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Honda Extended Warranties Pricing and Info



  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 612
    Yes, any Honda dealer should take care of you. Some may put you off a few days, giving preferential treatment to 'their' customers, but most dealers know that any work is good work, so you shouldn't run into that often. Be sure to tell your dealer that you're using your service contract-there are different steps to go through when dealing with a service contract versus the manufacturer's warranty.

    I think the payment plan is usually used if you buy your vehicle at the same time you buy the plan. Some places might let you make payments, you'll need to check out the website.
  • guestguest Posts: 774
    For a 2006 accord lx we are about to buy, the dealer here on Long Island wants to make a lot of money on Hondacare. So I went on line and found, for 0 deductible, 7 year, 80K mile contract, the following offers (plan code D78):

    Curry Honda in Mass.: $ 845 (less $75 if bought tomorrow)
    Saccucci Honda in RI: $ 625
    JayHonda in OH: $ 700
    College Hills Honda(OH):$ 700

    Does anyone have experience with buying online from any of them ?

  • sw_ohsw_oh Posts: 23
    I believe those Honda dealerships you mentioned are the most internet competive that I found as well, along with Pohanka Honda in Maryland and Bernardi Honda in Massachusetts. Yesterday I purchased a 6 year/80,000 mile warranty for my new odyssey. I went with Saccucci for because of their warranty price, online application processs (no faxing), and their 12 month interest free payment plan that is charged to your credit card of choice. I received a confirmation email from Saccucci that they received my online application and the paperwork process had started. As of now I feel good about my decision going with Honda Care and choosing Saccucci to purchase the warranty. I have no other experiences to share since I recently became a Honda owner for the first time and now Honda warranty purchaser.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 853
    ... Yesterday I purchased a 6 year/80,000 mile warranty for my new odyssey. I went with Saccucci for because of their warranty price,

    .....purchased 6year/80k/100deduct for $584. Ray Laks Honda somewhat in upstate Nueva York. (

    ...AV6 6M

  • jayadjayad Posts: 2
    My one month old odyssey is hit by a driver with no insurance and suspended drivers license.It has got 1800 miles on it. It is my dream van and I paid 30000$ for it. It is all karma. I was thinking about buying an extended warranty but I never got around to do it. Can I do it now? The damage to the car is not bad. Lots of scrach and bends.

    Can I get extended warranty now? Will I get one? Any issues?

    Thanks for the help,

  • may I know how much you pay for that EW? Thanks
  • I saw the price on the website is $655 for 6 year/8k mile EW. is there any special? thanks
  • sw_ohsw_oh Posts: 23
    I was interested in the 6 year/80,000 mile warranty with 0 deductable. Saccucci Honda price was $710 with a $25 gift certificate to their Parts department. They agreed to just apply that to the price of the warranty since I was not interested in the GC.

    Bernardi Honda agreed to lower their price by $25 as well since they did not offer a gift certificate in their warranty package. So their price would have been $684.

    I decided to go with Saccucci because of the 12 month interest free payment plan and online application. Hope this information is helpful.
  • sw_ohsw_oh Posts: 23
    So to answer your question more quickly, I paid $685 from Saccucci Honda for the 6yr/80k/0 deduct warranty
  • We bought our car last week '06accord se below invoice price.I didnt notice that my husband bought hondacare extended warranty from this finance guy for $1495 without consulting me(I was outside during that time because I thought dealing with them/salespersons were done, after agreeing the OTD price quote).

    When I read our balance on the contract he told me that Finance offered him $1900 for it first and because they lowered the price for more than $400 off he signed up for EW, and guy told him he could cancel it within 60day period.

    After getting EW he was told that they(dealership) would lower our APR by .24% less because he purchased EW from them.

    Now my husband called them to cancel the EW but the finance guy said he gave him a discounted .24% APR finance from the bank for 5 yrs.My husband said its okey if you take off the discount .24% and go back to the original APR. we know its only a $110 difference to our loan amt.

    The finance guy said they cant change the APR anymore and he did that in good faith.We want to cancel it but how?The guy even told my husband that we got our car and save thousands of dollars and below invoice price which is true but is that our fault?and finance guy told him to think about it first and dont believe whatever we have read that theres cheaper thant that.It seems like if we cancelled this we look like bad guys here?because of that APR discount.

    Im planning to just pay the whole balance.I believe I can get my cancellation form from hondacare customer sevice? and I dont have to go and see this dealers again?Am I thinking right?

    If I dont pay the total balance, is it true that I have to go to the dealer and asked them to cancel it?We called them twice to cancel it and all they say is think about it..and giving us this whole stories/situation about APR thing.

    So guys what do you think?Thanks in advance!Anything advice, opinions etc vey much appreciated! :blush:

    EW from collegehisshonda is only $700 and we paid $1495.
  • day54day54 Posts: 3
    We went today to put a deposit down on an Odyssey EX-L with NAV and RES. The salesperson told us about an extended warranty program - 7 years/75k for $1,295. One reason we are buying a Honda is for their reliabilty. We are just wondering why should we buy an extended warranty. Can someone tell us?
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    I have asked the sales person this very question everytime I bought a Honda. I told them that I can safe $10,000.-- buying a GM or Ford and buy the EW; - but I want a good car that lasts, and that is why I buy Hondas without EWs.

    Hello I just wanted to tell everyone that HONDA really backs up their product.
    I just had the trans replaced a power door-lock (slider driver) and replaced the ignition interlock on a van that is OVER 7 years old and has almost 80,000 miles on the odo. No hassle, no BS just yes sir we will repair this under Honda's warranty service. I never bought an extended warranty either. I will drive nothing but Hondas from now on and I will most likely buy them at Norm Reeves in Cerritos SoCal!!!!

    Sidenote, - I had a lincoln continental, blew the trans at 72K, the motor at 75K and the suspension at 80Kmls. Ford told me to go fly a kite every time! Guess what? -- I dissuaded at least three peoples from buying a ford product, but have swayed at least six peoples to buy Hondas. I have three Hondas: a '91 Accord, a '99 Odyssey, and an '05 CR-V...
    And I really want to add an Element to the list... :-)
  • xfilez76xfilez76 Posts: 3
    I know this is off topic but, can someone tell me, or guide me to the right forum, as to what is the maintenance scheudle for a 2006 Honda civic?

    Thank you much!!!!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    This will tell you: Maintenance Schedule

    tidester, host
  • Thanks for sharing. I will go with them because of the 12 months no interest deal. :)
  • sw_ohsw_oh Posts: 23
    Oh, let me mention that they will charge a $25 documentation fee for the 12 month payment plan. No doc fee if you pay it all at once. But if you are not interested in the gift certificate the price comes out the same since they waived the $25 GC.
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    I think the EWs are nothing but a hoax and sucker game. I too bought my three HONDAs because they run well AND last many years. I too asked them when they 'offered' EWs if I really needed them, and that I could buy a gm or f.. product for $1000s less and then get the EW and cover their deficiencies. That pretty much shut them up... I just had my 7+ year old '99 Ody at Norm Reeves HONDA in Cerritos CA, and I pointed out to them that my shift interlock, a power door latch motor were broken and the transmission was shifting hard. Norm Reeves HONDA replaced the trans and repaired the inter shift lock and the power door latch under HONDA warranty with NO (zero) cost to me. HONDA AND the dealer are really backing up their reputation and their products. The total repair cost would have approached $6000.-- and Honda just accepted it without me having to do a 'rain dance'... A few years ago I had a lincoln continental, blew the trans at 72K, the motor at 75K, and the computer controlled air ride suspension at 80K. ford told me to go fly a kite... I will NEVER consider ANY ford related product EVER again!!! And if I can dissuade anyone from buying a ford I will do that too!!! All my HONDAs are a joy to own and drive, I smile every time I turn the key!!! They Work!!
    When my in-laws suffered with a mercury sable I made them park at the curb, now they own an '06 Accord EX and are welcommed to park up in my driveway along with my three HONDAs, a '91Accord, a '99 Ody, and an '05 CR-V. Car live is bliss! :-)
  • mahirimahiri Posts: 26
    I just bought a Civil Si and the dealer tried to sell me an extended warranty with the following specs:

    1. 6 years or 100,000 miles
    2. Fully covered including paint and interior fabric
    3. Exterior and Interior treatment
    4. Lo-Jack and Upgraded Alarm (goes off if you break a window)

    I may be slighly off on some of the specs, but this is the basic package. The cost was about $50 a month for 66 months.

    I am also considering singing up for MBI insurance with Geico which is only $5 a month and appears to be the equivalent of a bumper to bumper warrant for 7 years or 100,000 miles. The catch here is that Geico is about $50 bucks more a month than Amica, an insurance company that I will switch to if I don't get MBI.

    Is there any reason to go with the dealer warranty package?
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 612
    2. Fully covered including paint and interior fabric
    What is the name of the service contract company? I've not seen any that cover paint or upholstery. Is this a 'paint and fabric protection' plan, or a complete service contract?

    MBI= mechanical breakdown insurance-it's a far cry from a bumper to bumper warranty.

    Read the contracts completely and compare-don't skim the brochures and make a decision. There's a reason Geico is so cheap.

    One other thing, rarely mentioned, is: make sure the time/mileage limits fit your driving style. I don't drive 30k miles in 6 years, so a 6/100 plan would be excessive. If you drive 30k in one year, the 6/100 expires in just over 3 years.

    read the fine print. read the fine print. read the fine print read the fine print.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    That is $3300 for a "warranty" shop around and get a HONDA backed warranty for less than $1k.
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