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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hscinohhscinoh Posts: 3
    i am in the cincinnati area, ohio. i visited two local bmw dealers (the only two in the area), both were adamant that they only sell 06 325i at msrp. please advise.
  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,872
    Cincinnati is a tough market for BMWs... If you pressed the issue, Sweeney is more likely to discount..

    How about Voss in Centerville? South side of Dayton... off exit 44 on I-75... They may be more likely to deal, and that is only about 30 miles away...


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  • hscinohhscinoh Posts: 3
    kyfdx, thanks so much for the info. Do you think the situation will get better if i wait a while, when the new model is no longer a novelty?

    Another question, if i get a car from a far away dealer, do i have to take it back to the same dealer for service, or i can bring it to a local one? (a local dealer is only about 2 miles from where i live.) regards, hs
  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,872
    Yes.... I think once they have stock for sale at the dealers, the prices will come down...

    I bought my car used in Chicago, and I take it to The BMW Store for service... no problem getting loaners or anything else... It is on my way to work...


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  • skimoskimo Posts: 23

    I just noticed a "lease dea" on the BMWUSA website for the 06 325i. Wandering what are the new MF and Residuals for MAY for the 325i. I already negotiated a price and put a deposit on the car... but if the MF has changed, I will go back to the dealer !! I was using 0.00265 for my deal.

  • woodywwwoodyww Posts: 1,797
    Anyone know availability, & incentives on '05 3-series Touring (wagons)? New England area. TIA!
  • weno2weno2 Posts: 38
    Today, I went to a dealership to see if they had any 325i or 330i Bimmers in stock. The dealer had zero 325i and only two 330i, but convinced me to test drive an 06 325i (had a premium package and heated seats). Comment was why buy an 05 330i when you can get an 06 325i, for about the same price.

    I had to get used to the look, but once I drove the 06, I was hooked! I plan on buying a car this month, but I wonder if it's worth getting an 05 325ix (still some in the Chicagoland area), an 05 330i (saw one w/a sticker of $38K but the incentive should drop the price to around $35K), or get an 06 325i (I want to say the sticker was around $36K - but dealer may accept around $35K).

    I'm one of those who keeps their cars for ten years, and the last two cars I bought (86 Acura Integra LS and 92 Acura Vigor GS), was during the first model year.

    Would appreciate any feedback.
  • derfoderfo Posts: 36
    I ordered a 325i for my wife, due here last of June, with premium and auto for $34077.00. Which is $1500.00 over invoice. Could have bought it about $200.00 cheaper, but 50 miles away. My dealer is very close, with a very good Rep!!
  • amt7565amt7565 Posts: 165
    I test drove the 06 325i as well as the 2005 330i.
    If I were you, I would get the 2005 330i. Better response and power! Ofcourse, the dealer would only encourage you to get the new models because of the higher profit margins. But it all comes down to how you like each car. For me the 330i was much better.

    Remember, for the 2005, you should get between $6K and $7.5K off MSRP depending on the cost of the car.

    Now regarding you driving the car for 10 years, that is something I am not sure on the German cars. The Japanese cars are very reliable(like the ones you have owned), but the BWM is know to have reliability issues. So you might want to research on the "BMW owners, Problems and Solutions" section in these forums.

    Good luck!
  • alebradyalebrady Posts: 19
    i am going thru the process of deciding which 3 series to lease. aside from the deal i am able to work out i am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the relative merits of the '05 325ci, 330ci, and 330ci w/performance package.

    I have been able to test drive the 325ci but the only 330 i have been able to test drive is the '06 330i. How would the '05 330ci with and without performance package compare to the 325ci and the '06 330i (since those would be my 'benchmarks'). I am mostly concerned with the tradeoff between comfort of ride and performance that may exist with the 330ci (with and without performance package since i understand the performance package has a more aggressively tuned suspension).

    also, any thoughts on whether the performance package is worth the money it takes to get the upgrade (realizing this is fundamentally a personal choice). Also, is the 330ci without performance substantially more performance than the 325ci?

    thanks in advance!
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,704
    I've noticed through my many years of observing and driving BMW 3-Series cars that on the 1992-99 generation (E36), the front windows on the coupes and convertibles move down about 1/4 of an inch when the doors are opened. This happens only when the windows are in the fully closed position. Notice it? I've seen the same feature on the Porsche Boxster before.

    Now, do the 1999-05 (E46) coupes and convertibles have their front windows do that, as in the E36? I'm just wondering because I have limited experience with the E46 series- I've only driven the sedans.
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    The M3s do so I would bet the regular E46 coupes and convertibles will as well.
  • glakerglaker Posts: 49
    Last year when I did the Susan Koman Breast Cancer drive, all the staff were buzzing about the 330 with the performance package. I drove it (twice, in fact) and came away with a huge smile on my face. It was much more fun than driving anything else on the BMW roster except for the 545 (Which is waaay more expensive). Bottom line is I bought one a few months later and got a great deal. Every time I drive it I wear an ear to ear grin. It was even a good performer in the upstate NY winter when shod with 4 snows. The only thing you need to be prepared for is a very harsh ride with the 18" wheels and low profile summer tires. If the roads around you are full of pot holes, you might want something with a little softer suspension. It all depends on the roads and your driving style. Good luck with your selection!
  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,872
    Yes..they do... also the Z4..

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  • skimoskimo Posts: 23
    Hey y'all ! (yes I am in Texas..)

    Anyone know the new MF and Residuals for 06 325i for May?

  • alebradyalebrady Posts: 19

    thanks for the feedback! the suspension is one of my main concerns as you stated. i live in california and the roads around here are crap. is the perf package suspension much much firmer than say a 325ci?
  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,872
    325i Sedan

    36 mo/15k mi – 61% Residual Value – Money Factor .00255 Base Rate

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  • bmwfrevrbmwfrevr Posts: 27
    Hello everyone
    I am back with some numbers from my dealer I would appreciate an opinion since I am not that keen in the Money factor issues etc.
    Jet Black 325i with sport pkg, Xenon, Power seats, heated seats Msrp $34890
    36mth/ 12k miles
    $3500 out of pocket including first payment and security deposit
    $448/mth + tax

    p.s. they screwed me on trading in my 01 330i only 39k miles, silver/Red, premium, cold, auto, xenon, Hk I am begging them for $19k.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    try car max u'll get another 2k i bet.

  • amt7565amt7565 Posts: 165
    You are selling your 2001 330i with only 39K miles?

    Do not trade it. Sell it someplace else. Good luck!
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