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Transmission service



  • You answered your own question , start by changing the fluid , changing filter in pan and get a transmission flush ... You can tell by looking at dipstick , and smelling oil , it it smells burnt and is brown in color , that is a sign to do the above ... If not I'd probobly do it anyways , your supposed to change the oil and filter anyways after about 35000 per your owners manual .... Larry
  • Hello Opera House
    I was wondering about that Ford inline filter , I was not aware that Ford had an inline filter availiable ...You say a plastic ribbed one they sell , hmmm , The one Summit sells is one that is replaced with a Fram 8A filter , Where did you bolt the housing for the filter , looks like it has a flat back and is bolted somewhere ...
    Also what do you do ? Cut the line and put rubber hose with clamps on ... Does not look like anyplace where this might be mounted >> the housing .... I am wondering if by adding this filter if it will strain the transmission pump that pumps the oil thru the radiator and cooler back to transmission ..... any thoughts of any of this .... Thanks , Larry
  • It's not easy finding a place for the filter. On my 97 Explorer I mounted on a dog leg L bracket I made. Filter is just behind the bumper mounting bolt in the drivers side fender. Every thing is sprayed black so it is not visible to someone who might think spinning it loose would be a joke. When car was purchased w/100K it did not have the transmission cooler which I installed by cutting the transmission line. Hose slips over the metal tube about 4 inches and I use thee clamps to secure each hose. Little extra security because there is no barb to secure the hose. do you currently have any contamination? I am seeing metal powder in my pan. This is my effort to delay the inevitable, reduce wear on other components, and get an extra quart in the system to help cooling. I drove my 92 for 3 years removing metal from the pan. This can be a lot of work if your's is not a problem transmission. This fluid is basically fluid returning to the pan. I heard one person say his shifting improved after installing the filter. Must be the little extra back pressure helped out his leaking valves. I wouldn't sleep using a Fram. The older ones with a flat center tube have a minimal filter area. The latest ones with the wavy center tube may be ok now that the company has been taken over by Honeywell but I don't know yet. Several people have changed out the first filter after the first 1000 miles saying it cleaned a lot of stuff out of the existing fluid, so it wouldn't matter what brand was in there.
  • larieblarieb Posts: 12
    Hi Opera ,
    I have a 2000 E250 Ford Conversion with 7000 miles on it , I tow at times pretty heavy and have been reading that this 4R70 transmission is really not heavy duty ... I have a factory cooler on it , just put a transmission temperture gauge , while towing I run between 150 and 195 degrees ... As winter is getting closer up here in NY I am looking for a project to undertake and I thought the filter would be a good one , also just bought a larger transmission oil pan by 3 Quarts made of aluminum with some cooling fins I will be putting on also ... I take this vehicle off the road in winter so have plenty of time to work on it ... I am wondering ? If I install an inline filter it would have to me mounted somewhat horizontal to the existing transmission line , as anything not horizontally inline would probobly tax this transmission pump even more ...
    looking at the ones offered by Summit , for about $30 seems like a winner .. any thoughts ..... Larry
  • I need to take my 98 Regal in for a routine fluid and filter change and want to try Aamco. Anyone have any experience with them? They want to do all kinds of stuff before performing the fluid change, such as test driving, and using a scope to check for codes, and I don't really think that's necessary, I just want the fluid and filter changed. If they find a problem and I elect not to have them fix it, I get charged $37 for the checkup, no fluid or filter.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    You might want to read a few of the stories here first:

  • All I can say is YIKES!
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    Got to a good local shop or a dealer before this chain
  • I believe Aamco stores are franchised, so you can get a good operator in an Aamco shirt, I guess. I've just never heard of one. Ever.

    Go to the dealer, if you don't have a local shop you trust.
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    But, I have used their tranny fluid and all I can say is that I am NOT impressed. My Cougar ate it up and spit it out.
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