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Honda Extended Warranties Pricing and Info



  • Hi,

    I was wondering what the best price anyone has found for a Honda 4cyl accord sedan 8yr/120k/$0 hondacare plan. I found $1055 @ college hills honda. Has anyone seen chaeaper???

  • hondawarrantyinfo said they should be set with the new HondaCare prices tomorrow. I'd wait atleast to see what they have to say.

    I'm in the same boat. Just got the Wife an '05 Honda Accord 4cl today and looking for an extended warranty. The dealer wanted me to buy some third party warranty 6yr/75k/$0 for $1700. Thanks to this board, I knew to stay away.
  • davantdavant Posts: 294
    I've lived in FL for the past 24 years. The Florida Insurance Commissioner regulates prices of vehicle extended warranties not to protect just the elderly but every citizen (state resident or not) who purchases a vehicle and extended warranty in Florida to avoid haggling, gouging, undercutting and yes, good ole' Uhmerkin competition on what is truly an insurance policy. This prevents a state wide no holds barred Geico-Roman (+5 pts for blending these terms) wrestling match. Each dealer must charge the same for identical coverage and register those prices with the commish or heads roll , huge fines are assessed, charges filed, etc. Other states honor FL polices, but no out of state dealer can sell one to you if you reside in FL. I believe if you move here it voids any out of state warranty but you may be able to get a prorated refund.

    I like the way it is handled here as it keeps the players honest, a rarity among car dealers, some of whom pose as consumers on forums just like this. Just so you know, it does NOT jack up the prices beyond reason. I'm buying an '06 Ody Touring in GA and if I want an extended Hondacare warranty I have to get it locally before 15K miles or I get a used vehicle warranty. As of today, in FL, a 6 yr, 100K mile zero deductible Hondacare OEM extended warranty costs $1,530. It makes no difference if I buy it in Pensacola or Miami; same Honda coverage = same price. Programs go up to up to 8 year, ZD, 120K miles and that is just over $2K or down to about $600 for something like 5/60, $100 ded. Like any other state, length and deductibles vary relative to price. Regarding the salty wound of tax on warranties, yes, we pay it,so what, 6% here. We also don't pay income tax and from what I've seen online, we are only paying slightly more than the risk of, "what's it gonna take to get you to drive away today with the peace of mind yet you have a worthless aftermarket warranty that makes me rich?" other states are subject to. This Floridian likes big brother looking out for my well being, don't knock it until you're been ripped off like one poster in this string (msg #572). Dealers still make money on both OEM and aftermarket programs here so this remains a viable yet equal sales tool for all. Soap box now stowed, thanks.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    To each his or her own.

    You do yourself a disservice, however. Obviously you are an educated consumer and you don't NEED the state to watch your back. You could save $500 or more on the warranty if your state didn't have this law. So while it may save SOME folks some money it costs YOU - the educated consumer - money and there is nothing you can do about it.

    I would never buy a Saturn because I don't want a "one price" deal. I DEPEND on those before and after me to pay too much, then the dealer can afford to give ME a super deal. If I have to buy a one price car I will pay more than I would if I can deal.

    To your way of thinking the state (AKA Big Brother) probably should pass a law and mandate all cars should be sold for MSRP? That way dealers could not over charge for them?

    While it may help some folks, the smart shoppers like you are just paying way too much.

  • Any word on prices on the Honda Care 8yr/120K/$0 from

    I'm still waiting for a reply from them...
  • Still waiting to hear back. Will post when i hear something.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Did you try calling them? The number is right on the web page - which has not been updated to show the new prices and warranties.

    BTW, these folks were NOT always the cheapest - just in the last few weeks when they were "blowing out" the prices did they become the best . Prior to that HondAcuraWorld or CollegeHills or other places had better prices. So no guarantee that Bernardi will be the best price - once they get around to posting the price.

  • has the 8yr/120K/$0 for $1025.
  • please post a link. i only see an 800 # on their site. guy quoted 1295 on the phone for a 2005 4cyl accord
  • Odd, their worker on AIM quoted me $1025.
  • guy on the phone didn't know i was online so he probably gave me a highball price. silly salesmen!
  • I just bought a used (non-certified) 2003 civic (31400 miles) from the local Acura dealership. They offered me an extended warranty, but I wanted to compare prices. However, I didn't know that Honda was changing its policy for extended warranties. I have looked at several of the websites mentioned here, but most of them will not provide quotes for 2003. Does anyone have any suggestions for internet sites? I'm going to call the local dealerships tomorrow. Thanks!!!
  • Ask someone to back-date the contract. If they're cool they may help you out.
  • $976.00 from I will be ordering it in the morning.
  • With the new change made to the Honda Care would it be wise to purchase the warranty now or later? We purchased a brand new Odyssey EX with DVD about three weeks ago and have about 1000 miles on it. Should I wait until right before 6000 miles or get it now? I know that I will purchase it, just don't know when I should. I do want the $0 deductible.

    Thanks for any advice on this,
    Cyn in HI
  • davantdavant Posts: 294

    Not familiar with the warranty changes but I'm curious what happens at 6,000 miles? In FL, I'm told the magic number when we switch over to a used vehicle extended warranty is 15K. This could be a state, not Honda requirement. Since I'm getting an Ody too I'd like more info on the recent Honda Care changes, will check with local dealer. They told me earlier the extended warranties just keep the OEM in place longer, nothing more, nothing less, except rental care and towing coverage from day 1.
  • davantdavant Posts: 294

    Good points. Some regulation isn't always bad. Taking it to extremes like state mandated MSRP sales is going too far. I agree with you in that those consumers savvy enough to drive for good deals (like us) should be entitled to do so without restriction on the vehicle and warranty. I just don't mind that the commish is peeking over my shoulder to keep prices in check. This keeps dealer from selling high profit aftermarket warranties not at good as Hondacare/OEM for premium prices to uneducated consumers simply because they are excellent salespeople. I do wish the auto industry would post or at least make consumers aware of the cost of these warranties OUTSIDE the finance office! Dealers thrive on making you sweat the 'what ifs' at closing time while touting the flawless quality of their products before and after. Those that are weak become vulnerable at this critical phase, not me. Oversight keeps folks from making a costly mistake that is outside standard price norms. I appreciate and respect, and in some ways support your point of view. If we weren't on top of this stuff, we too could be ripped off.
  • i spoke with Honda corporate customer service and they said the only change between the new and old HC plans are the length and restriction on when you can get it (6000mi for $0 deductible).

    HC is not a true bumper-2-bumper, but covers just about all major components. You won't be able to take your car in for rattles free of charge during the extended period, but trans and other parts essential to a working car are covered...just take the time to read the thing before you buy so you know exactly what you're getting.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Well, the prices (for similar $0 deductible plans) are now around $50 higher than before 9/1/2005 - so unless you need the 8th year or 120k mile plans the time would have been last month :)

    I USED to always advise folks to wait until right before 24 months or 24k miles to buy, since you would get more back on pro-rated should you cancel the plan and there was no extra price penalty. I can't do that now - if your Honda gets more than 6,000 miles on it then you are stuck with a $100 deductible plan only.

    In your case, how long will it take to get to 6,000 miles? For most folks that will not take long and the difference between buying now and in a few weeks will not be much should you cash out the policy way down the road. If it is going to take you months to put that many miles on, then you could wait.

    I picked up policies for my new Hondas last month from Bernardi before the prices went up and they still appear to be the cheapest ones around. "Who knows" if they will have these cheap prices when you get to 6k miles. Unless it is going to take you a LONG time to get to that point I would get it now while the price is cheap.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Biggest difference is $100 deductible VS $50 and cars with more than 6k (and 2004 or newer) can no longer get the $0 plan.

    It looks like Bernardi is still the cheapest by a little bit, but the price has gone up. It looks like pre-9/1 VS now you get 5k more miles on the 7/75k/$0 plan but pay $50 more for the coverage. The $100 deductible plan sells for more money than the old $50 plan. For us low mile types, the 8th year is available but at a very steep price. Heck, even for high mile types the 8th year is pretty expensive - but you now can go to 120k and get the 8th year if you need it.

    2005 CR-V
    Old Price:

    7 years/75,000 miles warranty: ($50 deductible = $566.00) OR ($0 deductible = $631.00)
    7 years/100,000 miles warranty: ($50 deductible = $741.00) OR ($0 deductible = $806.00)

    New Price:

    7 years/80,000 miles warranty: ($100 deductible = $581.00) OR ($0 deductible = $681.00)
    8 years/100,000 miles warranty: ($100 deductible = $836.00) OR ($0 deductible = $936.00)

    2005 Accord I4:

    Old Price:

    7 years/75,000 miles warranty: ($50 deductible = $511.00) OR ($0 deductible = $571.00)
    7 years/100,000 miles warranty: ($50 deductible = $686.00) OR ($0 deductible = $746.00)

    New Price:

    7 years/80,000 miles warranty: ($100 deductible = $521.00) OR ($0 deductible = $621.00)
    7 years/100,000 miles warranty: ($100 deductible = $696.00) OR ($0 deductible = $796.00)
    7 years/120,000 miles warranty: ($100 deductible = $796.00) OR ($0 deductible = $896.00)
    8 years/100,000 miles warranty: ($100 deductible = $776.00) OR ($0 deductible = $876.00)
    8 years/120,000 miles warranty: ($100 deductible = $876.00) OR ($0 deductible = $976.00)

    2005 S2000:

    Old Price:

    7 years/75,000 miles warranty: ($50 deductible = $721.00) OR ($0 deductible = $766.00)
    7 years/100,000 miles warranty: ($50 deductible = $1,111.00) OR ($0 deductible = $1,186.00)

    New Price:

    7 years/80,000 miles warranty: ($100 deductible = $716.00) OR ($0 deductible = $816.00)
    8 years/100,000 miles warranty: ($100 deductible = $1,216.00) OR ($0 deductible = $1,316.00)

    Keep in mind you have to buy with under 6k miles to get the new $0 plan or you are stuck with the $100 deductible plan.

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