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Chevy Silverado: Problems & Solutions



  • OK I am new here so be kind, I am also a computer geek, not a mechanic so be extra kind!

    First of all I made a mistake when I bought my truck and didn't get the 8 cyl engine, now for many reasons I am stuck with my 6 for at least another year.

    When I bought the truck I had a trailer that was supposed to weigh 3900 Lbs, well within the 5100Lbs towing capacity of my truck. One day I weighed it and found it actually weighed 5600 Lbs with a regular load. I have since traded in that trailer and bought one that I have weighed at 4200 Lbs loaded.

    Now, when I am towing long distance after about 1 hr I start to have problems maintaining 65 Mph, the towing Speed limit in Fl. If I get behind someone doing 60 and I pull out to pass and I give it too much gas, it down shifts, which I expect, but at 65-67 it sounds like the engine is going to come out of the hood at 4500RPM, I then let off the gas to get it to drop a gear after I have passed and it won't up shift, I have to take my foot all of the way off the gas and then at about 60 it will shift. Now I have lost all of my momentum and the guy I just passed is cursing me.

    I also have this problem on over passes if I am around 65 and I give it a little gas to maintain speed.

    I am not so worried about the down shift as I am about not being able to get it back in the regular gear.

    Some have told me it is my transmission overheating and that a transmission cooler will solve the problem. Others have scared me and told me I have already cooked it.

    It is still under War. 27,000 miles on it.

    I know that this truck will never take me over a mountain but what can I do to help it in Florida.

    Also I have noticed that I have a ton of power when it is cold and as soon as it heats up it seems to dog even without the trailer.

    BTW I have a trip planned for this weekend so any thing I can do before then would be great!

    Sorry for the long post, I hope all of the info helps

    Thanks for any info you can get me.

    Signed : Trying not to smoke my truck havin fun.
    Chevy Silverado 1500 4.3 V6 ATX Reg cab Long Bed.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Im assuming you replaced all the fluids and checked the engine to make sure it was getting compression. Then i would change the fuel filter and check the fuel pump. Should be pretty easy to figure out, but usually time consuming. Let us know how it goes.
  • Jason,
    Checked with the dealer yesterday and was told it was not a recall , but they were told to check for the fuel line problem by GM. Hope this helps.
  • dschrodschro Posts: 1
    I am in the wrong forum I think, but I'll try anyway. I'm Considering buying an '03 2500HD w/8.1 engine. I don't tow anything, but love the beefy look of the truck and the thought of the big motor. Am I stupid to buy an 8.1 for daily driving? I may get a boat in the near future, but that's it. I'm not real concerned about the MPG. If any of you have an 8.1, have you had any problems with the motor? I think the one I'm looking at is a Vortec.
  • rog49rog49 Posts: 1
  • I don't have an answer but I do share your frustration. I bought a very gently used (32,000 miles) 2001 2500 HD Duramax with the Allison transmission, to help out a friend. It was like a car/truck for me, nice soft ride, quiet engine, strong enough to pull a trailer or haul a load of grain if I had to but not for heavy work. I did not work it hard, put on some highway miles and took care of it.
    In the past two weeks at about 54,000 miles I have put about $4,000 into the truck, and also had all the injectors replaced under warranty. The transmission valve repair came to $2100, and that is after the manifold gaskets failed.

    Just wrote a $44,000 check for a new Ford. It's my fourth Power Stroke, and I still haven't had to replace injectors even at 150,000 miles. I'm pretty down on Chevy right now.
    Duramax is handling the injector problem but Allison is not showing any interest in backing up their transmission. I've got a Top Kick and an International deuce-and-a-half, both with Allisons, and have had no problems, but this Chevy Allison sucks. :mad:
  • go to autozone and have them check for codes in the ebcm. Its probably code co265 If it is check the ground right under the driver door clean the undercoating off and remove the star washer off the ground strap. If that doesnt fix it then its going to need an EBCM. Its about 900 dollars takes 5 minutes to install and have to have a tech 2 to reprogram the tire size after instalation
  • noobie1noobie1 Posts: 326
    You're in the right place dschro. I have an 02 with 75K+ miles. Just finished its first tune-up. If you like the sensation of lots of power under your right foot and MPG is not an issue, then you'll love the 8.1L. Just make sure it isn't a victim of CSK as mine is; If it doesn't knock when first started after sitting overnight you should be fine. That would be the engine choice if I were replacing my truck today with a Chevy or GMC.

  • noobie1noobie1 Posts: 326
    I've been in vehicles with the noise you describe and it's always U-Joints. They seem to be the weakest link in the design, (but the easiest to fix). And the fact that you have a 6" lift makes them even more suspect; The greater the angle, the greater the stress. If you take the cap off a U-Joint and find longitudinal ridges on the inner race, that's what's producing the humming.

    freekydogg: If you can get a hold of a fuel pressure gauge and hook it up to the fitting on the fuel rail, it may help to diagnose the problem; With the key in the 'on' position, you should have 55-60 psi.

  • Just bought a new 2006 Silverado and you guys are scaring me. Is there anybody reading these posts who hasn't had problems with their Silverado? I did own a Chevy truck many moons ago and it wasn't all that good of a truck. I'm really not that much of a brand whore but I have a long memory. Chevy's are reasonably priced and we got a good deal. Thanks very much. Johnny
  • My last 3 company cars were Silverados. Two were extended cab LS 4x4s with the 4.8. One was a Z71 crew cab 4x4 with the 5.3. All were terrific and didn't give me any problems. Congrats on your purchase. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Most of us love our trucks. this is just a forum to b*tch and moan about the things that go wrong with them. I love my truck, but sometimes i have problems, and around here there are ALOT of answers. Good luck with your new truck, hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoy mine. :D
  • I have a 99 Silverado, 4.8L, 136k miles, with the original Fuel Filter still installed. It is rusted on and cannot be removed. I tried and so did a local mechanic. Thus the fuel lines have to be replaced in order to replace the fuel filter. I want to replace it because the truck is occasionally running on fewer than 8 cylinders. Are there any aftermarket fuel line manufacturers? I was also thinking of replacing the fuel tank since it has to be taken off anyways...

    thanks, John
  • bigfur's right. The only real problem I've had with my truck is the popcorn noise caused by my bug shield changing the airflow over the front of my truck, which causes a fluttering noise on the passenger side of the windshield. The fix is relatively easy, but if I didn't want to take care of it myself this forum is so full of information that I was able to locate the TSB that my dealer can use to take care of it.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    John..................Easy fix..........

    Get a mini-tube cutter, Cut off filter, (measure
    fuel line size tho.) Go to local parts house and
    buy a aftermarket fuel filter, neoprene (spl) hose
    and 4 hose clamps.

    Install and drive happy for less than $15 bucks.

    Or you can go the $pendy route and replumb with new
    steel fuel line front to back because I have a feeling
    you live in the frozen north with salt and rust.
    Once ya dig in to it...........It becomes a BUNCH of
    work.............. :cry:
  • I own a 2005 Silverado 2500HD. I love the truck, from the sound of the exhaust to the bigger tires I put on it. The only problem is that the nose is down. I thought about adjusting the torsion bars and getting a leveling kit. Which would be the best option? I heard that my local dealer can adjust the torsion bars but that this could reduce the quality of the ride.
  • I just got myself a 90 Silverado.. worked fine everything sound but last night the running lights (taillights) dont work anymore when im driving, and on the right side only the signal light and brake light work, ..but nothing else, and on the left its only the revese light...
    anybody able to help me..ive checked fuses and they are all good...
    dont kno whats goin on
  • I have a 1999 Chevy Silverado 5.3L that sometimes starts. When it doesn't start I need to go to the top of the fuel tank and unplug the wires connecting to the fuel pump and plug them back in. It will start and stay running for a coulple of times after that and do it again. and my connections are still good.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    I assume that your truck did not come with a factory tow package. You should install a tranmsission oil cooler as soon as possible. They are not that expensive and you can buy one from your GM dealer if you wnat the OEM type.

    Remember that just because something is rated to tow 500 lbs, it does not mean it will tow that load effortlessly at high speeds. I always like to buy a truck with at least a 50% reserve ove rhte max load I will be towing. If I need to tow 5000 lbs, I will buy a truck with a factory rating o at least 7500 lbs.

    Does your transmission have a tow mode? If yes, you should always place it in that mode when towing.
  • Thanks guys for calming my nerves. It sure is a great looking truck and with the prices that Chevy has on them right now it looks even better and it made in America to boot. Johnny
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