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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rworrellrworrell Posts: 151
    yankees338 is exactly right--putting money down on a lease is a bad idea. However, one really cool option that BMW allows is called Multiple Security Deposits (MSD). You give them the security deposit that they require, plus an additional amount that's a multiple of that deposit. Each additional deposit lowers your money factor on your lease. The best part is that, at the end of the lease, you get all your MSDs back--with a down payment, you get nothing back and you run the risk of losing it if you total the car.

    Talk to your dealer about MSDs--it's a great way to improve your deal, yet still get the money back at the end of your lease. If you do the math, it's usually a decent rate of return.
  • toto88toto88 Posts: 7
    From the options you listed I checked to see what the invoice price was and it came up with $38,595, so that would mean you were quoted $725 over invoice. I have gone through 2 internet departments in So Cal and received $400 and $450 over invice. If this is the car that you want, the deal sounds reasonable enough.
  • jaymavjaymav Posts: 2
    thanks toto88..i finally got a price of 39,065 and the experience was very smooth no regrets
  • I'm down here in Texas and am VERY interested in having a car to toy around in. Since the wife & I already have rides, I was interested in the BMW 335i. We've had a few beamer's in the past and have been somewhat happy. I think the lease is the way to go and I have been reading about some of the great informatyion you guys post. I'd like to learn more about this "MSD" I've been reading about. Can anyone point me in the best direction on how to lease the car w/o the dealer laughing and buying everyone dinner on me when I leave??? Do I really have to give them all this $ up front????

    Thanks to all!!!!

  • gjagja Posts: 25
    Did I read correctly somewhere that we can't do Multiple Security Deposits (MSD) in NY state?
  • jjetjjet Posts: 10
    I'm in the market now too. I found that a wholesale price list posted on very useful. Our host KDFX already put the link in this forum, so you can look up the link. I live in Dallas and most of dealers are not willing to negotiate. Other users at bimmerfest suggested that I go to smaller dealership such as one in Tyler or Temple and get a competitive quote and ask dealers in Dallas to beat it. I don't know whether you have already tried that, but I got a quote from a dealer saying that he can give me one with $750 over invoice.
    Hope this helps.
  • Did you buy one at $750 over invoice? Let me know what you end up doing. I'm in the market, but not sure if I should try to get a 2007 at a better price, given that the 2008 models are out...
  • nmp801nmp801 Posts: 3
    Did you ever call Specialty Auto Leasing? If so, how did you make out?

    I've called about 3 times and left a message for Mike. He has yet to return my call.

    As long as Specialty is legit, I think I will lease through them.
  • I spoke with Eric at leasebytel ( He returns calls/email.

    amazing enough, I am finding this to be common practice for many of these online brokers....they just wont call back. I've called or e-mailed half a dozen of them with little or no response. I honestly don't recall speaking to Specialty One. Maybe I'll check with them again. But if no one wants to return my call it is not my loss..

    (edit) the more I think of it, I do recall speaking to them. They sent a list of available 335s sent to me via email, I responded letting them know of the one I wanted and asked for a quote and never got a reply. I'll never hound someone to give my business to me back or take a hike.
  • I received the following quote for a 2007 328i auto with metallic paint and no options for 36 months with 12k.

    Security $400
    Bank / Cap $1000
    Tax $1261
    Monthly $397

    total due at signing approx $3121 incl tax

    Does this seem like a good deal? I am new to leasing and would greatly appreciate expert comments

  • JJET-

    Thanks you SO MUCH for the assistance!!!!! You know what I mean by "laughing and haaviing dinner on the consumer. I know nothing is free, but I also believe in fairness!

    10 thousnds thanks and I'll be looking TODAY!!! Hope I can help you someday!!!!

  • The car is a 2008 BMW 335xi Sedan with an MSRP of $49,770
  • Hey guys. I hope this is OK to post (if not I will ask the host where and if I can post this). I just pulled the trigger on a new 5 series and have a winter wheel and tire package from my 3 er which I gave to an ebay store to sell on line. They are Blizzaks LM 22s 16s (the wife just wanted them out of the garage)
    The car was absolutely great in the snow with them.
    They made a mistake and said they have only one season on them, it was 2 but the tread wear is still fine- you can see the penny test. Anyway, if someone needs a set check out ebay- I think they started the bidding at around 50 bucks. Personally, I prefer the rwd bmw s with snows to the all wheel drive with all seasons. I went for the sport package on my 5 just as I did on the 3 and I will have to buy another wheel and tire package but I just didn't want to give up the goodies on the sport package- suspension, sport auto, ARS. So I will spend a few extra bucks and get great performance year round for a twice a year hassle vs good handling year round with no tire change.
  • 08 335 sedan: steptronic trans , leather , sport package , hd radio . MSRP 45,550 What would be a fair selling price and should i pay dealer prep or doc fees? Looking to go 24 months and 10-12k miles per year on a lease. What will my payments be? I think the resid is 71-73% and the factor is .00200 base plus whatever the dealer marks it up.
  • 4rings4rings Posts: 7
    I'm looking into an '08 328. Getting good info from the dealer on most points; acquisition fee seems high at $825 but I hear that is dealer's call. Today he tells me that there is a $180 "BMW training fee".

    Anyone else get this? Is it a junk fee? I guess this is to be expected as we consumers drive for invoice pricing...the dealers have to get their profit out of ad fees and the like.
  • bmwmrc1bmwmrc1 Posts: 16
    Help guys. I need any of you who are good at calculating a good lease deal for a 328i sedan.

    Here's what I about to lease:

    328i sedan with:
    premium package
    xenon lights
    auto trans.
    metallic paint
    ipod adapter

    Retail w/ destination: $39,375
    Invoice + destination: $36,360

    I'm being offered the car @ $36,900

    Here's the deal:
    (2) 12K miles per year
    (3) 36 months
    (4) Monthly payment including tax: $543 per month.

    Is the above a good deal? If someone can show me their calculations I would be most grateful. I'm going in to the dealer tomorrow in Southern California and getting this car.
  • dan12dan12 Posts: 114
    Afaik, the training fee is negotiable. The $825 can come down a bit too, maybe around $650. I was quoted the same numbers as you when I was shopping, so it's not unusual.

  • bmwmrc1,

    This seems like a very good deal. Is this 07 or 08? Which dealer are you getting this car from? I am also planning to purchase a similarly equipped 328.

  • Sorry, I see you have already mentioned that it is a 2008.
  • bb222bb222 Posts: 4
    Does anyone know if they raise the price on 2008 328i? I got a quote for a 2008 328i with auto transmission, premium package, heated seats for $36600.+ TTL. I added up invoice cost of these items from and is at least $1000 lower. Is $36600 a reasonable price or there are other cost that I'm missing?
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