraw33".

    Good luck,
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 2,623
    Exactly, always best to be nice...old expression, "you'll get more with honey than vinegar" and it's true. Also, if you don't don't get! Always take the positive route and people will usually treat you accordingly I've found in life. Good luck!

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2014 Hyundai Tuscon SE/2005 Mazda 3s/2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch

  • kusanagizkusanagiz Posts: 1
    kipk - the bernardi link doesn't work anymore. do you have the updated one?
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    Its the correct link -- they're probably just having website problems link & phone number are shown on the right side -- give them a call if the website doesn't come back up soon
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    Their link is not working for me either.

  • g3k762mmg3k762mm Posts: 4
    My in-laws, the best folks around, but somewhat gullible, went out today and came home with a 2010 Honda Accord Sedan. I don't have an issue with the price, but do with a couple issues.

    1. They purchased the Sentinel 3/45 extended service plan. According to what I have read, oil changes are covered under this plan. They wanted to negotiate the price down some $180, and the saleman told them "I will throw in 3 free oil changes". They thought it was a good deal. I say that since it's covered by the contract, it's no deal at all. Am I correct?

    2. Secondly, the car is a 2010 and has a bit over 27K miles. I am unsure as to when this supposed 3/45 plan is in effect. Is it when they bought it and they have an additional 45k, or is it at the original zero miles?

    The wording is very ambiguous and says at one point that the SENTINEL 3/45 SERVICE CONTRACT may provide YOU with an additional 9000 miles of additional HONDA CARE VSC protection beyond the 3 years/36000 FACTORY WARRANTY., with no deductible. Note that the capitalization is Honda's, not mine

    So....the question of the day is "How much coverage do they have? Is it 45K MORE miles, or when the odometer hits 45K? Equally, being a 2010, isn't it already past the 3 years in the 3/45? That would make the warranty useless.

    It's bad enough the salesman "gave" them oil changes they were already entitled to. If they get no or just 9000 miles coverage for their $1500+tax=$ 1629.38....somew butt's will be kicked.

    PLEASE advice ASAP. I hate to see nice people getting hosed.
  • gardinerrgardinerr Posts: 39
    edited July 2013
    I think your confused. There is no Sentinel plan for a vehicle over 6,000 miles or 6 months. They could not of purchased a Sentinel plan on a 2010. What is the plan code on the contract?

    H=Certified Wrap
    F&G= vehicle over 6k miles
    C&D= Under 6k miles
    S= Sentinel
    M= Maintenance
  • g3k762mmg3k762mm Posts: 4
    That's what's marked on the left of the contract under VSC Plan Typoe.

    Under plan code it says H70 Years 7 Miles 100,000

    Is this bumper to bumper or is it powertrain.
  • g3k762mmg3k762mm Posts: 4
    Does that mean that they are covered for the remaining miles for 27000 to 100,000? It is "0" deductible and only $1500. Is it a good deal?
  • gardinerrgardinerr Posts: 39
    They are covered bumper to bumper. It will run 7 years from in-service date and up to 100k on odometer. If they are happy then it is a good price.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    Honda Care Sentinel is a maintenance plan and as mentioned above you can't buy it on cars with more than 6 month/6k miles

    That 2010 Accord is most likely Honda Certified -- certified used cars come with 7 yr/100k mi powertrain so they bought a $0 deductible 7 yr/100k mi bumper to bumper warranty with the $1500 (warranty starts from the car's in-service date which is when the first owner bought the car)

    Certified car benefits:
    Page 7, code H70 extended warranty:

    If its a 2010 then the car is probably 3-4 yrs old alrdy so theres probably only 3-4 yrs left on the warranty. If they want a piece of mind then keep it for $1500 (comes out to $400-500/yr). If they're fine with just having a powertrain warranty which is included for certified cars then cancel the B2B warranty and get their money back

    If it were me, I would just stick with the certified powertrain warranty that comes with the car and keep the $1500 aside for repairs as they come up. Engine/trans will be covered by powertrain so if a major repair comes up then it'll most likely be a few hundred bucks. I have lots of independent shops near me so I don't go to the dealer for repairs unless its for warranty work and I don't pay dealer prices. If the dealer is your only repair option or if indep shops are priced similar to dealers then you might want to keep it

    2010-2012 Accord seems fairly reliable compared to 08-09 Accords:

    Double check to see if the car is certified and then decide if its worth it
  • karhill1karhill1 Posts: 100
    No extended service plan covers a vehicle bumper to bumper. It is the small print that hides the gremlins.
  • g3k762mmg3k762mm Posts: 4
    Thanks for the responses. The other question I have is when the orinal contact went into effect. It states on the warranty current odometer, VSC retail date (testerday) and vehicle original retail date listed 1.4.10 My mother-in-law said she was "told" that the car was bought in May. I suspect the warranty only runs from the date listed as 1.4.10, making the expiration of the 7 year, 100K warranty January 4, 2017. Is that correct or am I wrong?

    Additionally, does this H70 warranty cover stuff like battery, starter, alternator, computer etc or are any of them considered "normal wear and tear". They have little in writing outside the warranty paper, which is quite vague.

    The dealer offered 3 "free" oil changes to bridge a little financial gap between what they wanted to pay and what the dealer wanted. Is it worth it to go to a dealer for an oil change? I understand you would spend a lot of time hanging around waiting along with all the other cars being serviced. Does it take longer to have the oil changed at a dealer, in general?

    One last, does any warranty repairs have to be done at that specific Honda dealership, or can they go to ANY local Honda dealership? The dealer they bought from is not the closest.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    That should be the start date -- call or drop by any Honda dealer service dept and tell them "I just bought a used Accord with warranty, can you run my VIN and tell me when the warranty expires?"

    The 3 free oil chances will have to be done at that dealer -- warranty repairs can be done at any dealership
  • kenkenkenken Posts: 21
    I would find out from the dealer exactly what the warranty covers and does not cover. Then I would contact Hyannis Honda (Google) as they seem to have the best price on HondaCare Warranties. That said, the mileage of any warranty ends at the mileage stated (it is not, for example, 100K from the mileage already on the car) and the time period begins at the original in-service date if the first owner!
  • I found Hyannis Honda online here at this discussion. I went to the dealer I ended up buying the car from and presented the price I got from Hyannis for the 0 ded 6 yr 120k warranty which was $1050. He looked up what Honda was charging him and I think it was $1020. So he passed on matching the deal. I guess $30 wasn't worth filling out the paperwork to him.

    So I went through Bob Leab at Hyannis, and within a couple of emails got it worked out and paid for. It may be worth many peoples' wallet to use the price list as a way to negotiate with their dealer to get it lower and put in their loan, but if they don't get a good enough price Bob was awesome to deal with.

  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    edited August 2013
    Good job! Good price - its unfortunate that many folks pay way more for hondacare than they need to because they didn't do a little research.

    Bill G
  • ltlladyltllady Posts: 27
    Does make a person question why people are so willing to pay $2,000 or so for a service contract which should cost $1,020? Also wonder why people so quickly pay a dealer $300 or more for documentation when it costs the dealer a few dollar at most. PT Barnum was so right.
  • Oh crap! Help? Newbie.
    My son bought a used car yesterday from Honda (2004, 113K) - and they sold him a Caregard Warranty - Deluxe, with a $100 deductible with surcharge for seals/gaskets. And gave him no documentation on this (and passed off as HondaCare... Of course) - and paid too much (and financed it - ouch)

    I know from a quick read - this was a bad idea - but 1) what are the specifics of this warranty? and 2) best way to get him to drop this ASAP (can be stubborn)?
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