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Honda Extended Warranties Pricing and Info



  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Doesn't the CPO warranty cover the parts you listed? I think the CPO adds 1 more year of full coverage to the 3/36k and then has a powertrain to 7/100k. SO what you would be buying is a HondaCare to cover the non-powertrain past 4/48k.

    You can get a HondaCare warranty to do this, but you might want to call a some of the discount HC dealers to ask them - I THINK they have a lower-cost HC plan for CPO cards since so much of the coverage is duplicated. $1000 sounds like way to much money for this extra coverage.

  • dchodcho Posts: 2
    Just bought a 2005 Honda EX V6. I was considering an extended warranty, HC vs Warranty Direct. Does anyone have any advice on either warranty or whether I should even consider getting an extended warranty? I plan on keeping my car for at least 7-8 years. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • mamamia2mamamia2 Posts: 698
    If you read the messages posted on this board in the past month alone, you'll get a pretty good idea.
  • How will anyone know what the actual miles are on a car when a warranty is purchased online? Couldn't someone with a 2005 Accord say they have less then the 6K to qualify for the new car Hondacare Warranty? This could save you hundreds of dollars.
  • thekingtheking Posts: 107
    I have heard that they want a clear shot of your dashboard showing a clear picture of total odometer.mileage and a VIN # which will show the make and year of vehicle and a scan of your registration showing you as owner. You cannot fool these people;they know all the tricks :shades:
  • I just purchased my warranty online. All I gave them was my VIN # and mileage - I could have been lying about the mileage. But my car is only a couple of months old, and I'm sure they can check that themselves. So the odds that I'd have over 6000 miles AND that it would make any difference are slim.
  • Honda is pricing themselves out of the market on extended warranties for used Accords. I have a quote for only $521 on a 7yr. Or 80K new Accord warranty. However, I own a car with 6600 miles on it that is 10 months old. The quote on it is $936 for a 7yr. Or 84K warranty from time of purchase. Both of them are for a $100 deductible. Does anyone have information on how long you have to purchase the used car warranty? I am going to wait sometime to get one now or just manage without one since they are making cars better now. We managed without extended warranties on four prior new vehicles. Two were Toyotas, one Nissan and another Accord.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    They USED to not charge any extra until your Honda was more than 24 months old or 24k miles, then they charged $60 more. If you went past 36/36k then it was $160 and once you hit 42/42k then you could not longer buy a HC plan. You had the choice of $0 or $50 deductible.

    Under the NEW scheme the cut off is 6,000 miles to get a $0 plan and the Honda must be a model year 2004 or newer. This gets you the best price and the ability to buy a $0 deductible plan.

    Past 6,000 miles or older than a 2004 you have to get the $100 plan.

    I would not tell anyone to lie, but if I were you I think I would buy the $0 plan buy saying your car has "6,000 miles" on it. I purchased plans for two Hondas this year and no one asked me for the mileage - nor did they in the past. Check back several messages and I posted links to all the discount online HC dealers I know of. Get quotes from them all and go with the best one - and just tell them you are under 6k on your new Honda.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    If you get the $0 deductible plan, it goes into effect on the DAY YOU PURCHASED THE HONDA - no matter when you actually paid for the plan.

    If you get the $100 deductible plan, it goes into effect on the day you purchased the plan.

    What difference does this make? While you do save money with the "new Honda" type of warranty plan, the amount of your REFUND should you cancel the plan for any reason (car stolen, totalled, or traded) will be less, percentage-wise. I am betting the pro-rate refund would use the date you cancel and the date you first purchased the car to determine the amount you are due back. Under the old plan and I assume under the $100 current plan, they would use the cancel date and the PLAN purchase date to determine the refund.

    It is not a HUGE deal, and for sure the $0 plan is better if you can get it - but you need to be aware of this subtle difference in the way the two plans work.

  • Thank You Dennis. This gives me something to think about. I will need to do something soon before the 7500K service is due or wait. Also, I am thinking that if warranty sales are slow things might look more attarctive on the used warranty?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Most of these online/discount dealers are pricing right around $50-100 over cost (they tell me), so there is not a lot of room for a "sale". The HC can have a promo or special, I guess. HC normally re-evaluates pricing every few months and I think about every time the price goes up :)

  • kthankthan Posts: 30
    I am very new on extended warranty and have some questions about HC. If I did not make a claim until the warranty expires, can I get a full refund? As far as I know, Toyota EW do. But, I am not sure if Honda do the same thing. Also, when I need to cancel (due to trade-in, sold, totalled) the warranty, I can get a prorated refund, right. Does it matter if I had previous claim (or not) to get a prorated refund (I doubt I can get a pro-rated refund if I had previous claim). Also, would the refund be calculated in a simplistic way (ex: if I paid $1200 for 8yr/120K and cancelled it at 4yr/50k, can I get $600 refund?), or there is a complex chart I need to figure out? I assume that it is not transferrable to the second owner, right?

    This seems to be important to me. If they prorated money (in a simplistic way), even if I plan to own the car no more than 6 years, It would be better to have full 8 years, in case I am qualified for (full or prorated) refund. Of course, if I cannot get a prorated refund with claim, I might lose extra money to put longer term warranty.
  • kthankthan Posts: 30
    I found a copy of HC warranty contract. I am little surprised to see that there are tire protection (against road hazard) and free oil change (values up to $25). are these benefits really included in HC? Here is the link of the contract copy:

    Also, it doesn't mention that prorated refund will not be given if there is a claim before the cancellation. But, it did not provide any details how to calcuate the refund amount (just saying that it will be cacluated by the time or the mileage driven).
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 611
    Notice the tire protection and oil change benefits only apply if you pay extra.
    If this were insurance, I'd call them 'riders' to the 'policy'.
  • davantdavant Posts: 294

    HC is an extended warranty plan that will pay for covered repairs, parts, and labor if you need it. It is NOT and investment plan so I can't imagine why you feel you should be entitled to any refund at all. Our dealer says you are only entitled to a prorated refund based on time it was in place if the vehicle is sold. You aren't entitled to any refund even if you used it full term without a claim. This is what insurance is all about, rolling the dice. You not using your coverage would defer the cost to Honda of those who did.

    Welcome to the land of the free... home of the double or nothing brave.
  • kthankthan Posts: 30
    I don't think HC is an investment. It is definitely an insurance. However, I just
    want to figure out the details of HC contract. It is nothing to hurt to be comprehensive about the details of contract. Also, the details of prorated refund seems to be important to me because I may need to sell the car before the warranty expires. At this point of time, I don't know if I own the car for 6,7,or 8years with how many miles.
  • mamamia2mamamia2 Posts: 698
    If you back searching the past 3-4 weeks here, you'll find the right post with the link to the web sites that spells ut the details of the contract.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    As has been stated, other than within the first 30 days it is never 100% refunded.

    Beyond that, the refund amount is calculated based on the in-service date of the car (when purchased) OR the purchase date of the HC plan OR the miles on the car when you cancel. So if you purchased an 8yr, 100k plan on the day you purchased the car (you don't have to but it then, but it makes it easier to show the example) and so traded/totalled it after 4 yrs and 50k miles you would get 1/2 of what you paid back, less a $25 (?) processing fee. If you asked for the refund after just 2 year and few miles, you would get back 3/4 of what you paid, less fee. If you asked for the refund after 2 years, but had 50,000 miles on the car then you would get back 1/2 less fee.

    Make sense?

    Where it gets more complex is if you purchase the HC plan later on. For the new $0 deductible plans, the effective date is the date your purchased the HONDA - so the pro-rate is figured as if you purchased it the same day. With the $100 plans it is the date you purchase the PLAN. So when you figure on the refund for these the later you buy the more you should get back.

    Prior to this September you could purchase HC $0 deductible plans at any time before your car ran out of 3/36k base warranty. At that time I recommended to everyone they wait until just under 24 months or 24k miles to buy. That maximizes your refund and gets you a low price - same as if you purchased on day 1. Since Honda changed the plans, I would recommend getting the $0 plan which means within 6,000 miles or 2 years of new.

    For a $50 fee the HC plan can be transferred (once) to a new owner. So should you decide to sell your Honda down the road you can advertise the fact that YOUR Honda has extra protection which SHOULD help you sell yours or get a better price for it.

    You can't extend your HC or purchase HC after the base warranty runs out, so I would get enough to cover you for the entire time you MAY own the Honda. Then either get a refund on the unused portion or use it as a marketing tool should you decide to get rid of the Honda before the HC runs out.

  • If someone has a 2003 Honda they might not be able to get a HC Plan? I could only find infomation for 2004 or newer.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    It USED to be you could buy up until 36 months or 36k miles from new - the date the car was purchased new. Most of the sites now say 2004 model year or newer under 30k.

    Curry' page here shows you can still buy HC with coverage up to 5yrs (2 more than factory warranty) and up to 84k miles - IF your Honda is less than 36 months old with less than 36k miles on it. The old plans would go up to 7yrs and 100k miles.

    I would call Curry and a couple of the other online discount places to get clarification.

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