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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • the guy i got the 1st quote from gave me that price assuming that i ill pay 36000 for the car(w/o tax)
    rigt now where i live i should be able to get that 325i for 33800.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,987
    If you can get $2200 more off the price from the 1st dealer, that will save you about $65/month, putting the car in your price range. For, the money, I'd stick with the 325i. If you are looking to save, just get heated seats, and forego the cold weather package. Also, the wheels are nicer on the 325i sport than on the base 330i. The HK stereo is nice, but I'm not sure I'd want to pay $10 more per month for it on a lease.

    I don't think you'd be that happy with a "stripped" 330i.



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  • what about the headlight washers that come with the cold weather package..are they worth it??
  • do you think i would save a drastic amount of money if i waited a few more months?
    like i said i would love to be able to drive the car all summer when i can really enjoy it

    and i want to be able to still have my color choice.

    your help is appreciated ;)
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    You could save maybe a grand. It's all about how important your fun is now. October a 2k rebate on the 325i is likely.
  • do you know what the rebate is now, and in october they will add another 2000 to it?
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    It's 1200 right now. you should be able to get into a 325i for about $800 under invoice.
  • 800 under invoice is with the car the way i want it?(options)
  • cars direct shows the car
    325i, auto, cold/prem/sport/hk/xenon w/o metallic paint for 33,890...invoice is 34,090 in my zip code
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,987
    I hear it both ways.. They are nice to have, but they also come on occasionally when you would rather they didn't, and the spray ends up blowing grimy water over the front end of your car. Most say they could live without it. However, if you want the fold-down rear seats, might as well get the package, as they are included as well.

    The "dealer incentive" (not rebate) is $1200 right now. A deal around invoice should be possible. It will probably go up in the fall, but selection will be less. If you can find the car you want now, I wouldn't wait. Have you found the car you want? Or does it have to be ordered?



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  • cars direct shows the car
    325i, auto, cold/prem/sport/hk/xenon w/o metallic paint for 33,890...invoice is 34,090 in my zip code
  • it has to be ordered
    dealer says not many people get the sport pkg, thats why they don't have any in stock

    do you have to pay extra for it to be ordered??
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,987
    No, but sometimes they will make a better deal on cars on the lot. They are right.. not as many with Sport package, but it isn't as though they are extremely rare. Ordering is good, because you don't pay for anything you don't want. If they give you a good price, then that is all that matters.



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  • yeah that's why they tried to give me the 330i for 509 a month(w/o prem pkg)or xenons. that was at the 2nd dealership.

    what do you drive by the way??
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    Dealers order their cars for inventory to appeal to (and ultimately sell to) the "average" buyer. All the midwest BMW dealer's lots I've walked usually have 3 Series with automatic transmission, Premium Pkg, leather, sunroof, heated seats, and metallic paint. These cars come with all-season tires.

    Sport Package is designed for the "above average" buyer who expects a lot more out of their car. It is for people who love to drive but don't have the money for M. Very rare for a BMW dealer to order a Sport Pkg, esp. with manual transmission, equipped car for inventory.

    Is truly sad that so much of BMW's USA dealer network doesn't treat their cars like the Ultimate Driving Machines. They focus more on softer luxury.

    Most, too many, dealers cater to the average rather than promote the cars and marque.
  • jiggyjiggy Posts: 12
    Lots of people who are love to drive also get the Performance package. I did and its well worth it. If you can handle the stiffer ride and the louder exhaust you can really push this car. 0-60 from 5.9 though it feels faster than that. Carsdirect has them for 800 below invoice..though when I went and bought mine's the dealer was willing to offer one up for $5800 below MSRP. I didn't like the color or the other options package otherwise I would have taken it
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    cars direct shows the car
    325i, auto, cold/prem/sport/hk/xenon w/o metallic paint for 33,890...invoice is 34,090 in my zip code

    So there's a good 600 more to fight to get off that price! :)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,987
    If you click on the user name in the message, it gives you a profile of the user, and whatever info they choose to include.

    I drive an '02 Honda CRV. My wife has an '03 325i that we bought used in December. It has steptronic, sport, premium, HK, Xenons, leather, heated seats, fold down rear seats, and M68 wheels off a 330i. Winter tires are on the stock sport wheels that came on the car. (I get to drive it on weekends, if I get out of bed first.)


    Steel blue w/black leather


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  • sounds really nice kfydx

    dealer #1 also told me the upfront cots for the 325CI would be 1772 inc. 1st and last payment or however they do that. then mentioned it would be alot cheaper for the 4 door. do you guys have any idea how much cheaper??
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,987
    $1772 seems reasonable.. That should be first payment, security deposit and acquisition fee plus license. The difference between the coupe and the sedan is due to the lower residual of the coupe. I'm not sure how much lower the residual is right now, but lets say it is 3%. Everything else being equal (meaning MSRP), a difference of 3% on a $38K car equals about $31/month.. If you figure the sedan is a little cheaper, that will make even more of a difference.

    I like the look of the coupe better, but I couldn't see paying an extra $1100 to lease it over 3 years. You'll have to check with your agent, but it is possible the sedan is cheaper to insure as well.



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  • scsnospamscsnospam Posts: 5
    After multiple phone calls with the internet sales guy, and agreeing on *every* number for leasing a new 330i, I went in to Peter Pan BMW all ready to pick up my car. After one last test drive, and 1.5 hrs with the internet sales person, I was flatly told by their sales manager, in the most rude fashion possible, that he was "not making enough money on the deal" !

    He wanted me to pay a higher MF on a lease,(0.26, instead of the agreed on 0.22). Needless to say, I walked out. I just wish they hadn't wasted my time in the first place.

    I have since read many horror stories about Peter Pan - they are probably the worst dealership in the area (lowest rating on roadfly etc). The manager was unprofessional, uncouth and discourteous. Stay away !
  • joenyjoeny Posts: 9
    Sorry to hear that but glad you walked out. I read a lot of these boards and I think it's safe to say that Peter Pan is one of worst in the country. Bay Area dealers have a bad reputation in general.

    Check out Allison BMW in Mountain View. My brother claims to have had a good experience purchasing there.
  • hey everyone

    just checked carsdirect for my zip code for 325ci

    they says 35,270 and 34,895 for invoice

    i'm guessing this includes the incentives for june

    is it possible to get this car for 34,000?!

    i will be paying in cash, if that helps
  • sapphire1sapphire1 Posts: 4

    We recently ordered a car. We were initially thinking of ED, and met the ED guy @ Allison BMW (BMW of Mountain View) and he was very nice with us. He said it had to be ED invoice + $1400, else it was not worth his time. We finally gave up due to lack/price of tickets. For US delivery, the best offer he gave me was US invoice + $1000. He said if any dealer in the Bay could offer me lower, I should take it, Best of luck!

    The best way to get a good deal is to go to carsdirect and go through the process of buying a car. At the end of stage 1, there is an option to "Allow dealers to contact me". This request goes to internet and fleet managers at major dealerships in your area. Also go to edmunds and as for quotes online. The online quotes I got were among the 5 lowest. The costco auto program is also good, but the best offer I got was invoice + $1400.

    An actual agent we saw was not ready to come down invoice + $2000. When we tried to tell him a low price of another dealer, he blew his lid and came out with expletives. Another dealer tried to tell me how he was going to use an order allocation from "his" dealership and order a "tailor-made car built to my needs" and so I needed to pay him more!

    I finally ordered my car through the fleet manager at Stevens Creek BMW, and it was a very good experience. He is a very kind and well-spoken guy and he offered me the best price, invoice + $500.

    Lesson learnt: Internet and fleet managers offer the lowest deals. I also personally prefer email communication to face-to-face real-time deals and this was a good experience for me.

    Regards and all the Best!
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,296
    Hello. I am beginning to shop around in the Tampa Bay, Florida area for the best deal. I am willing to travel 200 to 300 miles if necessary. Does anyone out there know a fair dealership in Florida that doesn't play games? Realistically, how much over invoice or under MSRP should I expect?
    Thank you.
  • In Southern California, I had no trouble at all finding cars in inventory with the sport package back in January.

    The uncommon option that I was looking for was the fold-down rear seat. Nobody seemed to be ordering them for dealer stock.

    If you think sport packages are hard to find, try finding one with the Sequential Manual Gearbox! They are more common now, but when I was looking, they had only just become available on non-M cars.

    I dug around, and got them to check on the computer for the car I wanted (330i, Electric Red/natural brown, Premium package, SMG, Fold-down rear seat, Xenons.) They found a car in Arizona. It didn't have fold-down rear seats, and I was damned if I'd hang my custom Holland on a bike rack (apart from the aesthetics).

    After I resigned myself to a special order, they checked one more time and discovered that the dealer in Arizona had a coupe. All coupes have fold-down rear seats! I decided I didn't need the two extra doors (Kids are grown up and driving their own cars!). I flew to Phoenix that Saturday, picked the car up and drove it home.

    Couldn't be happier!
  • hpowders

    Don't mess around visiting dealers. Go to and check their dealer list for dealers in the radius you quoted. You may have to use the zip codes for nearby cities to find dealers there.

    Get a pre-approved loan from your bank or credit union. The dealer may offer a better rate, but you won't know unless you have a real loan offer, whether the dealer is pocketing some points.

    Do your homework. Go to and build your car. Once you know the exact car you want, call the dealers. Ask to speak to the fleet or internet manager. (Ask the receptionist for a name.) When you get him (or her), be courteous. Ask if he or she has a minute (they are often in the middle of a deal).

    Once you have their attention, thank them for taking the time, and tell them you ARE GOING TO BUY A CAR! (They don't like to waste time on the merely curious.) Then ask them if they have a car like the one you want.

    They will tell you they can get it for you. Thank them for the offer, and say that you are shopping for a deal on a car "on the ground" first. If they have the car, ask them to give you the MSRP and their selling price. They may be reluctant. Reassure them that you will not 'shop' the price (tell another dealer what they quoted and ask them to beat it). If you don't do this they will say, "call me after you've talked to everyone else."

    When you have done this with as many dealers as you can stand (It gets old pretty quick), select the deal that appeals to you (low price, friendly phone manner, geographics, whatever), and call the dealer back for an appointment.

    If that doesn't work, or you need some help, e-mail me at .

    GOOD LUCK! And enjoy your new Beemer!
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,296
    Okay. Thanks for the advice.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    rickydick2... I live in the snow belt. Dealers around here are loath to order, for their own inventory, any cars with Sport Pkg. And is rare for them to order a manual transmission. They like Prem Pkg, ATs, leather, met paint, stereo upgrade, and sunroof.
  • cannon1cannon1 Posts: 5
    not sure if this is the right forum to post this.

    finally i took delivery of by 325i. the dealer had asked if i would be interested in the following

    1. bmw maintenance program (maintenance covered for 6yr/100,000) costs $1400

    2. paint protector for $499

    i denied both but they have given me sometime to reconsider. should i get either one of these?

    any inputs appreciated... thanx
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