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BMW European Delivery



  • postoakpostoak Posts: 537
    I've heard you say that before, about no inventory tax on ED cars -- so you didn't pay it? I did. Anyway, I just called the finance offices of a Honda dealership, a Toyota dealership and a BMW dealership. They all said they MUST collect it on ALL new and used vehicles sold by their dealerships, including ED (in the case of the BMW dealership). Other states probably don't even have this tax, though.
  • " just returned from the ED of my new 530i. While in Germany, I stocked up on some european parts not available in the US, such as aspher. side mirrors. I also bought a BMW wheel cleaning brush kit for 30 euro. I thought it was expensive until I returned home and found that my US dealer wanted $56 for the same kit. What other parts did I miss out on? "

    What are aspher. side mirrors?
  • I appreciate the offer...we are on the same page. I actually have already emailed the parts manager at the Munich dealership with all the part numbers, etc...He was very prompt with his reply and he provided me with all the pricing...Odd though, some were actually higher than in the US??? He just said email him with the order 2 weeks before I pick-up. If anyone is interested in the name and email address of the contact let me know...
    Also, agree on the alarm...need to make sure same as in US before I purchase (about $40 cheaper in Europe, $188)
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Aspherical side mirrors. Work to reduce/eliminate your blind spot.

  • Could you list the part numbers for US alarm, keyless wheel locks, Birch trim and any other goodies that we can't get here? I'm picking up a Orient Blue 330i w/ SP, Moon, Xenon, Fold down seats on 10/21. Anyone else picking up on same day?
  • Sorry if the format is hard to read, I copy and pasted from another note and am lazy....these are US part numbers in Euro prices from the dealer in Munich...
    Birch Shift Knob 25 11 7 512 153 67,50
    Birch Center Console 51 16 7 052 056 59,50
    Birch Steering Wheel Trim 32 30 6 760 155 168,20
    Birch Dash and Door Pieces 51 45 7 048 964 353,00
    Trim Clips 51 45 8 266 814 0,35
    Clear Front & Side Signal Set 82 19 9 416 994 84,00
    Clear Rear Signal Set 82 19 9 416 997 210,00
    Wheel Lug Locks (Studs) 36 13 1 180 882 23,00
    Locks (w/key) 36 13 1 182 006 67,00
    Cargo Net 51 47 9 410 805 45,00
    Alarm Kit 65 73 9 416 520 188,00
  • These are actually the cmpany owned diealerships. I think there are about eight in Munich. The one near the delivery center is the Frankfurter Ring dealership.


    I'll have an answer for you in about an hour and a half on the alarm.
  • You said you got SF to Munich fare for $500. I assume you mean round trip. Where did you find this price? It is much better than what I've been seeing so far. (I will be flying to Munich late October to pick up my 530.) Thanks.
  • FYI - Just a quick glance at the pricing shows that they are roughly equivalent to the US (at least for some of the parts). Given that the Euro is relatively strong to the dollar these days, it may not be worth the hassle to buy the parts in Germany and hand carry them back. As an example, I see that a set of clears will run $210 + $84 = $294. (1 Euro ~ 1 USD). I paid $285 including shipping when I ordered my clears in the US from Cutter Motors in Santa Barbara.

    Also, you may be taking a chance by having clears installed in Germany before the car gets shipped back. I was told that when a car comes through the US port, they will inspect it to make sure it meets US DOT requirements. Putting clears all-around on a sedan is actually illegal unless you add amber front corner markers. My point is, I would hate to pay $300 for clears, only to find that the US port authorities removed them.

  • Looking at the part numbers, I don't know if buying the alarm in Germany is a good idea. In the US, we have an alarm for sedan/coupe/touring and an alarm for the convertible. In Germany, the touring has a different alarm. The numbers don't remotely match.

    Also, I would have to agree with Platypus. The euro is strong. It does not make much sense to buy something that can be purchased in the U.S.

    I purchased wheel locks, luggage net, CD changer and a key ring. Even if purchased now, they would still be cheaper. The key ring that I have is not available in the U.S., so it made sense to purchase it. My CD changer is model 65 12 6 913 388. I go it for 335 euro (I did not pay the 17.5% tax). Even at 1 dollar equal to 1 Euro, it was a steal compared to BMW CD changer prices. It is not advised to buy electronic items unless you have done your homework.
  • Yes, I agree with all that was said! I only plan on picking up a few items that make sense...I just posted the whole list as someone asked for far as airfare, found the flight on Orbitz. It is a Lufthansa flight (united partner) The same flight is now $600...
    ...Thanks for the alarm info and input from others!
  • See that you have pick-up date on 10/17. I have resquested one on 10/30, but have not received a confirmation letter from BMW and the ED at BMW folks say it may be several weeks from now. How did you obtain confirmation so quickly? Need infor for airline, hotel, etc.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    I agree that the best all-around source is Orbitz, especially for international fares.
  • I have a few "newbie" questions about European Delivery:

    1.) When do you actually pay for and take title to the car?
    2.) If you are trading in a car, do you wait until your BMW is delivered to you in the states before turning in the trade-in car to the dealer?
    3.) Has anyone had a particularly good or bad experience with a BMW dealer in the Baltimore/Annapolis/DC area?

    Thanks for the help! This is a great resource.
  • I will be doing ED next month (delivery date in Munich is 10/28). I'll be going to my dealer next week to pay for the car (i.e., pay the purchase price itself; TT&L to be paid once car arrives at the US dealership). My dealer said that I will need to sign and have notarized a purchase order, which I gather he will be sending in to BMW NA. He said that the price listed on the PO will be MSRP, and he assured me not to worry about that, that I will pay our negotiated price--which I have in writing, BTW. I'm sure this is all above board, yet I would still like confirmation from some who have done ED that this is, in fact, standard operating procedure. Thanks!
  • You actually pay for the car or complete financing 45 to 60 days form the date of pick-up. If you are trading in a car, you will need transportation from the time of the trade till the time that you do delivery in the States. As far MD/DC/VA dealers, I cannot help you.
  • postoakpostoak Posts: 537
    sharris - yes, that is above board. My salesman told me the same thing (about MSRP being on the form, but that had nothing to do with the price we had agreed on) and everything turned out fine.

    craigd47 - one downside to ED is that you have to be able to be able to finance or pay for the car without including a trade-in OR you have to be able to go about 3 months without your old car. You receive your title registration forms when you pick the car up at your dealer after it has made its way to the states.
  • I have a delivery date of 10/30 in Munich and have been scheduled to pay for my car at the dealership on 9/23. This Texas dealership want me to also pay the TTL fees at that time. This doesn't seem right in that the car will not be in the states for 2-3 months. Any other's experience? Also when should you receive the BMW confirmation letter for delivery? I am hesitant to pre-pay airline tickets until the date is firm. My car is still in status 112. Gail
  • pap5pap5 Posts: 144
    I have no personal experience doing ED with a D.C. area dealer, but a number of Edmunds users have reported good experiences with Passport in Marlow Heights. Their ED specialist is Joern Esser (may not be the exact spelling). I arranged my ED with a dealer in another area, before reading about Passport.
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