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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ydolydol Posts: 12
    ideally leasing should have a better interest rate than financing, with dealer raising mf, acquisition fees, lease insurance, etc., might consider purchase at 2.99% current offers from bmw financial for 37-72 mo. I would also suggest to push for $0 drive off. Good Luck!
  • zoombie99zoombie99 NJPosts: 178
    My understanding is that BMW's website is a couple of days behind and that the 800 number is more up to date. I ordered a 428x this week and found that to be the case. I also found an interesting and informative post regarding following the car when it is shipped. It is -and-to-delivery/
  • zoombie99zoombie99 NJPosts: 178
    Prior to the leasing of my past two cars, I have sent an email to the dealer stating " Please confirm that the money factor is the lowest offered by the manufacturer."

    I ordered a 428x this week and the dealer tried to add to the money factor after we agreed on a "selling price" and he lowered it to .00125 when I refused to accept it.
  • konacougkonacoug Kailua-KonaPosts: 196
    Glad to help.... first off the dealership is marking up the money factor to .00145, that is .00020 above the base money factor rate, which equals a higher payment for you and more profit for the dealer, which you have noted. I would need a little more info to check your numbers...what is lease acquisition fee? DMV and taxes, plus dealer doc fee. Also, are you including any of the extra warranty items they typically try to sell you. Finally, which state are you in, it can make a big difference regarding sales tax and dealer willingness to deal.

    Offhand, the car looks priced about 1k too high(for 2013) and your $2000 drive off is a little too high too. But it is hard to tell without seeing all of the fees they are charging you. See if you can obtain all of the charges.
  • smith83smith83 Posts: 46
    Here's an offer I received. I think they must have mistaken 328i for 530???

    2014 328 sedan MSRP 44,325 selling price 41,500.... 30 month lease...payments would be $698.07 with 18,000 miles per yr., no cash down. Total due at signing, first payment $698, doc. fee and mv fees 472, and up front sales tax 14.16 total 1184.23. Equipped with premium pkg., heated seats and navigation.
  • I think what is killing you is the mileage. A typical lease for 12000 may have a residual of somewhere between 50-60 percent. By having a car with 18000 miles per year you are going to hand the car back out of warranty by mileage so I bet the residual goes way down. You are practically buying the car with that sore of annual mileage.

    The other thing is the money factor. I will make a huge assumption and say you get a less than average offer and the monthly interest is $98/month.

    That leaves you with monthly principle payments of $600. For 36 months that's 21600. There are taxes etc but in essence your residual is lower than 50 percent.

    My advice is to either lower the mileage in the lease or just buy the car instead of leasing it.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,850
    I agree the mileage is the killer, look at the BMW Select Financing the biggest advantage is the fact that mileage isn't a real factor in the payment.
  • There is no 4 series forum, so I'll post this here to get feedback or help others who might be looking for info on the 4. I ordered a 428i last Friday and should go into production next week.

    Here are the details:

    Glacier Silver
    Premium Package
    Heated Seats

    They knocked $1700 off MSRP (including loyalty $500 cash). I was surprised to get anything off MSRP given how hot these appear to be right now. Car should be here late November early December.
  • konacougkonacoug Kailua-KonaPosts: 196
    I hate to tell you this...but, depending on your location, there are plenty of deals being done for 1k over invoice, especially if you are doing a factory order. By the way, it is not too late to compare your order with other dealers. You are not obligated to take delivery of the car and they can not keep your deposit. Also, are you doing a purchase or a lease?? A lease can be a huge difference in cost, if you don't understand all the in's and out's of leasing.
  • zoombie99zoombie99 NJPosts: 178
    I did much better on a 428x build.
  • Hi all Edmunnds members,

    I'm looking to purchase a new 2013 BMW 328i xDrive in MA/CT/RI with a MSRP of $41,325.

    With no USAA or Loyalty cash, what is the price of this vehicle considered a good deal?

    Thanks in advance.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,850
    Do you belong to Costco, BMW will give you invoice + $750, but when I bought my 320i I was able to get it lower than that. Also BMW still have the 2K built credit for all 3 series sedans....
  • Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, I belong to Costco. Is there any chance of purchasing this vehicle at invoice plus taking advantage of the $2000 build out credit?
  • npriestnpriest Posts: 13
    Hi, all. Have been working to obtain a 2013 BMW 328i 4-door sedan with following specs: Imperial blue metallic, premium package (car they have located has BMW assist and dark burled wood add-ons which I could take or leave). They gave me a terrible trade value on my Infiniti so I am pursuing a private sale. Anyway, the deal sheet is as follows:

    MSRP: 42,545
    Dealer discount: 1,694
    Build-out cash discount: 2000

    Adjusted price $38,851

    Georgia tax, dealer doc fees, tag and title add on another $3215 for total owed $42,066.

    Invoice on this configuration is allegedly $39.790 so his adjusted price is only $939 off invoice.

    I am awaiting second quote from e-commerce rep with Costco discount instead. Would it be prudent to price out 2014 instead, since BMW has slightly lowered 2014 price points to be more competitive with peers in its group (Lexus IS 350 and the like)? I don't think I'm getting the greatest deal here on that 2013, and the cost of shipping the car they found (not local to Georgia) is being passed on to me somewhere in that adjusted price I'm sure.

  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,850
    Yes, go to Costco web page and under services there is a link for auto purchase, build your car, and bring in the sheet to your dealer. The 2K built credit comes off your sale price.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,850
    Costco price is usually invoice + $750. Have you tried to come to your dealer with the price you want for the car???
  • amroamro Posts: 3
    Need to know if this is a good deal for a 2013 328i Xdrive- MSRP is $52,000
    Sale price is $47,500 (I live near Chicago)
    Thanks in advance
  • npriestnpriest Posts: 13
    Thanks for your reply. I intimated we are still about 1K apart; he could either apply it to trade value or discount value or combo of both but he is firm. Having to truck the car into state is a fee he is "waiving" but as I said, I'm sure it is figured in to price so I am hoping they will come up on trade value instead. I believe someone before me also asked this, but with Costco typically being invoice +$750, how is the BMW build-out cash applied in that situation? I am investigating that scenario this weekend at another dealer to compare quotes.

  • konacougkonacoug Kailua-KonaPosts: 196
    Terrible deal!! 2013 are going below invoice, plus the $2000 build out incentive. There is a CA in Atlanta, Adrian Avilla, I am not sure which dealer he is at, but is a sponsor on another Bimmer forum. I am sure he could hook you up on a much better deal.
  • zoombie99zoombie99 NJPosts: 178
    Yes, I agree most 2013 are going BELOW invoice. If you are not below invoice, go for the 2014 and you can probably get same for 500 over invoice (and some new goodies with the nav). Also heard great things about the above dealer on bimmerfest.
  • zoombie99zoombie99 NJPosts: 178
    Actually, you may be able to get your deposit money back from the dealer. Some people have posted that they paid less than one thousand over invoice on a 4 series. I ordered a 428x for less than a thousand over invoice before my drive and loyalty credit so I was under invoice. I ordered it at the end of September, it was built the first week in October, it left Bremerhaven last weekend and it will arrive in Newark on the 26th of this month. What part of the county are you from?
  • apandyapandy Posts: 22
    I'm trying to get a 2013 320i sDrive sedan. I got a truecar pricing of $28770, and the dealer agreed to honor it. From bmwconfig, I see that invoice on the base vehicle is $29945 (before destination, maco and tra).

    The dealership claims that the $28770 includes build-out cash. Is this a good price? Is it possible to do a euro-delivery on a 2013 vehicle?
  • npriestnpriest Posts: 13
    That's what I figured. The Coscto rep somehow could not find in the system nor price the same car the other dealer had located for me out of state in the configuration I detailed above, so I could not price apples for apples the same 2013 configuration to see how that would come out. Makes me wonder if that 2013 as it was priced by other dealer (diff location than authorized Costco location) even truly exists any more. There was a 2014 about to ship from Germany with similar specs: 328i imperial blue, premium pkg, (this one had heated seats and drivers assistance pkg) with MSRP of $43,325, invoice of $40,480. I believe the final total price (with $750 BMW incentive), tax (6.5% in GA), doc fees ($599) tag and title ($91) was around $43,091. The $750 over invoice which Costco reportedly gives would be cancelled out by the $750 BMW incentives for 2014s, so it seemed the actual price was right at invoice, give or take a $200. Might have to consider different color and options and try to get a 2013 for a much better price, thereby making it obvious vs the 2014s. I will look up Mr. Avilla. Thanks!

  • zoombie99zoombie99 NJPosts: 178
    They are building 2014 models so any ED would have to be the 2014 model. The ED invoice is lower so it may pay to get a 2014 if you want to pick it up. From what I hear, you should get a specialist who knows about ED since most salespeople don't know all the details about ED.(the salesperson mentioned above has experience with ED) Please note that some people claim that the EDs are not given priority when it comes time to ship it to the states. I don't know if it is true. Everyone raves about ED and the treatment from BMW. Also note that there may be winter tire requirements at this time of the year if you intend to drive in Europe.
  • apandyapandy Posts: 22
    Thanks! I'll check the option for a 2014 ED. What do you think of the sale price? Reasonable? Or can I do much better?
  • Hi. I am interested in 2013 328 I demo car with 2000 miles. No extra packages , just heated front seats and moonroof. Sticker was 39,500. They are asking 36,900. Can anyone help me find fair price to ask for ? Also are there any additional discounts available ? I do not currently own bmw. Thanks !
  • zoombie99zoombie99 NJPosts: 178
    I see you posted the same question on another forum. I have responded to you there with two names of salespeople which I cannot include here due to the posting rules
  • zoombie99zoombie99 NJPosts: 178
    You should be able to get a new one for the same price. Look around at other dealers in your area. There are credits available, just check the BMW web site.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,850
    If you go to you can see what invoice is for the car, also if you have a Costco card, you can go to and under the "service" banner you can see what the costco price would be for your car, also there is 2K built Credit on all 2013 3 series until the end of this month. this credit comes off MSRP.
  • zoombie99zoombie99 NJPosts: 178
    I guess my advice wasn't that horrible after all! You were wrong on all counts. The money factor was not marked up and I got the 428x less than invoice after loyalty and drive credit.
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