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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • it depends on the negotiated cap price of your car. you can try to negotiate the disposition fee. why are you trading in a car with only 4k miles in the first place?
  • Has anyone recently purchased a 2009 328i 4 door sedan with prem. package automatic transmission in NC, VA or SC... If so what did you pay.
    I am looking to purchase very soon
  • samuel70samuel70 Posts: 17
    I am waiting on delivery. Ordered, 09, 328XI, 17" wheels, 8 way power seats, heated seats, black metallic paint....$437/mos, waived security deposit, base money down, $1900 includes all fees. I am in CT...
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    I just bought 2007 BMW 335I. Crimson red with black interior.

    Manual trans
    Premium package
    Sports package
    Winter package
    Phone integration
    Logic 7 stereo
    (pretty much every other option aside from idrive)

    Car was cpo'd went into service march 2007, so still have almost 2 years of service and CPO warranty runs until march 2013. Paid 29,200 and got 3.9% for 60 months.

    I think this was a pretty good deal.. I got the impression they were having a hard time selling the car due to it being loaded manual trans. However, that was exactly what i wanted. ;)

    Payment with taxes and fees rolled in was $565/mo, $1500 down..
  • Sounds good... how many miles on it?

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  • lexyfanlexyfan Posts: 13
    Hi All

    I am not sure if this is the right forum for 335d as i don't see any discussion on 335d and &4500 BMW incentive here. I am looking for buying 335d and here is what dealer is giving me .

    335d White Alpine with MSRP $43900

    Premium Package $2650
    AntiTheft $400
    Comfor Access Key $500
    Sateliet Radio $595
    Ipod USB Adaptor $400
    Destination Charge $825
    Total $49470

    Couple of questions dealer is saying we have scope of around 7.8% for negotiations which brings total down to $45592 - $4500 BMW incentive = $41092

    Does that sound a good deal ? Plus if i don't care about all this satellite radio and comfort key options can i ask dealer to take it out ?which will bring down the cost by another $1900. Any help insights you can provide will be great. This is in TX.

  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Thanks. It has 33K miles on it, a bit high, but not too bad. I was only offered $500 as a trade-in on my '97 328i so i just kept it. I can use it a little so as to keep miles off the new car and maximize my cpo warranty/pre-paid service.

    The "new" car is also immaculate, so i'll use the "old" one if i expect the car to get dinged up.

    The finance office tried to sell me to pre-paid service for $2100, is it possible to get a deal on that?
  • I heard the extended maintenance plan (which is what I assume you are referring to) just went up substantially on July 1st.. It already took a big jump last year, as well... You may be able to negotiate a few hundred off that price, but it is no longer the "deal" that it used to be... Two years ago, some dealers were discounting the package for $995..

    I'd think you could sell your '97 for $2500-$4000 pretty easily, if you really want to get rid of it.. Maybe more, depending on condition, options, mileage, color, etc...


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  • Hi all,

    Thought It would share my buying experience... Just got my first BMW, a 2009 328i, 7/27/09!

    2009 328i sedan (base)
    black w/tan interior
    + automatic transmission
    + power front seats w/driver memory
    + floor mats
    Sticker/MSRP = $36,745

    Sale Price (including dest. fees, discounts, everything but tax and tag) = $33889.95
    (This is about $20 under invoice, and $200 less than the TMV price, which includes the free automatic transmission credit)
    Tax = $1873.79
    License / Doc Stamp = $157.25
    I put $10k down to keep the monthly payments under control... also traded in a clunker for an additional $3500 credit. So, $13500 down total.

    Financed $22,420.99 over 60 mos @ 1.9% apr = $392/mo! Was hoping to keep the payments nice and low... should have some equity in the car when time comes to trade around the time the warranty runs out. Leasing was not an option for me as I put too many miles on the car.

    Love the car so far, even though its a "base" model... The deal almost fell apart at one point but I'm glad I saw it through (especially since the base model 2010's no longer come with the power sunroof, apparently!) Given the numbers above and thanks to this forum I feel like I got a good deal, hope you guys agree. Hope this helps potential buyers.
  • pdude1pdude1 Posts: 47
    Wow. Under invoice is always good. Will have to pass this to a friend who is also looking for a deal on 328 right now.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Yes, the extended maintenance is what i meant. :) I do remember it being much cheaper just a few years ago. Then, it seemed like a screaming deal. Now, it might be something to pass on if i've just had inspection 2 and brakes done.... I'll just see how it goes.

    I did purchase the wheel/tire insurance as well as 4 years of paintless dent repair. Based on my record with the e36, i am a ding magnet, and the doors of the e90 can only exacerbate that.

    If someone offered me $4000 for my 328i i'd take it in a second. :) But it's got 153K miles, ratty/torn seats, ~20 door dings, several rust spots, and someone keyed it recently.
  • mck9235mck9235 Posts: 3
    I've been looking into the following:
    2009 328xi with automatic, heated front seats, premium package, navigation, iPod, satellite radio and metallic paint.

    I've gotten quotes from the two local dealers (VOB & Passport in Maryland) and they are $40,995 and $40,790, respectively.

    Does this sound fair or is this there a lot more room to negotiate? As of yet I've simply asked for the quote, no real haggling. Am I missing any offers/incentives as well (this will be cash purchase, not financed or leased)?

    Any advice would be very much appreciated!
  • This is what I was offered earlier this week

    -2009 BMW 328i (Base Model)
    -Alpine White
    -Tan leather (not leatherette)
    -Demo Vehicle with 7500 miles on it.

    Online the price of the vehicle was $32,991 (which I would assume is sticker price), but when I was "quoted" in store I was given
    $36,745.00 (Vehicle price)
    - 3,754.00 (Preferred customer discount)
    $32,991.00 (Selling price)
    I asked if this would be the lowest price I could get on the car and they were not willing to budge from the $32,991 stating that it was already deeply discounted.
    It qualifies for the new car rate of 1.9% since it technically hasn't been "owned"
    Since I was open to both leasing or purchasing I priced both options.
    -Leased with 1500 down and 36 mths at $598/mth
    -Purchase with 1500 down and 60 mths at $589/mth

    I have a feeling this is not the best deal I can get on this particular car, since the "preferred customer discount" was in place before I even stepped in the door, meaning the vehicle price=MSRP and selling price is well just that the "selling price/sticker price"
    Any suggestions? Comments? Thanks in advance. I would like purchase or lease this vehicle by the end of the week.
  • new '09 328ix sedan with metallic paint, leatherette, steptronic, cold weather, ipod, power seats, bmw assist bluetooth

    total out of pocket at signing including all taxes and fees $3500
    monthly payment $420
    36 months, 10K miles per year
  • ccappaccappa Posts: 29
    You are buying a demo, i.e., a used car. It should be priced accordingly.

    7500 miles is a lot.

    The initial price they gave you 36,745, is MSRP.

    The selling price ($32,991.00) sounds awfully high to me, for a demo.
  • sshvhsshvh Posts: 13
    This sounds about right - however, since the 335d does not qualify for the 1.9% financing, you could try to wiggle out another 1K. Please note that the discount on the diesel X5 is much more (perhaps 8K).
  • -Leased with 1500 down and 36 mths at $598/mth

    that's a terrible lease price!

    32,991.00 (Selling price)

    the selling price on my car was 43.4 and it's msrp was 48.3. payments are 583 a month with 1500 down
  • jeff71jeff71 Posts: 11
    I was not able to get quite this good of a deal on a 335d. I am still waiting.
  • Yeah this is my first BMW and I just feel like i'm getting a lot of BS back and forth I've never leased before and I've never put any down-payment on a car and have been more than satisfied with my final payment on *new* purchases. Would you know what I should be expecting to pay monthly then?
    I want to buy or lease a 2009 328i base model.
  • low 400s.

    read up about leases and bmw money factor. the more knowledge you have the better you will feel. i didn't know much about leases either until i thought about leasing a car.
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