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Ford Escape Hybrid



  • Howdy:

    If you havea copy of that pdf that you could send that'd be a big help as I"m prepareing to order a new 06 for delivery after the 1st of the year.


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    What we want to avoid is the converstaion taking place in email rather than here on the forums. Also, putting your email in a message board posts exposes it to those who farm the boards for active email addys . Not a lot of fun dealing with the spam that can result.

    But back to getting information sent to another user, the solution is to click on "Preferences" and set your email to 'public" That way, other registered forums users, and ONLY registered forums users, can click on your username and find your email address.

    Also, if you have a link to the .pdf file, posting that is certainly acceptable.


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  • The Escape hybrid with the optional "navigation hybrid" radio system is NOT compatible with the Virsteon/Ford Sirius radio adaptor. Only those Escapes that have a "Sat" button on the radio are compatible.

    Before October 2005, most Escape hybrids were shipped with a non-Sirius capable radio/6 CD changer. Ford has discontinued putting these radios into the Escape hybrid. Beginning in vehicles produced in October, all Escape hybrids WITHOUT the fancy hybrid navigation radio will be Sirius compatible with the simple addition of the plug-in Visteon/Ford Sirius satellite radio adaptor.

    In my experience, I've found that you don't have to install the Sirius antenna outside of the vehicle, but rather, you can just lay it on top of the dashboard with some velcro strips. It picks up the satellites perfectly.
  • I don't mind the wait. I want a Ford Escape Hybrid but 'ford' refuses to paint mine yellow. I don't understand why since my mustang is yellow and they paint the regular escapes yellow. No one can provide me a sound business reason for not painting mine yellow. Would you know how I can find out? :(
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Cars from the factory come in the colors they come in. There is no way to change that.

    The business reason is probably that the Hybrid Escape comes down it's own production assembly line, and the spray booth for painting only has the "hybrid available colors" in the spray booth. To add another color to that booth costs extra money, and hybrid vehicles right now are trying to come out as INEXPENSIVELY for the car maker as they can be, because the profit margin is so small on these cars.

    It probably costs them a few hundred thousand dollars in paint for every extra color they provide, so the fewer colors they provide, the less the manufacturing costs.
  • dw438dw438 Posts: 41
    None of the models built at Ford in Kansas City are yellow. :lemon: Fords, Mercurys, Mazda .. none with that hue. One Escape model is in a coppery hue. That's about it.
    As previous poster stated, yellow as a custom color would be prohibitively expensive.
    The original '01-04 Escape had a yellow. :lemon: It wasn't that popular so it was discontinued, along with the dark green color and dark blue color.
    But if you want to purchase a fleet order of Hybrids, you can get them in many colors, as long as it's from Ford's list. And you'll have to buy at least five of them in a year, or twenty-five if you give Ford your own special paint color.
    Ford's fleet website has some interesting information about custom color.
  • Thank you, what you said makes since. Getting a flat 'no' from the dealership is hard to swallow without some explaination.
  • does anyone know where you can get a good license plate frame for the rear plate........???
  • Hi,
    I have just under 1,000 miles on my 2006 FEH and just today it developed a squeak in the rear somewhere. It's very pronounced at low speeds, but you can still hear at higher speeds. Did you every get an answer to this question? Thanks, Peter :)
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204

    "This may be the best-engineered hybrid product to date, making more use of its electric motor with less dependency on the gasoline engine than on any other hybrid on the market. The figures don't lie: 85 percent of the vehicle's parts are recyclable, and Ford claims that the Escape will release less than one pound of emissions in 15,000 miles of driving. In an industry that needs to be on the forefront of making environmentally conscious decisions, the Hybrid Escape is an undeniable hit and a pretty solid indicator of where automakers are heading."
  • I am a rural mail carrier, driving about 78 miles per day on a mixture of paved and unpaved roads (about 50/50). Needless to say I do a LOT of start stop driving. I'm thinking about replacing my Dakota 4WD Quad cab (avg 11-12 mpg on the route). Will the Escape hybrid stand up to this type use?

    1. Will it run approximately 30 to 60 min (multiple stop start cycles but rarely exceeding approx 20 mph) on battery during in city operation?

    2. Will the drive train hold up to extensive start/stop cycles? Can the gas engine startup be "over ridden" in an instance where speed between stops would just reach the startup speed (25mph ?) before slowing to a stop?

    3. Can the huge center console be removed without causing driving problems?

    4. Brakes are used more in one day than most people use in a week. Same goes for steering components. Any thoughts as to durability of these components?

    Your thoughts would be most appreciated.

  • cdoldcdold Posts: 34
    a squeak in the rear somewhere

    I was just checking the tire pressure in my 2005 FEH.
    Crawling under the rear to check the spare, I noticed that both rear shock absorbers have stripes on them where the paint has been scraped off. I presume this would squeak, although I don't know if you could hear it.
  • Looks like you can get yellow now. They just started using hybrid escapes in New York City as taxis.
  • Has anyone out there heard of a recall of 2006 Escape Hybrids for replacement of the Wiper Motor. We ordered up a 2006 a couple of months ago, and are still waiting for it. At least it has finally made it to the dealer. (At least that's what they say. I haven't seen it) The latest excuse is that they can't give it to us because there has been a recall on the wiper motor. If they give it to us before it is replaced they face a $10,000 dollar fine. I can't find a recall anywhere on the net. The Ford site won't tell about recalls without a VIN number, which I don't have because I don't have the car yet. Just curious whether or not the dealer is stalling. Thanks.
  • doccdocc Posts: 24
    I can address a few of your issues:

    "Will the Escape hybrid stand up to this type use?"

    I would think so. And your mileage should be at the very high end of what is possible.

    "1. Will it run approximately 30 to 60 min (multiple stop start cycles but rarely exceeding approx 20 mph) on battery during in city operation?"

    It will not run that long on battery alone. If you stay below 25-30 mph and accelerate gently, it will run on battery alone until the battery is nearly discharged. Then the engine will start and run both to propel the car and recharge the battery. This is actually quite efficient.

    "2. Will the drive train hold up to extensive start/stop cycles? Can the gas engine startup be "over ridden" in an instance where speed between stops would just reach the startup speed (25mph ?) before slowing to a stop?"

    The engine normally starts and stops frequently in urban driving. I don't see anything unusually demanding in your driving. You cannot override the decision of the computer to start the engine. But I think you may be focusing too much on running in pure electric mode. The hybrid drive can be very efficient even with the engine running for part of the time. It is designed to work that way. There is virtually no loss from having the engine start briefly. Unused power is used to charge the battery.

    "4. Brakes are used more in one day than most people use in a week. Same goes for steering components. Any thoughts as to durability of these components?"

    You should get vastly longer brake life. Most braking is accomplished with the electric drive--not with a friction brake. Hard braking will cause wear, but normal braking (front-wheel regenerative) will not. As a clue, I have 21,000 miles on my '05 and it has produced no brake residue on the front wheels at all in all that time.

  • Update: Got the VIN number from the dealer. The Ford site shows a safety recall #05S40.
    Near as I can find out, it involves a washer and special lubricant. Bye.
  • karlokarlo Posts: 2
    I am seriously looking at the escape hybrid (2006), and I want to go in with both eyes open. One factor is, of course, the city/highway "real world" miles per gallon. While I realize that "mileage may vary", I am interested to hear from owners as to what they are actually getting.

    My use is 20,000 to 25,000 per year, with 65% city driving.

    I have read in this forum of owners stating that they have received 33-36 on the highway....please let me know your driving patterns and actual mileage, so I can factor that information into my decision.

    Thanks, in advance
  • doccdocc Posts: 24
    34 mpg in town or heavy suburban traffic, stop-and-go. If you have a lead foot, reduce that to 32.

    26 mpg on the highway at 80 mph and fully loaded.

    30 mpg highway at 55-60 mph.

    Running the heat or AC in a mode that forces the engine to run ALL the time will reduce those figures. All are for my 2005 4x4.

    I have gotten nearly 37 mpg on a long winding trip through hill country averaging about 40 mph.
  • dw438dw438 Posts: 41
    The six NYC FEH taxis were painted aftermarket. :lemon:
    They were originally white. I saw 5 of them (4 yellow, 1 white) at their garage in Long Island City, NY. And I saw the 6th on the road. FYI they're the FWD model.
  • I commute to work 12 miles along a busy commuter road (17 traffic lights) in Massachusetts. I'm getting 33 - 35mpg.
    When I have gone pure highway, I have gotten 28 - 31mpg. The 28mpg was in a hilly area (Adirondacks). The ability to stay in battery mode has a big impact on mpg. I have owned the Escape since June. I'm very happy with the Escape Hybrid and recommend it.
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