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Ford Escape Hybrid



  • donbarondonbaron Posts: 13
    Excellent report! You hae told me more than the dealers. I may now order the escape over waiting for the Mariner Release. I guess we are still only getting a gray interior??
  • cdoldcdold Posts: 34
    I just went back to the dealer for the first time with my 2005 Escape Hybrid.
    The 10,000 mile service cost $31.40.
    Two things wrong:
    There was a nut missing from just above the footrest, or "dead pedal" on the left side. For some reason, the service guy went and checked a couple of other 2005 Escapes on the lot... they were also missing the nut. He added the nut and washer called for in the parts manual.
    The dealer didn't have the oil filter in stock. It's different from the non-Hybrid model.
    He sent someone to another Ford dealer to get one.

    The service guy said the regular oil change guy could change the oil on the Hybrid, but the Hybrid-certified tech had to look at the missing nut. A hybrid-certified mechanic is required for anything but the oil change.

    See ya in another 10,000 miles. :D
  • doubteddoubted Posts: 2
    I am driving my old Ford Aerostar with 18MPG in the city and spending about $20/week for gas. I calculated that Ford Escape Hybrid with 36MPG in the city (at the best) would save me $10/week or $520/year. I went today to local Ford Escape Hybrid dealer to ask some questions. I have learned that the power battery has 10 years manufacturing warranty and it is good. What is not so good after that the replacement price will be $6,900 plus labor! So after 10 years of driving and saving about $5,200 on gas I will have to spend much more on battery and it will make me loose about $2000. For those who will make most miles on highways it will be even worse. However we don't know what prices for gas will be 1, 2 or 10 years from now, but still for those of you who counts $31.40 for 10,000-mile service cost it should be important to know. Another thing: when I came to see 2005 Escape Hybrid it was a sticker price on it $28,900 that should be for 2006 AWD (All Wheel Drive) model. However when I asked to lift it I saw that it is FWD (Front Wheel Drive) model that has MSRP $26,900 for 2006 model and probably some less for remaining 2005 models, so watch out. :confuse:
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Does it save money? No. Does is conserve petroleum resources? Yes!
  • doccdocc Posts: 24
    As far as saving money goes, it's easy to save with a hybrid if you put on lots of miles fast and they include lots of city, stop and go, or slow driving. It is incredibly unlikely that the relatively new metal hydride batteries will cost $6,900 in 2015! And, if you put on lots of miles, the car will probably be worn out before the batteries are even off warranty. Besides, they may last 20 years.

    It's also very easy to save money if gasoline rises a lot in price during the life of the vehicle, which is a distinct possibility. What will a Hummer be worth if gasoline goes to $6/gal?

    But the point of a hybrid is to pollute less and conserve resources.

  • doubteddoubted Posts: 2
    I agree that saving petroleum and pollution reduction is important. It wold be nice if manufacturers of hybrids would provide a way to partially charge the battery overnight from the house (garage) electric system. The power needed is about the same or less what electric water heater takes. Demand for power at night hours is low. The few miles driving using home energy would save some gas and money every day. Reduction of pollution will also take place because some portion of electric energy in the system produced without burning petroleum like hydroelectric, nuclear, some wind, solar and natural gas. What manufacturing has to do is to reprogram the system to allow a deeper discharge of the battery on the way home (not allow the gas engine to completely recharge battery) to make room for home energy to flow in to battery and make an outlet for a power cable connection.
  • doccdocc Posts: 24
    The battery isn't large enough for that to pay off. It serves as a small storage place for the vehicle's kinetic energy when you stop and start or drive with varying speed, etc. There isn't enough energy in the battery to move the vehicle more than a mile or two at very low speed.

    I have thought about getting an electric warmer for the oil, though. Last winter, the car seldom warmed up enough for the engine to shut down on short trips in my small town.

  • stevewastevewa Posts: 203
    Had my first dealer experience today. I came in with Mobil 1 5w20 oil and my Wix filter (includes the needed o-rings for total of about $5 unlike the Motorcraft filter). I had a certificate from the dealer for a free oil change, which they honored without question. They decided to use my filter, but gave me a Motorcraft filter and o-ring to take home for next time, which is good because I'm hearing many dealers are charging extra on their LOF for the more costly filter.

    I also had them try to track down my suspension squeak, which they were able to hear but can't find yet. They want more time with the rig to chase it than I had to give them. Overall a positive experience.
  • doccdocc Posts: 24
    I have had a suspension squeak, too. It comes and goes, causing me to incorrectly think I've fixed it. If you ever find it, please post the location/solution here.

    I also hear a very high-pitched whine. This appears to occur only when the electric motor is turning (in either direction). Do other owners hear this? Is it normal for the vehicle? I only notice it at low speeds with the windows open.

  • hybirdhybird Posts: 2
    Hi stevewa. Can you provide the Wix part numbers (and your source) for the filter and o-ring. I paid $13 for the Motorcraft filter at the dealer. They had no o-ring in stock (and no plans to order any). The guy at the parts counter told me to re-use the old one, even though the manual indicates to replace it. Nice customer service, don't you think?
  • hybirdhybird Posts: 2
    I recently was (stranded out of town) due to a failure on the electric motor coolant pump. I was towing a small utility trailer along an old jeep trail, so I was in electric mode most of the time. The dealer service rep said that this had nothing to do with the problem, but I'm not convinced. The rep also said that this problem was on the Ford "hotline, " so it is happening to other vehicles. Anyone else have this problem? If not, be careful if you are off-road!

    Also, a reply to Jim regarding the whine at low speeds. I hear it also. I think that it is nothing to worry about and just noise from the motor/generator spinning. Anyone else?
  • stevewastevewa Posts: 203
    Wix part number is 57203. Purolator part is L15505. Both come with the o-rings. The Purolator is more of a dead ringer for the Motorcraft filter than the Wix is, but the build quality is better on the Wix IMO.

    The guy at the counter is full of it, you really should replace _both_ o-rings at every oil change (the big one on the filter housing and the small one on the drain plug). Eventually the o-ring will stretch enough that you'll have no choice. My dealer is stocking and replacing the o-ring. OTOH, their tech overfilled my oil on this service (I left them with 5 quarts of Mobil 1 5w20 and they just dumped them all in rather than put in the correct 4.5 quarts).
  • stevewastevewa Posts: 203
    There's a rumor about of a TSB on the coolant pump. It has nothing to do with being offroad, it just happens in some vehicles. One owner had it happen in his driveway.
  • cdoldcdold Posts: 34
    "The battery isn't large enough for that to pay off".

    But there are aftermarket kits to add more battery, and the ability to plug in overnight (PHEV). Then it can be useful, although with a price of $10,000 for early adopters, the E-Drive system won't really "pay off" in dollar terms.

    I have managed about 8 miles on electric only, but the MPG, which I reset as soon as I got stuck in the traffic, went from 99 back down to 38 within a few miles after the engine started.

    I was spending over $50 per week on gas, and now it's $20 less than once a week, so my cost savings is substantial, and i think it will amortize. That's not the whole point, though, is it? If I wanted savings, I would have purcahsed a used Escape V-6.
  • zx24szqzx24szq Posts: 2
    I pick mine up tomorrow morning...a full week early! (I ordered mine with what I wanted) :P I am like a kid waiting for Christmas! Thank you all for all this interesting information I have been reading while lurking behind the scenes waiting for mine to show up so I can join the club! :shades:
  • Were you able to track down your squeak? I just got an Escape Hybrid about three weeks ago, and it squeaks at about five miles per hour or less after it has either been driven for over an hour or it is hot outside. (Same conditions for you?) It is definitely not a brake squeak. I called my local dealer and they said that they had another one in the shop doing the same thing, but they couldn't figure out what was wrong and the Ford hotline wasn't any help. They said they will end up having to torque everything -- or something like that. I'd prefer them to better isolate the problem before they start torquing stuff, so any insight would be appreciated.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    A reporter is interested in speaking with owners of the Ford Escape hybrid. If you own or lease one and would be interested in speaking with the reporter, please send your name and e-mail address to Pam Krebs, PR, at
  • stevewastevewa Posts: 203
    I have not been back to the dealer to have them spend more time on it. Been on the road the past couple of weekends. It's definitely somewhere in the suspension and it changes depending on whether you're coasting, braking or accelerating so something is shifting around. I don't think it's anything hybrid-specific.
  • bart4bart4 Posts: 2
    I have factory leather, nothing special not like a high end BUT it comes along with other options packages, also it come in verrrry limited colors (1), have to check that out. The after market can be done to your liking, level, cost, design etc but it is $$$$. Also check out 05 federal rebates vs 06, may cost you more than its worth. If every thing else is cool go with what you can get and buy your wife a nice leather coat.
  • bart4bart4 Posts: 2
    anyone located hi flow air filters for the Ford hybrid escape yet or any other items that may help further the cause of saving fuel (new chips etc.) or a little extra power, even though it is very good in general use
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