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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    How does tranny fluid "check out okay?" Per your owner's manual, the 30k service requires that the ATF be replaced. You either changed it or didn't. There's no way for you or the mechanic to know if the ATF is still good or not without a lab analysis.
  • mschafermschafer Posts: 317
    Try changing the linear solenoid and flushing the fluid. It apparently won't work in all cases, but it's worth a try. See my post to auburn63 in the Ody Problems Board. Since I did it myself, the cost was about $225.00. The dealer quoted around $450.00. It seems to have worked for me; and it's a heckuva lot cheaper than a rebuilt tranny.
  • notl7notl7 Posts: 1
    The transmission in our '99 Odyssey failed at 45,000 miles of very conservative driving (jerky shifting in low gears). Ironically, I had purchased the extended warranty, then cancelled it, thinking "I bought a Honda for reliability, so why purchase the extended warranty?" Even so, we only had to pay for labor for the new trans. It gets better. ~15,000 miles later, we heard grinding noises. The dealer said it was still on warranty and put in yet another trans. for free. But this one only has a 12,000 mile/1 year warranty. I was shocked to read the ~$5,000 cost of a new transmission. I am definitely going to discuss this with Honda and get my name on the list of owners demanding extended coverage. Information will be appreciated.
  • msschafer,
    I also did the fluid flush and changed the linear solenoid (Honda paid for the parts, $150 labor out of my pocket). I also thought this fixed the problem..... that is until about 5K miles later. I now have a new transmission that Honda put in (parts, labor & rental included).
  • msschafer,
    How did you get them to pay for the labor and rental? What warranty did you get? My tranny is on backorder (p0740 code), they don't even want to do the flush/solenoid--went straight to replacement -- my labor cost $630, and a 12/12k mile warranty. This at 58k miles, serviced regularly. Haven't "discussed" with Honda US yet, was trying to determine strategy. Did you get this deal through Honda USA, or the district service manager? Any tips / ideas would be appreciated.
  • New to this board. We just bought a 01 Oddy with 26.5k miles from a private sale 2 weeks ago, and already the tranny shifts really rough between 20-25 mph when cold. No, not 'hard shifts' as stated in the normal conditions on the letter of Tranny Warranty Extension. Took it to the dealership today and received a call from them of, you guess it, Transmission Replacement. Hope the extended warranty, 4/48000 miles, we bought from the seller covers any out-of-pocket cost we might incurred. We do have a $100 deductible. Anyway, enjoy the board alot. Will come back later.
  • bgv99bgv99 Posts: 4
    Our 2000 Odyssey developed has developed a major problem .We were told that there was a "Material failure in the Head Assembley,the camshaft siezed, resulting in the breakage of Timing belt damage to the engine head and valves etc." The van has been at the dealer for almost 12 days now.They have to put in a new engine head and another one has been sent to the machine shop.This is a well maintained vehicle with 39k miles on it.Has anyone else had a problem like this?What is the prognosis in future? To think we waited for a year for this vehicle!We had just bought a Honda care warranty ,but they told us that they can give us a 'loaner' for 4 days only.
    Thank you in advance for your input.
  • Thanks for the information. I just went to Honda website and printed out a copy for myself. I am sure the dealer wondeny it if the time ever comes but you never know.

    Thanks again.
  • mark189mark189 Posts: 107
    My 1999 Odyssey's transmission is making a noise and I was told I need to have it replaced. The dealer says a rebuilt will cost $6,000. I contacted Honda corporate and was told the 1999's are being handled on a case by case basis. Still waiting to hear back.

    At this point, if I have to pay $6,000 for repairs, I might as well buy a Chrysler. Well, that might be a little drastic, but I'll definitely be looking at the new Toyota Siennas.

    Meanwhile, I'm pricing an extended warranty for my MDX.
  • It's been 8 days now since the dealer told us about replacing the transmission. Because our vehicle is a 'grey market' situation, manufacture warranty does not apply. We're still waiting for the dealer transfers my name to the extended warranty. In the mean time, we took our van home with us. Not sure how long it will take. It's very frustrating. Any thought or suggestion? Thanks and happy transmission....he he.
  • mark189mark189 Posts: 107
    No help from the dealer, but Honda corporate has offered to pay about 2/3rds of the cost to replace my transmission.

    I asked why they wouldn't cover all of the costs, considering the problems they've had with the transmissions. They said that the '99's have a different transmission than the the '00's and '01's, and they haven't identified any defect in the '99's. Considering I have 82,000 on my Odyssey, I'm satisfied with the offer.

    By the way, I priced an extended warranty on my MDX, and actually got a better price from the dealer than Warranty direct.
  • Our 1999 Odyssey with 68,000 miles is going to have the transmission replaced because of the symptoms described in service bulletin 065 (loud clank in reverse gear). This has been happening intermittently since it was new, but we could not reproduce the problem in front of the dealer until last week. After sending out an investigator/claims adjuster, our extended warranty company has agreed to pay for a transmission rebuilt by a third party with a 12 month/12k mile warranty. The dealer said we would have to pay extra if we wanted a Honda factory rebuilt with a 3 year/36k mile warranty. Two questions-Does anyone know if their is any difference in quality between the two transmissions? And, should I take up the entire matter with Corporate Honda? Any opinions or advice would be appreciated.
  • Finally, I was told by the dealer today that I have been accepted by Underwriter and I can bring my van back to them (the dealer) so they can start replacing the transmission. Funny, if it took them 3 weeks to transfer my name to the extended warranty, I wonder how long it would take them to replace the transmission. I am very hesitant about all this situation. That's it for now, happy transmission...
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
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  • mark189mark189 Posts: 107
    Per previous posts for my '99 Odyssey with 82,000 miles. Quoted $6,000 by the dealer to replace the transmission. Honda corporate agreed to pay all but $2,036. Picked up my van today and the local Honda dealer covered half the cost. Not bad considering where I started.

    Thanks to Edmunds Town Hall and all it's contributors
    I was first told by the dealer there was nothing they could do, and by corporate that the '99's don't have any factory problems. If it weren't for Edmunds Town Hall I would have just paid the $6,000 (or went to a local transmission shop for a cheaper job).
  • moonkatmoonkat Posts: 265
    Were you grilled on maintenance documentation, receipts etc, to qualify for the warranty repair?
  • mark189mark189 Posts: 107
    No grilling, although I did tell them when I had it performed. The dealer had records, and I had one transmission flush done by a local garage.

    Since it's a transmission, the maintenance is easier to document since it isn't required every 7,500 like an oil change.

    Anyway, no grilling or hassle.
  • after 30,000 miles of mostly trouble free driving( I won't mention the power sliding door problems) our 01 odyssey transmission began downshifting hard enough to give us whiplash at low speeds. our dealer has agreed to replace it free (ref. Honda America's oct 21 letter extending the warranty) However, the first replacement didn't even make it home, we had to take it right back due to a loud metal on metal noise at low speeds, now another 2 weeks in the shop...
  • larcklarck Posts: 22
    I have a 2000LX and have not had any trany problems (knock on wood!!) I took it to the dealer Thursday 11/21 for a routine transmission fluid change at 33,000 miles. The service writer informed me that Honda has extended the warranty on the transmission and I should be getting notification in the mail. Has anyone actually received notification?
  • l5tcl5tc Posts: 14
    I have a 2000 LX that has 35K on it. I've just noticed for that first time a Clunk/lurch from a cold start which I know has never been there. I can also feel it shift somtimes, something else that I know never was happening. The transmission used to run seemlessly all the time, even from a cold start. I just want to know how to approach the dealer with this problem.

    Of couse this started just when I'm about to sell it. I want to make sure that it's fixed and who ever buys this from me isn't stuck with a tranny that's about to go flooey.

    Thanks for any feedback.
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