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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • batman702batman702 Posts: 12
    The 2003 330 has nothing but 162 miles on it. I don't think it ever went anywhere seeings how it has never been titled out. How much should I pay for the car? Please don't tell me 38K. Beemers hold their money well, but not that well. It's still a car that will lose 8K as soon as someone drives it off the lot. Thanks.
  • saigonboi21saigonboi21 Posts: 150
    i thought about it- 325i + ZPP+ auto+ Logic7 +xenon+ power rear sunshade= $37,750 or so. I can get the same thing with ED for about $34,040. If you add the cost of the trip it would be another $1200-1600 (to say the least for a week there). I guess the only good thing is that you also get the trip. But then i would have to wait about 2.5 months for my car. hmmm...wut to do
  • newownernewowner Posts: 18
    Thanks for the info. I think BMW is a better product than Mercedes. I am now deciding if I want the 325ix or 330ix. I've spoken to several dealers in the area and in OR. They are very persistent on MSRPor $1,200 off MSRP. There has to be a dealership that will sell for less.

    I live in Tacoma...
  • poldimpoldim Posts: 13
    Does anyone know what it costs dealers for things like the CD changer and floor mats?

    I am trying to get some of these number for some barginning leverage.
  • bigpapibigpapi Posts: 10
    Thanks adp3, I'll keep that in mind.
  • amt7565amt7565 Posts: 165
    You first need to post the MSRP of the car. Ask if the car has been a Demo.
    I got my new 2005-330i 2 months ago for $35K. The MSRP was $42,240.00. But there was a $4200 rebate then. Currently the rebate is gone, but the dealer may still be able to give you that rebate.

    Compare what I posted and negotiate. But first post the MSRP and ask the dealer if the rebates are still available.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Don't expect much discounting from WA and OR dealers - not enough competition.

    Go to California to buy the car - that's what I plan to do when the time comes [we live in Vancouver WA]. Dealers all over the SF Bay Area are closing deals for $1000-$1500 over invoice with no real pushing or shoving. And it will only get better as supply gets better.

    Of course, the AWD cars will be "hot" for awhile until initial demand is satisfied. Personally, I think AWD for Tacoma is overkill, but maybe you're a skier? Anyway, I've pretty much given up worrying about doing a deal for this car in the NW.
  • kenshirokenshiro Posts: 16
    I have received a quote from a dealer for $1350 over invoice price for a 330. Do most dealers show you the actual invoice when you ask, so you can make sure that the dealer is not lying about his invoice price? Or they will not show you the actual invoice but just tell you what the price is.
    Is accurate on the invoice price with options so I can use that to estimate what it is and append $1350 on top of total invoice price?

    Thanks for helping!
  • Mine is the base 330i 6 speed. BMW charges A LOT for extras!!! MSRP $37970. Sale price is $36970. They only want to take $1000 off. Got the same quote from another dealer in the area. So this is what I figure:

    With $3000 trade in
    MSRP $37,970
    Selling $36,970
    Net Cap Cost $33,970
    Residual 59%
    Term 36
    MIles 15000
    Amt. used $12,158
    Dep pymnt $321.33
    Money factor .0025
    Res. $148.43
    Tax $38.76
    Total payment $508.52

    Does this sound about right?
  • bmw06bmw06 Posts: 1
    i got my car $880 over the invoice from northern cali dealership
  • bigpapalukebigpapaluke Posts: 108
    I'm getting about $499.24 / month. I think you're charging yourself too much interest. :)

    That's a pretty base model. Are you getting any options on it? While $1000 off MSRP is good, you may be able to get the car for 2.5% over invoice, which is better (pending on the options). Also, how much money is due at signing? Did the dealership provide a breakdown of that too?

  • newownernewowner Posts: 18
    Wow...Can you tell me which dealership? What options did you get? When do you take delivery?
  • newownernewowner Posts: 18
    Since having my '04 Infiniti G35x, I have fallen in love with AWD. With the amount of rain we get here, I think the $2k investment is well worth it. Someone did post a message recommending northen CA dealerships. That is something I need to look into taking the drive time and such into consideration.
  • poldimpoldim Posts: 13
    Im going to be giving my deposit today for my 330i.

    Sparkling Graphite Metallic
    Beige Dakota Leather
    Poplar Natural Wood Trim
    Cold Weather Package
    Premium Package
    Sport Package
    Power Rear Sunshade/Rear Manual Side Window Shades
    Park Distance Control (rear)
    On-Board Navigation System w/iDrive
    Comfort Access
    Satellite Radio Preperation

    $45,770 - MSRP
    $41,895 - Invoice
    $3,875 - Difference

    Final Price
    $1,438 - Over Invoice (Dealer Profit)
    $45,700 - Agreed on Out-the-Door Price (Includes 5% Tax, DMV Fees and everything else)
    They are also throwing in Regular and All Season Floor Mats, ~$200.

    I think its pretty good considering all they initially said was no lower than $1000 under MSRP.

    Anything else I should ask for when placing the deposit?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,748
    It looks good... is the with the new price increase for deliveries after September 1st?

    I'm guessing you don't want any opinions about your options selection.. ;)


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  • davidbfdavidbf Posts: 3
    Hi all,
    I just went to the dealer and negotiated a price of 1500 over invoice. So far so good, until he said he needed to add destination fee, advertising fee (maco I think he called it) and training fees that added 695+304+553.5 = 1552.5!! So I'm asking myself whether I'm really getting a deal with the "1500 over invoice" where in fact it's more like 1500 over invoice (I imagine I will have to pay destination fee anyway).
    Question: should I go somewhere else or do you think it's going the same thing everywhere? Do they always add all these fees? Are they negotiable?

    Thanks! Very nice and useful board btw.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,748
    The destination charge is on the invoice.. Unless he is adding it on twice, you aren't being charged extra for that..

    The training fee is on the dealer's invoice, but the invoices you see online have it built into the base invoice... So, you really aren't being charged extra for that either...

    MACO is a regional advertising charge.. that is also on his invoice, but not on the invoices you see on-line.. So far, this looks like the only extra fee that he has added, that is over and above the regular invoice..

    You are starting to see the downside of negotiating an "over invoice" deal... The invoice becomes whatever the dealer says it is...

    You should start over using actual numbers... Have you checked here on Edmunds or for the actual invoice price? Do that, then compare it to your actual numbers... You may find that they aren't that far apart. Although $304+553.50 seems awfully high for MACO and training fee... training fee is only $180, I think...



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  • davidd3davidd3 Posts: 582

    The destination fee is legit. Everyone has to pay the same amount. It is not a matter of dealer discretion.

    But as for those other fees you mentioned, advertising fee and training fees, I consider them to be discretionary dealer fees. Some dealers have them. Other dealers don't. Of the dealers that charge fees, amounts vary from dealer to dealer.

    Get quotes from other dealers and compare. If you press them, dealers are often willing to waive/reduce their fees, or alternatively give you the same effect by reducing the sales price of the car by the amount of the fees. I just went through this to get rid of a $275 "conveyance fee." In my case, the dealer reduced the sales price rather than waiving the fee.

    Don't let these fees cloud the big picture - the total price of the car that you want. Add the fees to the negotiated sales price and compare to other offers. If you feel as though the total price that you are being charged for this car, including all fees, is comparable to or less than what you would be able to purchase it for elsewhere, then go for it and don't let the fees bother you.
  • davidbfdavidbf Posts: 3
    Thanks kyfdx. I think I will go somewhere else, I didn't realize these fees were already included.
  • davidbfdavidbf Posts: 3
    Thanks Davidd3, I'm going to another dealer this PM and I will see if I can negotiate these fees away.
  • aptapt Posts: 1
    Long time lurker, 1st time poster... I just put down a fully refundable deposit on a 325xi with the only option being the cold weather package, for delivery in October. Price I've been quoted is $33,895 ($32,200 base, $1000 cold weather, $695 destination). Is this a good deal? Should I shop around some more? Thanks.
  • mcb74mcb74 Posts: 13
    How much will production levels be increasing between now and next March? It doesn't seem like there's much negotiation room on price right now and I'm wondering if it will become easier to negotiate by early next year.

    I'm looking to get a pretty basic 325 --- possibly automatic and premium pkg., more more likely 6speed man. and few other options. I've been quoted $1200 under MSRP.
  • davidd3davidd3 Posts: 582
    $1200 under MSRP is pretty good for a hot new car that has only been on the market since May, no?

    But with a little work, you could probably get an even better deal. It depends on where you're located, I guess. I'm in the metro NY area. Before deciding to get a 330, I had a deal lined up on a 325 ($37,000 range) at $1100 over invoice.

    Seems to me that great deals are being given right now. No need to wait!
  • pete4scpete4sc Posts: 1
    Where did you get your 330i?

    I got a quote from a dealer of $38880 ($1000 over invoice) for a Titanium Silver (Black leather, Premium package only).

    For your floor mats, is it extra or included in what you paid for?
  • goldenskygoldensky Posts: 9
    Okay, I purchased the 325i, pretty basic, just heated seats and as a demo, it had 400 miles on it. As I look, the ship date on the paperwork is May 11th, manufactured in Munich. Does that mean it was one of the early manufactured cars and does that matter? Is there any difference in the quality of the early production cars? Just curious...
  • newownernewowner Posts: 18
    Where are you getting that price? I am very interested in buying a 325xi but none of the dealerships are budging on price...
  • mcb74mcb74 Posts: 13
    Most dealers in the Chicago area have quoted around 1200 under MSRP.
  • mcb74mcb74 Posts: 13
    How much will prices be going up after Sept. 1?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,748


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  • just came from a dealership today - price incr eff 9/1 is $300 and xi adds $1900 to the price
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