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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • f1champf1champ Posts: 1
    328i, metallic, premium, ipod, auto, navigation.

    2700 out of pocket everything included and 473/month, 3 year/10k miles per year.

    Any thoughts guys?
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    What was the msrp and what was your negotiated sale price? What is your residual? What's your money factor?
  • rudylgzarudylgza Posts: 9
    Looking for a 328i with metallic paint, automatic, and premium package. I have visited the two dealers in Miami, FL and have requested quotes via email from all dealers in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale,FL and so far I am not even close to sniffing a price near the invoice price. The best I have gotten so far is $36,500. Is this a decent price? These dealers do not want to budge no matter what. Any suggestions?
  • Looks like you're right about the invoice price or within $500 at that amount. We bought a similar here in southern CA but without the metallic paint, plus Xenon headlights and iPod adaptiver for the a bit less, which was $250 over invoice. The headlights are $700 and the iPod $300 on invoice but switch out the paint at minus $450 and you'd be close.
  • edljiledljil Posts: 6
    Is the $36,500 out the door price or you still need to pay the tax tag and licience?
  • rudylgzarudylgza Posts: 9
    Still need to pay tax tag and license(7% tax in Miami)
  • jingo1jingo1 Posts: 1
    I am negotiating for 2008 328i with MSRP of $42521 plus labor on dealer installed iPod. Edmunds invoice is $38775 plus estimated invoice on floor mats and iPod of $361 equals total estimated invoice of $39136. Dealer claims his invoice is $40111, $975 more than I get from Edmunds, and is asking $40300. I had offered $39800, what I thought was ~$700 over invoice. This vehicle is ordered by dealer, not yet received. All thoughts welcome. TIA. This is not the first time I've run into a dealer disputing "invoice" data from Edmunds.
  • car_rmcar_rm Posts: 47
    There is also $180 for training and depending on the area you are in, ~$300 for MACO. Since the iPod adapter is dealer installed, the price that they are going to use is not what invoice shows for a factory install. We recently bought a 328i and had negotiated $600 over invoice +training +MACO and floor mats included. The car we said yes to did not have the required iPod adapter and the dealer was adding $650 to the deal - his "cost". This was negotiated down. Some research showed that dealer installed iPod adapter can range from $500-700. The dealer's numbers matched my numbers. Good luck.
  • zingdingzingding Posts: 9
    Hello everyone! I have been following this forum for MANY years! Finally I can afford my dream vehicle (I think). I utilized the military overseas program to purchase a 2008 335i Convertible for $50,195.00 exterior is Alpine white with Red leather interior (sun reflective), heated seats, rear park distance, steptronic, sirius, navi and BMW assist. Is this a good deal? I e-mailed BMW of Palm Springs and they indicated this was a good deal. Can anyone share some feedback? At any rate, I am soooo excited for the delivery in August.
  • rudylgzarudylgza Posts: 9
    Update. A friend of mined referred a salesperson at Braman Motors who was excellent. I called the salesperson and they found the exact car in inventory and I gave him my price of $36k (+ tax, tag,fees). He told me he could do the price but wanted to know when I would buy. I told him I would be there the next day. He said I will see you tomorrow with your brand new BMW. At this point I thought he was just trying to get me into the showrrom to try and wear me down until I agreed to a higer price. When we got to the showroom he asked us if we wnated some water which we agreed to and then he disappeared. I thought to myself, here we go, he 's going to have us just sit arounf forever until we give in. Then about 20 minutes later he shows up and asks us to walk outside to see the car. He wanted to make sure that the one he had was exactly what we wanted. Once we saw it we went back to his desk and he asked me what price I wanted to pay. I reminded him it wsa $36K and he said ok how do you want to pay for it. That was it. No bulls**t back and forth just a simple easy transaction. It was so easy I couldn't take the smile of my face. I truly wish all my car buying experiences coudl have gone like this.
  • jmc19216jmc19216 Posts: 2
    What options on the 328 did you get for $36K?
    Who was your salesman?
  • epaiukepaiuk Posts: 9
    Hi Carman,

    Do you have the May numbers for a 328 Coupe lease 12 k miles/ 36 months?

  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,898

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • rudylgzarudylgza Posts: 9
    We got the 328i with automatic, metallic paint, and premium package.
    I don't think you can post the name of the salesperson. Instead I can tell you that if you go to the braman bmw web site and look under the Departments tab then under Sales Advisors, he is the second from your left in the second row. Tell him Rudy sent you.
  • I just ordered my 2008 335i convertible for 695 over invoice, custom built. Delivery scheduled for late June.

    Options: Sports; Premium; Cold Weather; Steptronic Auto; Sports leather steering wheel and paddle shifters; Comfort Access; Navigation; HD Radio; Satellite Radio; ipod/USB adaptor; for 55,100 plus tax and license.

    If you take into account that the BMW pricing has increased as of 5/10/08, this price is actually below the invoice.

    This dealer is in Texas. :shades:
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I saw an ad in a local paper that says this dealer is offering new 2008 328 sedans for $31,888 and 3.9% financing for 60 months.

    Features listed are:

    Automatic transmission
    Remote keyless entry
    Wood trim
    Alloy wheels
    Dynamic Stability Control

    So, it sounds like the only "option" is automatic and these cars would have unheated leatherette seats, non-metallic paint, no bluetooth and the basic stock radio.

    The ad says 7 are available at that price and it's in Northern California.

    I calculate:

    It would be about $34,700 after tax, license and doc fee.
    If I weren't going to put down any money the monthly payment would be about $637 a month for 60 months.
    If I wanted payments under $500 a month, I'd need to put down about $7400 in cash and/or trade equity.

    I'll have to check with my insurance agent to find the latest insurance rates so I could calculate my total monthly costs.
    I'll also need to check on what I can expect to pay for tire replacements. At least the base tires should be less expensive than the Sport Package tires.
    I'm more likely to get a lower priced car than a new BMW, but I'm curious about this.

    Is there anything fantastic about this advertised special or should there be better deals available now?
  • zingdingzingding Posts: 9
    I recently purchased a 2008 335i Convertible with steptronic, heated seats, Sirius, comfort access, rear backup option , navigation, BMW assist w/bluetooth. The exterior is white with red sun reflective leather on the inside! I paid $51,195.00. Was this a good deal? I appreciate any feedback. :)
  • richzrichz Posts: 125
    Don't crosspost.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697

    The other post was asking for a lease calculation and other lease-related questions, so it was posted in the lease questions area.
    Does anyone have anything useful to reply with?
  • I'm canceling my 335i convertible order. The Audi S5 is the same price.....and the decision between the two is an absolute no brainer!!! S5 here i come!!
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