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Chevy Silverado: Problems & Solutions



  • Similar problems w/ 2003 SS, <15,000 m. The dealer has told me that the A/C is within GM specs. That's fine, but when the ambient is 85 w/high r.h., the cab of this black truck (and, yes, a GM field engineer gave me the heat transport phenomena dissertation) is too warm. Nevertheless, the dealer has installed a fan to help cool the compressor and, most recently, a new temp. door actuator. Those changes, along w/ tweaking the charge, have helped somewhat. I have owned several GM trucks, and the A/C operation has never been an issue. Also, I have driven other 2003 and 2004 Silverados with duct air temp. 10 degrees colder than mine. Off line, the technician and service mgr. agree that I have what appears to be okay w/GM, but it sucks w/ me. BBB next for me. Good luck w/ yours.
  • I was told that transmission whine is caused by in-proper break-in of the new vehicle. In your 500 miles of use, did you exceed 3500rpms, floor it, or accelerate fast??? The fluid is new, and when worn in fast can cause whine. Change the fluid and filter.
  • I have a 05 silverado, love it. The clunking noise you hear is the a/c clutch kicking on. ALL a/c clutches clunk when they are turned on, bigger the motor, bigger the a/c compressor, bigger the a/c clutch, bigger the a/c clutch will clunk when turned on. Its not a problem and there is nothing to do about it, its normal. The toyota is no match to a fully equipped silverado.
  • I would ask for a new transmission. NEW not REBUILT
  • This is why Chevy offers a PTO switch x 2 t raise rpms in 500 increments
  • My 2003 HD Duramax is on again and off all the time, I have had problems for a while and a traffic ticket to boot before I realized it was messed up. Did you get yours repaired and what was the fix?
  • I put some 20" wheels with 285-50-20 tires on my new 2005 Chevy 1/2 ton 2wd Crew Cab with only 1300 miles on it. When you press the brake it feels like the front end is going to shake off, but the steering wheel doesn't move nor does it pull to the left or right. It appears to be the brakes. The wheels got pretty hot and you could smell the brakes. Is there anything I can do to stop this? Do I need to take it to the dealer? I figure they will tell me that the problem is because I put aftermarket wheels on it. Brake upgrade? how much?
  • jjtjjjtj Posts: 103
    285's on 20's is alot more weight than stock wheels (16?), and Chevy might have not designed the stock rotors to handle that load. Plus you have a crew cab which is adding to the extra front end weight. I'd look into some bigger aftermarket rotors.. look at maybe some performance type brakes such as Wilwood or similar. Those big wheels will cause a drastically lower life on other front end parts such as ball joints, tie-rod ends, etc as well.
  • everone thinks the hard start when warm is the fuel pressure regulator but this is not always the case. on mine after weeks of headaches and a truck that ran very rich when it did start then suffered poor mpg. it was discovered the temp sensor was bad and was telling the computer it was -40 deg. this was a suprise to me with the temp gauge working on the dash.
  • If you buy GM aftermarket 20's GM's recommended tires are Goodyear Eagle LS 275/55/20's, and this is without any brake changes. So the 285's shouldn't be that much more weight.
  • I had a similar problem with my 1999. Finally when the service engine light start coming on I checked this web site and found out that someone fixed a similar problem by replacing the Fuel Pressure Regulator. I took my truck to the dealer and sure it was. Now the truck runs good no problem. Good luck.
  • me4me4 Posts: 3
    does anyone have a problem with the tranny shifting hard into 2nd?
  • I have 1500 Chevy Silverado 2001

    Mine died on me coming back from North Carolina.
    Had it towed to the dealer. It was smelling bad too!
    Like you said burning oil. Would crank but not start.
    This is what they told me. The AC line in the back of
    the motor above the distributor was not wrapped with
    foam insulator water from the AC was dripping on my
    Distributor. And inside it. It was all corroded inside.
    They replaced the Distributor and cap rotor and wires
    plugs were fouled also. My cost 500 dollars. Also they wrapped the AC line
    with insulator. If you have a 2001 silverado 1500 ext cab check yours....
    Thought i would get my money back after i called customer service and told them.
    They Denied my claim....
  • My Truck would start on 2 tries and run fine and start the rest of the day.
    Then in the morning same thing. Then it took 8 tries and would be fine.
    Then was on my way to work going 65 and it would not reach 70 it was like it was in
    neutral So i backed off the gas and made it to work. Same thing on the way home.
    I Drove it to the Dealer they ran there checks on it. Said it was the converter
    It was plugged they said. Left it there and they put a new Dual Converter on it.
    971 dollars. Picked it up they said it was fine. On the way home it bogged and
    dogged all the way home. Don't think it was the converter at all. Taking it back
    monday will let you all know what i find out.... You think they would know there
    job and get it right the first time.
  • My 3/4 ton Chevy Silverado truck has 6 liter engine and a tow/haul transmission. I have about 5000 miles on it. I have had tranmission problems but they seem intermittent. Once the transmission up-shifted through all 4 gears very hard. This continued until I shut off the truck and restarted it after warm up. The problem was gone. I tend to think this was a computer glitch that caused the torque converter to lock up. It has not happened again but I keep thinking it will again any time. More recently, I started my truck and put it in reverse. It began rolling but I felt as though the transmission was only lightly connected to the drivetrain. It actually felt like it was partially in neutral. I stepped on the gas and the engine revved but the truck was barely moving. It did finally take hold but this has happened before but not to this extreme. I know the dealer must fix this but I need some advice about how to approach the service writer. They like to tell me that they can't fix a problem they can't reproduce. Please advise.
  • have a 2005 5.3 chevy pu looking for some info on cold air intakes pros ,cons,brands to use!
  • My truck is 2002 2500 6.0 automatic. I've only had this truck for a couple of weeks. There's a ticking noise that appears to be coming from within the inside of my dashboard when the truck starts. This ticking noise sounds like a speedometer cable. It happens when I start off rather slow. It goes away once the truck shifts into 2nd gear. The truck runs fine otherwise.

    Any helps or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  • pc59pc59 Posts: 2
    my trans makes a clunk sound shifting into 2nd at low speeds.
  • me4me4 Posts: 3
    I've got an '02. I was told the clunking was the reversing gear going out. This gear will take out 2nd gear and reverse. Have you heard anything.
  • Hi im trying to take off my catalitic coverters so i can get better gas milage but i was told it would screw up the o2 sensers and was wondering if anyone knew how to get around that?? because it has a senser before and after each converter all suggestions wanted thanks
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