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BMW European Delivery



  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    It's no great deal because the pre-discount prices are very high. You could find two discounted tickets cheaper elsewhere.
  • Check the previous posts.

    If you buy from a California dealer, you will get a car that meets California regulations. European Delivery has no extra vehicle costs other than extended insurance, if necessary. BMW covers the first month. Other manufacturers differ from BMW.
  • I've got some questions that I'm sure you ED experts can answer. I've read through almost 53 pages of this very informative board, well, okay skimmed through many of the pages, but still have some confusions. :) I am planning on purchasing a 2006 750i and would like to do the ED program. I will be paying cash, so no credit or leasing concerns.

    1. Determining ED invoice. There have been some references to web sites on this forum that give ED invoice costs (ie. eurobuyers); but it seems those are out of date and only give 2005 model information. So I am looking at using the 7% rule. Edmunds has US Invoice at $65, 520. 7% of that is $4,586. I am confused by that because say's that I should save $5,025. So do I subtract $4586 (the 7%) or the $5025 from the US Invoice to determine ED Invoice?

    1a. I planned on making my offer to the dealer as follows. ED Invoice + Options + $1500 = offer price. Does that sound right?

    2. Does anyone know if Lufthansa is going to extend the 2 for 1 deal? Currently it expires end of 2005.. I would be looking at a Feb pick up date.

    3. On a cash deal, do I have to provide payment in full to my dealer for the vehicle 30 days prior to pickup or 14 days prior to pick up? Also, if you are trading in a vehicle, is this the time you would conduct the trade-in?

    4. Is there a deposit required to place the initial order?

    I plan on going to the dealer I've been working with tomorrow to discuss but thought you guys could help me get educated.

  • 1. Not sure what the price is, but I think 7-series come out of dealer allocations, so there's no incentive for them to offer any type of discount beyond the ED invoice. In other words $1.5K over invoice probably not going to work.

    2. Don't know about the Lufthansa deal, but a lot of times you can find cheaper fares on your own especially from the East Coast.

    3. Yes typically a deposit is a sign of good faith.

    I'd suggest that you visit There's a whole forum on EDs and it's very informative and a lot of knowledgeable members.
  • 1. BMW is talking sticker, you are talking invoice. I would subtract BMWs stated savings from normal invoice + options + $1500. You can always go up. Remember there is no ED discount on options.

    2. There always seems to be a Lufthansa deal.

    3. BMW does not care if they get paid by a bank or you, but someone pays for the car before delivery. If you trade in your current car, arrange to rent it back till delivery or rent another vehicle till then either from the dealer or Enterprise, etc. You do not want to get in to revaluation in 2-3 months.

    4. Yes, ours was $1000 in 2002 on a 530i.
  • Good to know. I wasn't aware that 7 series comes from dealer allocations as an ED. What do you guys think would be reasonable for a dealer to accept over invoice?

    I figured that BMW doesn't care who they get paid by - just wasn't sure if it was 30 days or 14 days prior to delivery. It seems that the 14 days only applies if it is a lease..correct?

    Thanks for your help!
  • Payment was required 30 days before delivery in 2002. I have heard it is 15 days or 2 weeks now, but I do not know if that is for everyone, leasers or if you use BMWFS.
  • selmselm Posts: 122
    3. I think it is 14 days, finance, lease, or cash.
    4. I did not have a deposit. In fact I never had any outflow of cash until the 14 day mark. Whether you have to pay a deposit may be determined by your dealer. If you order a purple car with green leather (I know they don't offer that, but just go with it) then they may want a deposit as they will never be able to sell that if you back out and might request a deposit. Dealer told me this so take it with a grain of salt.
  • Hi, all:

    My flight to Munich will arrive @11:55am on Friday and the pick up center will close at 3:30pm. If I take the public transportation to get there, do you think I have enough time? What if my flight is delayed and I miss the time, do I have to wait till Monday to get my car?

  • selmselm Posts: 122
    Arrive at 11:55, go to baggage claim and then clear customs. Catch the S-Bahn S1 or S8 to Marienplatz that is like a 45 minute ride if I remember correctly. Then you need to cath the U6 to Freimann (about 12 minutes). Then you have to walk a little bit. So if your plane is ontime and things are working for you, you could be there around 2:00 pm using rail. A cab will cut things down a bit, but more expensive. Unless the airlines really have a problem that day, you should be fine. You can't fly out any sooner?
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    It would have to be delayed quite a bit out of US to be late getting into Munich. If the flight is delayed ~30 minutes or so leaving US, it should make up the time easily. Like the above poster said, once there, I think you will have enough time to make it to the delivery center. The traffic is pretty bad around Munich, so taxi probably won't get you there any faster.
  • khoonkhoon Posts: 85
    I picked up a 5 series in Sept from Munich and can shed some light on the ED process. However, I'm not too sure about pricing for the 7 series. For the 5 series I was referred to a great site that provided invoice pricing etc., I mentioned the site on a previous and got into trouble with the Edmunds police! :mad:

    Personally, I don't believe any model comes out of dealer allocation for ED. Further, I bargained real hard and paid invoice + $250 (I know, I got very lucky ;) ). I would open negotiations at invoice and offer no more than $1K. I had to pay (cash deal) for the car about a month prior to pickup. Prior to this, I had put down a deposit of $1K.

    ED is a great experience! I did not find the Lufthansa offer reasonable. They charge full price for the ticket and then give you a free ticket. Net, net, you can definitely do better on travel web sites or working with the airlines directly for an aggressive sale fare. Make sure you ask your salesman to book you for a factory tour, if you're so inclined. The tours are not automatic. The pickup and drop-off experiences are super smooth - BMW has it worked out real well.

    I'd recommend a hotel near central Munich if you're planning to stay in Munich.

    If you're located in the NY/NJ area, I can suggest the dealer I worked with.
  • selmselm Posts: 122
    Since there is no holdback on BMWs I don't know of a dealer in So Cal that would do it for $250 over invoice. The dealer is going to pay more in wages for the personnel who have to do the extra paperwork and field phone calls from nervous buyers. I think $1000-$1500 over invoice is the norm. Just be aware that they may give a great price over invoice but mark up other things if you are leasing especially. (I know you paid cash so that doesn't apply).

    I stayed in the Schwabing district and took the U6 for 8 minutes if I wanted to get downtown, and would recommend that as well.

    It was the best car buying experience ever. In fact, I am already planning getting 2 at the same time in 2008.

  • I have been reading this forum for a couple of weeks and still have not gotten the concept of ED delivery. It seems like people are spending more time and money to travel to Munich to pick up the vehicle. Can someone please enlighten me on the benefits of purchasing via ED. How much money can you expect to save by purchasing this way? Do you still have to pay state sales tax, doc fees etc…? What is the process for negotiating with a dealer for European Delivery? I am looking to purchase a 330i and want to get the best deal possible. Thanks in advanced.
  • kiki2kiki2 Posts: 1
    Please advise on the dealer you've worked with. Thanks
  • selmselm Posts: 122
    In my opinion, ED is good for several reasons:
    1. You get the 7% discount right off the top.
    2. You don't have to pay for a rental car while you are in Europe (cost savings there). And your own car is much nicer than a rental car.
    3. You get to drive the car on the roads it was designed for. Nothing like driving the autobahn or the alpine twisties.
    4. The 3 is not a part of the dealer allocation so in theory, a dealer should be a little more forgiving on price than they are when doing a normal delivery.

    I have never had such a fun vacation and am already planning a ED trip for 2008 when it will be time to get my wife a new car! I am a person who always takes an annual vacations so, I consider those costs sunk as I was going to spend it anyway. Why not save the money on the car.

    What I did not like:
    1. It took me 5 months start to finish. 3 months ahead of time and nearly 2 months after my vacation because I live on the west coast.
    2. You have more interaction with your dealer than you normally do. Not a big deal for me, but other members of my family place dealing with car dealers, right above dealing with the IRS.

    You pay the same state tax as you would normally (actually less since your purchase price is less) and I also think that you do not have to pay the advertising fees (MACO). Negotiate like you would any other car. Know your invoice and sticker price, take into account the ED Discount, and make your best offer. I personally am not an invoice up person, but prefer to give an out the door price and see if I can't get them to agree to it.

    If you want to experience Europe and make your BMW a piece of that equation, go for it. If you want your car as quickly as possible buy it here.
  • Thank you very much for listing some advantages and disadvantages of buying via ED. The information that you have given will help me to make a more informed decision regarding whether ED is for me. Thanks again! :)
  • NO. All paid by BMW :)
  • How many web sites did you post the same message. I believe BeeWang answered your answer you leeter quite well. If if bothers you don't do it.

    For the rest of the world, BMW ED IS AWESOME!
  • I dropped my car off on Friday November 11th before noon and according to my owners circle account, the car is still awaiting transport. I know that they don't have shipments leaving every day, but does anyone know how long it usually takes to make it on the boat? I'm on the west coast and the wait is killing me!

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