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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • terry

    i paid $3750 below invoice.

    more details above, in post 10223
  • larsunlarsun Posts: 4
    There are deals to be had out there for 2009 bmw if you have flexibility on options, I purchased a 335i today with most of the options I desired except comfort access.

    MSRP: 50350
    Price before TTL (after $5760 incentive): ~40800
    OTD: ~45295

    Good luck! The 2009 bmws are off the lot quickly!
  • Hi!

    This is the deal I am getting on a 2009 328i Coupe on a lease!

    Automatic Transmission
    Metallic Paint

    MSRP 39,600
    Invoice 36,530

    Offered to me for $37,706.50 - $2000 Lease incentive on 328i Coupe = $35,706.50. Told this is $500 over invoice plus $400 for MACO, $164 for preparations and detailing and $112.50 for floor mats!

    Is that a good deal okay deal or great deal???

    Since I am going for a lease, I don't get the $3500 incentive on the 328i Coupe, but I do get 2,000 lease cash!

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  • sounds like a great deal - ignoring the $5760 incentive what were you relative to invoice?
  • great deal!
    is the 40800=invoice-5760(incentive $)?
    can 0.9% apply to this too?
  • I am getting a 2009 328i with all the options I want except the folding rear seats (usually part of the cold weather package).

    Does anyone know if it is possible for me to get it done at a local dealer after buying the car? If yes, how much would it cost? I am guessing it would be more than the cost of the option for a new car.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,640
    Anything is possible...

    But, in this case, it would involve cutting sheet metal.... You wouldn't want to do it.... and I doubt any dealer would consider it..

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  • larsunlarsun Posts: 4
    I believe the invoice is 46795. So, the price is about 5900 - 6000 below the invoice. Since the 09 car depreciates immediately, the deal only eases the pain... :)
  • larsunlarsun Posts: 4
    I don't think that one can combine the $4500 credit with the .9% financing, but $1260 will be given regardless unless you buy a manual.
  • Thanks.
    I am working on 328i (2009), dealer said they can not give me incentive for 1260+3500, they can only give me either 1260 or 3500. but if $3500, 0.9% will not apply to it, I have to go with my own car loaner or cash pay.

    Is that a good deal if I pay TMV $ - 3500 price for a 2009 328i?
    thanks a lot!
  • Looking to buy 335 i manual.I know about $ 4500 credit from BMW.What is $1260 is about ? And why they discriminate against manual trasmition.
  • kaifewkaifew Posts: 1
    Congratulations!! Could you tell me if the $35,457 is the OTD price?Thanks
  • no
    $35,457 plus fees and tax
  • timhotimho Posts: 9
    Got a brand new 335i sedan last weekend: Space Gray with Black Leatherette, Automatic, Sport Package, BMW Assist/Bluetooth, and iPod interface. MSRP is $46400 and got it for $40200 OTD without using 0.9%. With 9.25% tax rate and title, essentially it's about $10k off MSRP! Apparently dealers are clearing them out at the moment and all the cashbacks from BMW make the deal so sweet. If you are very flexible on the color and packages, now is the best time to get an '09 from dealer's lot with huge discount.

  • I think I have waited too long. Today seems to be the last day for the $1260 Auto rebate. I did email an offer in to a dealer, and they emailed back a reply to come in on Monday. Seems kinda crazy that they would wait, knowing that $1260 would have been taken off the table! Lets hope there is additional discounts starting. Does anyone know?
  • I am hesitating between a new 328XI or a 2007 CPO one. But I am not worrying about BMW's promotion ended this week. IMHO:
    1. Oct's promotion is obviously better than Sep;
    2. Nov & Dec are typically slow months for car dealers;
    3. The most important one: we are still in a severe recession (I'd rather say it's a depression level recession). Don't believe the hype in media. The "jobless/creditless recovery" is a joke. The demand is weak....
  • al09al09 Posts: 4
    I am trying to figure out what is the best lease deal for a 335 coupe with Nav. I don't really care if it is 09 or 10. So anyone with a good deal, I would like to hear about it. I would like to know $ down (incl. all fees), monthly payments, # of months, and where? Thanks.
  • nepropneprop Posts: 41
    Looking to by a 3 series for a move to southern CA. Any guidance on what states comply with CA emissions requirements so that I could buy my car and then rest assured that it will comply with CA requirements? Does it make more sense to limit my used car search to CA only and therefore not contend with this concern?

    Feedback from those that have experienced this is appreciated. Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,640
    I'm pretty sure that all BMWs are 50-state compliant.. Someone else could chime in, if they've heard differently....

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • eliaselias Posts: 1,898
    as far as i understand, it doesn't matter whether a used car meets CA emissions or not , you can still register it in CA just as easily. as long as it has more than 7500 miles...
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