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Honda Extended Warranties Pricing and Info



  • Denver5357,


    Did you have to haggle to get the price they quoted you or was it lay out up front? I am going to give them a call, but I want to know what to expect before I do that. Also is your warranty $0 deductable?
  • Yep, $0 deductible. I didn't haggle. The price was so much lower than anyone else, it was OK with me. I have heard recently that the price may now be even a little lower (like $30 or so), though I can't confirm that.
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 612
    blueiedgod writes <If I am going to rely on extended warranty, might as well save my money and buy a Chevy or Hyundai. They come with free 5 year/60,000 or 10 year/100,000.>


    The Chevrolet 5/60 warranty is only for the Aveo, and is a Powertrain service contract (GMPP). Hyundai's 10/100 is also powertrain only.

    Bumper to Bumper warranty for Chevy is still 3/36, and Hyundai B2B is 5/60.


    Bumper to Bumper and Powertrain warranties are two waaaaay different things.
  • depdep Posts: 79
    ...purchased for $780 from Muller Honda in Highland Park, IL.


  • Dep,


    Can you e-mail the name of the person who you dealt with at Muller Honda? Was the transaction done by phone or e-mail? I am interested in getting the same warranty.
  • denver5357/kengaroo,

    Can you please send the name/email address of the person you talked to at Pohanka. I am also looking for same and quoted much higher price at the dealer. Would appreciate your input. Thank you.
  • depdep Posts: 79
    Ok, I am not sure how to get your email address from Edmunds but I would be glad to send you the name of the person if you can figure out how to get me your email :)


    Keep in mind that I was buying this as part of a new car purchase so I don't know if they would be interested in selling one at that price on its own.


    If you just want to buy the Honda Care plan I would go to They sell online at very low prices. Had the dealer not given in at the last min. I would have just purchased from them.
  • Actually, I had been looking at Curry Honda, but the lady at Pohanka beat even their prices, and I bought the EW separately.
  • Dep,


    If you are signed in, just click on my name on the subject line. It will display my e-mail address.
  • I just purchased the warranty from Sam Swope Honda World for $765. I was originally quoted $845, but I told the Finance Manager that I could get it for $795 at Pohanka Honda and she automatically dropped the price to $765.
  • To get the best price possible... Ask them to see the cost book. Tell them you understand that the dealer must make some profit, and you have no problem with that. But... You don't think you deserve to pay a large premium, after all, they are making money on the vehicle purchase and possibly financing. Not to mention that if they treat you well, odds are you are going to refer a friend/family member or buy your next vehicle from them.
  • Who did you talk to Pohanka Honda.
    I called the Finance Mgr and he was unaware they are selling this EXTENDED warranty (7YR / 100K / $0 DED) for anything less then $1200.

    Can you email me their name or email address?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • richk1richk1 Posts: 51
    okay - so I'm about to buy a new Accord EX-L v6 and coincidentally, I also just bought a used 2002 Odyssey with only 10800 miles on it.

    I definitely want to get an extended warranty for the mini. Besides - where else should I look? and what do I need to know to make sure I'm comparing apples to apples - are there "honda approved" extended warranty companies that I should stick with?

    As for the Accord, I may want to get the extended warranty there too, but before I can figure out the duration, can someone tell me if these things are generally transferable if I sell the car in 4-5 yrs, but have a 7/100 warranty on it?

  • depdep Posts: 79
    IMO, you should only buy a Honda Care plan sold by Honda. 3rd party plans tend to have many more problems than manf. sponsored plans.

    And, Yes. You can transfer a Honda Care plan to another private owner should you sell. You can not transfer the plan if you trade the car in to a just goes away in that case.

  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 839
    Be sure to find out if Honda requires a bumper-to-bumper inspection of a used vehicle by a dealership before they'll sell you a HondaCare EW.

    I bought a private party Volvo with 16,900 miles this past August. Any dealer that quoted a price for the VIP (Volvo Increased Protection) extended warranty also required an inspection of the vehicle (one hour's labor charge)--even though the car was still under the original factory warranty. This requirement, obviously, prevented me from getting quotes from dealerships that were beyond driving distance.
  • fezofezo Posts: 9,328
    I have two Hondas - an 00 Accord with no warranty and an 02 Ody with 100K $0 deductible. Now I went pricing a little through this very board and the odyboard site and landed with a guy at Moss Honda in Baton Rouge (I'm in New Jersey)whose name I no longer remember who sold me the warranty for a touch over $900. I asked the local dealer for a quote and when they wanted $1,800! When I said "for something this buy will sell me for $900?" they didn't even acknowledge that I'd said anything.

    When I had the big tranny issue (I have had mixed stories on coverage of the 02 tranny - they had done the second gear inspection and pump deal earlier) I was in a rental on their nickel for more than the 3 days the warranty called for and in a bigger vehicle because I need 6 seats. So all told I was in on Tuesday, out on Saturday, in the rental that time and never opened my wallet. All the work got done by the dealership that wouldn't budge on the price. At least their service people are good.
  • xcelxcel Posts: 1,025
    Hi All:

    Someone led me to a few weeks ago and looking over their 5 year/100K $0 and $50 deductible list, Curry charges $55/$65 less for the $0/$50 deductible respectively vs. those posted at Jayhondacare at the 1 year out time frame. That is with the $90 coupon they send you via E-Mail in order to see their pricing and for an Accord w/ less then 1 year on it.

    At the 2 year + mark, Curry was lower by $5 on the $0/$50 deductible.

    At the 3 year + mark, JayHondaCare was lower by $45/$55 respectively on the $0/$50 deductible.

    5 Year/100,000 - 1 year/2 year/3 year

    $50 deductible: $735/$795/$915
    $0 deductible: $810/$860/$970

    $50 deductible: $800/$800/$860
    $0 deductible: $865/$865/$925

    I hope this helps and I really hope I didn&#146;t screw up the third grade math ;-)

    Good Luck

    Wayne R. Gerdes
  • I recently bought an Element. I got a Honda Care Plan through the dealership. I paid for a 7yr/70000 mile warranty. After careful thought, I definitely want to change the plan to a 10yr/100000 mile warranty. I am sure within 10 years the contract will have paid for itself with one repair. Is this possible to do, also how would I go by doing this? Thanks

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