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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I bought it from Keeler BMW in Latham NY. BTW, they had two similar cars on the lot but were xi's and three i's coming in later in the month. I told the salesman that I was interested in one on the lot and one on the boat. He went back to the mgr and flat out offered the car at $1000 below invoice! I've never run into a situation where their first offer was lower than what I was ready to negotiate to. Also my buddy bought a 335i coupe manual, sport with wheel upgrade, premium, navi, ipod, sat radio, comfort access for 48k and some change.
  • hchen45hchen45 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the info. I gave them a call.
  • teeeyeteeeye Posts: 7

    I bought an '07 335xi with Premium, Sport (w/all season tires - ContiProContact, not Bridgestone), and Cold Weather packages with Backup Sensors exactly 1 year and 1 day ago. I included a LoJack with early warning for $995 and all the other stuff like MA inspection sticker, doc prep fee, RMV fee (yes, they call this place Taxachusetts), and of course, the Uncle Sam of $1,762.25.

    The dealership actually called yesterday to wish my 335xi a Happy Birthday! Of course, the sales person knew I was inquiring about spending another 40K or so, so talk is cheap, I guess! Still it was nice. How many of you actually pat your dashboard when your car does an amazing emergency maneuver and saves your bacon, yet again, and say "Good car! Gooood car!" HA! I saw you!

    The whole thing was $47,615. The car itself I got for $44,500. I got $300 less than they were asking. Not much, but as I'm sure a lot of you would agree, it made me feel good that night when I went to sleep and felt that, at least, I got a small victory.

    I love the car. I treat it well, I don't speed (much), I change the oil at the 7,500 mile interval without resetting the counter, I've had the right front wheel bearings replaced under warranty, and I convinced my BMW dealership that there was no reason that my car shouldn't have an oil cooler just because the wheels were 1" smaller than the 335i w/Sport. They paid me the equivalent fee, $1,800 for the install - net zero cost to me.

    On Sunday, I believe that I will buy a 328xi for my wife. Nothing like 530 hp and 8 wheel drive! She now has a '95 318ti with 136K miles. Time to upgrade, I think.

    Good luck with your purchase. Even if it's a little stretch and the money income isn't likely to stop any time soon, go for it. There's nothing like the feel of standing on the gas in 3rd at 2000 RPM and seeing that little tach needle reach for the sky, the sound of the engine and the kick in the [non-permissible content removed] from those little turbos!

    It's a hoot!


    xeye (soon to be XEYE SQUARED
  • emli13emli13 Posts: 3
    Just wondering if you can tell me which dealer/city your friend was able to get the 328i automatic OTD ~33k ? Thanks.
  • hoinoyhoinoy Posts: 10
    Does anyone have experience buying a 335XI sedan in Philly area? If so, what are you paying? Can I expect invoice or just below invoice prices with current AT deal and 0.9% financing? Thanks
  • elcapeoelcapeo Posts: 2
    If you are willing to drive down to the Baltimore area, you can check out Russel BMW (, and ask for CA Chris Lee. I believe he has one AT 335xi left (silver) and will probably get you below invoice.
  • teeeyeteeeye Posts: 7
    Really? Why would they sell below invoice? Does it cost that much to carry the inventory that they can (presumably) take a loss? It's all but impossible to find out if the BMW dealerships get a manufacturer's discount on the cars they sell. They tout the "7% mark-up" over invoice but any time anyone touts the company line so often I tend to start doubting it.

    Any comments?
  • Hi All,

    I put in an offer last night for a 328i with only the following options in Houston Area:

    2008 BMW 328i
    -- Metallic Paint
    -- Auto Transmission

    -- MSRP: $35400 including destination
    -- Offer Price: $31700 + TT&L and it looks like it will get accepted.

    Let me know what you guys think.
  • amirvamirv Posts: 2
    Hi guys I just bought a 335i sedan this weekend and I thought I'd share my car buying experience. I managed to buy the car for a few hundred dollars dealer profit!

    Tips for getting the best deal:

    * Get the pre June and post June invoice numbers. Cars that were purchased pre-June are a much better deal because you save around $600. I would punch these numbers into an excel sheet for your configuration so you know the real invoice prices up front. It's best to crunch these before talking to any dealer:
    Sept 07:
    June 08:

    Purchase price formula for a 335i:
    invoice_price + maco (400) + training (180) - automatic_option_credit (1260) + dealer_profit.
    (MACO is region dependent. This was from Fremont BMW)

    * Get the actual invoice sheet of the car you want to buy. This way you know if it was priced with the pre-june or post-june 08 prices. If a dealer refuses to give you this then find another dealer.

    * I recommend you finalize the price of the car over the phone or via email. If you try to finalize the price of the car in person you may end up paying more because you may be tempted to close the deal.

    * Dealers tend to have more time on the weekdays then weekends. So you might try calling on a weekday.

    * If you can't find a car with the options you want then call other dealers. Even if they tell you that the car doesn't exist on the computer in the entire bay area call. This is because some cars are not on the computer. You might get lucky like I did.

    * When you go in person to finalize the deal or if you make the deal in person, make sure you have a friend (or two in my case) that is thinking clearly on your behalf.

    * Note that the finance guy will try to sell you the world (it's his job). Be prepared for it. My friends helped me here also. I didn't buy anything except an alarm system - figured might as well install it as part of the car purchase.

    * Find a salesperson who is easy to work with, knows their stuff, and isn't going to hustle you. If you can find the car you want in Fremont BMW, then I highly recommend working with Alma Jimenez.

    * Never pay for the floor matts. Good dealers thow it in.

    * If you're going to do the deal in person definitely bring a laptop where you can use excel to crunch numbers.

    My complete post is on bimmerfest. Not much more there but a dealer recommendation and some other tips.

    Good luck!
  • cool good post, thanks for the great info! just one question, can you clarify the dealer_profit? what should that be typically? thanks.
  • Hi all.

    I am considering getting a 328i fairly soon to take advantage of the 0.9% financing. For those who have taken advantage of that financing, how stellar does your credit have to be?

    My credit is above average but not excellent (high 600s, low 700s depending on agency), and my wife is likewise in the low 700s.

    Would this generally be enough to qualify?

  • bragosabragosa Posts: 1
    which Houston dealer?
  • soupconsoupcon Posts: 13
    they told me at crevier bmw that it is essentially pass/fail when it comes to these special rates and threw out a number of 680.... Fwiw.
  • Does this sound like a good deal in NJ?

    328xi, Premium, Cold Weather, Automatic, Navigation, Xenon.

    41k + Taxes, Title, etc.
  • hchen45hchen45 Posts: 6
    I don't think so.
  • Its Momentum BMW on US-59 but my deal is not finalized yet. Will keep you guys updated .. Thanks ...
  • Hey hchen45, any particular reason why?
  • amirvamirv Posts: 2
    cool good post, thanks for the great info! just one question, can you clarify the dealer_profit? what should that be typically? thanks.

    I'm happy you liked the post. As for your question:

    Purchase price formula for a 335i:
    invoice_price + maco (400) + training (180) - automatic_option_credit (1260) + dealer_profit.
    (MACO is region dependent. This was from Fremont BMW)

    The dealer_profit part of this formula I think depends on the car and the dealer. I remember somewhere reading that it is between $300-1k. But I think it might depend on the car. Some cars seem to be much higher in demand then others. I think for a 335i sedan in August 08 you should easily be able to do $500 or less dealer profit. Tthis might be because I was looking at fairly fully loaded cars... not sure if car options play into dealer profit.

    I would search through the edmunds forums. I would also try searching bimmerfest (I tried a little bit... but I couldn't find the post I was looking for).
    In google type: " dealer profit"
    You may want post at bimmerfest's ask a dealer forum - I would post for the exact car type and options you want to know the dealer profit for. Sometimes they give quite valuable answers:
  • jdcar1jdcar1 Posts: 7
    Just leased a 335 loaded. MSRP $51,500. Got $4500+ off sticker. Leased for 36 mths, 15k miles a year, 54% residual, .0017 money factor. Think its a pretty good deal. Shopped it at couple other dealers and no one could come close to the $4,500 off MSRP.
  • rob34rob34 Posts: 42
    What is your monthly payment including tax? What did you put down?
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